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Postby Mariah111384 » Tue Jan 17, 2006 5:52 pm

Summary: There's something in all of us. Good, evil, whatever you wanna call it, but there still is something.

There's something in the way she moves. -George Harrison

Cast of Something:





Chapter 1: There She Goes...

Crossing with myself, I see pleasure in you
I see all that I know, all is supposed to be true
In everything I write I thought I really knew...me
I thought it was what you wanted to see

I change myself for no one
I bleed with my mistakes secretly, than I am gone
I don't know who you really are,
Crying, scraping on what I've learned from this far

I hear melodies, they string with ease
The don't hurt my silent life, they know how to appease
I love who I am, but dream for a siren's heart
The one who holds me even in my empty spacious dark

Continuing I know not what I didn't know before
All that is left for me to feed from, pierces strong within my core
She breathes, she's right here
But I find myself, being someone else, what does she care?

I abuse my people, they stand no chance
I believe in life for oneself, but... too strained, just seeing her dance

For me, everything is as it should be
What am I missing, oh, the answer will only speak
When its changing what I know for me

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Postby Mariah111384 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 6:31 pm

Chapter 2: Blue Eyes Blue

Blue eyes blue, or whatever the saying was. As she cleaned the counters she had another vision. Only this one, didn't belong to her. It had some other effect to it. She licks her lips in the feeling. It soothes, knowing what she knows. For a while, rather for her whole life, it was just her.

She was quite used to it all. Being somewhat different. Isn't everyone, she would ask herself. The answer would be yes.

There was loud holler but it wasn't hers. She knew who it is and it couldn't be good. The screeching sounds like Melora James a.k.a. sister who has everything the spoiled brat. Melora was the type of girl that guys look at. ALL guys look at. Sure the slutty wardrobe didn't leave much to the imagination. She had nothing authentic about her and she knew it. Melora was a popular Regina George, head to toe. Mom and dad were too giving sometimes. Well, ALL the time. Being in her shadow had its not so nice attributes.

Melora had this hooker-like screech even when she was talking. Her boring brown eyes made everyone think she had no flaws. Someone who looks like she does hasn't got time for a personality. She finds it annoying. So is her boy toy. The one she drags practically every waking moment of the day.

The problem with this is, he's nothing like he seems. He's the typical guy after the same deal yet its all a façade. He knows it too that's the sad thing. The way he looks at her when she's not paying attention.

Truth was, he has just a good a chance anyone to find someone worth it. College guys are supposed to grow a brain, that's what everyone says.

"What are you still doing here? Why aren't you with your geek friends?" Melora decided to chirp anyway.

Ella James scoffed as usual, "Because I'm so obsessed with you and Josh and I had to stay just to oogle at the boringness that is you."

"Like I care," she applied more red shiny gloss to her pout, "Speaking of which you need to get out of here, we need the house."

Ella chuckled. Not buying her bull sh**, "Wouldn't want to do that now would we. Especially your failed attempts at achieving the medal for Most Easy. Make me gag and bark sister."

She whipped around from her dresser mirror, "I have no energy for this. Now out, I don't want Josh to see you lurking at our business."

Ella waved her hand and got up from the bean bed. "Nothing's gonna happen anyway. Don't get too excited."

"He's mine, that's all you need to know just so your paws don't claw out. He is a hottie after all."

"Not interested, besides anyone you seem to date get krabs just looking at you. He'll get tired like the rest of us proudly discovered."

Mel chortled, "You're in way over your head. You're just jealous."

Ella nods dismissively, "Yeah, that would be really convincing if I cared a little bit. Good for you I don't, eh?"

Her eyes narrowed, one of those "kill kill kill" warnings Ella hates. "Out, now. Go play or something."

Ella strides toward the door but turns around to bid adieu to the snake queen of Beverly Hills, "Oh, Paris, I'm hot you're not."

She was happy she got the last word in doing a little victory dance mentally as she trotted down the stair in a slight skip. She was in a good mood, whenever she had the chance to outsmart her dumbass sister. Mel was never one for being the bookish belle. She was a belle with a capital B for bitch.

Ella walked to the kitchen almost jumping out of her skin. There he was. She tucked her hair to calm herself. Apparently he heard the small gasp and looked her direction.

She really had to give Mel some credit for all the bagging such a creature. He had cut his thick, long brown tendrils since the last time she saw him. He got some highlights in it too. She preferred the shorter to the one Mel obviously forced him to get. Woman are vicious and Melora headlines as Queen Ass Face. His face aged she supposed college students don't normally sleep. She memorizes ever feature and curve since the first time.

She saved his eyes for last as always. She realized she was doing it again and migrated to get a cup of juice. "Sorry, just came to get, you know?"

She could feel his stare almost targeting her. She hated when people would just stare at her with no purpose. "What's up, Ella?"

"Not a whole hell of a lot. Mel's primping and long story short is throwing me out so you guys can do nothing in one part of the house when there's more space for all, well, you and I if we're sharing."

He watched as she took a slow sip of the cool yellow liquid and laughed at her banter, "I would have thought that by now you guys stopped all that bull sh**. But I know she's the one who provokes you."

Ella was shocked by this. Come to think of it, this is the most they have talked in a month. With finals, everyone's problems with family, and Josh's aunt had died 3 weeks ago. He was a zombie, even to Mel. Ella assumed as long as he's dealing in a healthy way, she wasn't going to involve herself.

She never got know anything about Josh. Mel certainly was the big reason. But there was this thing about him, and she always wondered if only she got to see this side of him.

She smiled goodnaturedly, "Yeah, that's what I keep saying."

"Obviously someone always listens. I just realized we talked since..."

"...yeah, I wasn't, I mean -- I didn't know if you were..." she was searching for the word, "ready to talk you know?"

He nodded, leaning his back against the marbel green counters. "I was messed up. I'm not completely over it..." Ella watched his face shy away.

"Josh? Are you OK?"

He composed naturally, "Sorry. Let's not rehash the past."

She gave a thin but understanding smile, "Of course."

Now there was that weird pause. Things were getting stingy and Ella wishes she never brought up such a sensitive issue. She could try and break the ice.

"I finally got a job." It was true and what time of any to mention it she thought.

His face pulled in a smile, "Really? That's cool. Congrats Ella. Where is it?"

She had to think now, it was hard enough to keep track of all the sh** that went down. "Coffee place on Pico and Beverly Dr. It's tiny but, its pretty nice. Been looking for work forever, heh, so yeah, just glad someone decided to throw me me bone."

"That's cool... Gonna hit me up with a sweet frap, you better."

She giggled, relaxing finally, "Well when you demand so nicely like that, how can I resist?"

It was really funny but they both tried to make much the uncomfortable air that permeated the room. "I feel so calm when I'm around you, you know?"

Did he really just say that? She was confused now. He just 360ed? Not possible. "What?"

"I-- Mel?" he glanced behind her.

Takes a f uck up to ruin Joshua Chasez for her.

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Postby Mariah111384 » Fri Nov 17, 2006 8:55 pm

Chapter 3: Sure

Ella decided she’d just hang out next door. Suddenly she felt weird about what Josh said to her. He never was that open and she was a little irked to stick around them. Again, Mel being the other reason.

It was still fairly early so she figured she’d see a movie if one of them is home or just go stag. She skimmed her lap top for some good movies and show times. She rolled her lip as she found something watchable. She didn’t really want to do anything like this. Somehow, Melora always managed to win. She was the favorite even growing up.

Ella sunk herself on the edge of her bed, drenching in her thoughts. When she first saw Josh, he was wearing those funny glasses, he still wears them when he studies and when he first met her parents. He is actually a good guy. He was really shy meeting them but when Ella started talking to him he got better.

She rolled onto her side and started shutting her eyes yawing while doing so. She felt something jump on the bed and opened her eyes. She looked down and felt herself get clamped up.

“Hey.” He simply said.

“Hey? What are you doing here?”

“I came here to ask you if you…” she sat up, “Something wrong?”

She cocked an eyebrow, “Excuse me? No. What do you wanna ask?”

He was looking at her strangely, “I love your sister.”

Somehow, its hurting to hear that now. Before she didn’t care but she felt something. “OK? What does that have to do with me?”

He figured he’d just get it over with before anything else happens. “I want to ask her to marry me.”

Ella barely noticed her mouth widen up. She was more in shock than she thought she ever could be. No wasn't a strong enough word to solidify any reasons or answers she could contrive. Why? What? She forget he was still there when her thoughts came back to her. “What do you, what? 2 months and you’re keen on this already?”

He was visibly hurt, he thought he was set on this but he wanted to tell someone, “I realize it was 2 months ago but I really want to do this.”

Her eyes couldn’t look at his anymore. She lost what she thought was a potential friend. Now, nothing. She’s beyond bothered by this. Something about it wasn’t genuine and Ella’s not the type to let such strong suspicions slide past her.

She dreaded the next question even though she already suspected the answer, “Do you love her?”

He nodded immediately almost as if his life depended on that one question, “I care about her. We get each other you know? She’s a good person.”

“That’s not what I asked. I could care about someone and not be in love with them. Do you love Mel?”

His forehead crinkled. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. They never had a disagreement like this and now it was making him mad, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“What? Is what obvious? I ask you a simple question and you can’t seem to give me a--”

“It’s a big ass question Ella, and you know the answer already.” He stood by himself.

“Somehow, I used to believe that but you can’t seem to decide a “yes” or “no” in the deal. Do you love my sister or not?”

“Ella… I, you know already.”

“Quit the bull sh**. You don’t even know how you feel and you want to marry someone, why? Cuz you think you’ll be alone? What is your problem, Josh? What’s really going on here?”
He started getting up pacing around as he did so, “You know what, forget it. I shouldn’t have told you this.”

Her legs swung around the bed and she folded her arms not quite getting his fit, “You’re right. Get out of here. Go on do whatever you fu** want. I thought you were better than this.”

He turned around to gaze her with accusing eyes. Now it was his turn to be confused, “What are you talking about?”

“Go away Josh. You’ve said enough…”

He knelt down next to her trying to look her but she refuses, “No, I haven’t.”

She looked at him finally revealing the glazed view she was concealing, “…don’t you think? I thought you were, I thought we were going to be…”

“Why do you think I told you first? My parents don’t even know. What does that tell you?” He tried taking her hand in his but it was ejected quickly.


“I love her very much.”

5 words. Who knew 5 words were what culminated her demise. It was over, she somehow knew, she never had the chance.

She held back what was planning on slipping out of her eyes, desperately. She would never let him see her like this but still, she was going to be OK for now.

She turned her face, putting upon a brave manner, not so hard, “You do?”

He nodded, assured, “I do. I want you to know that.”

“Alright. Why me? Why did you tell me and not your parents? People you love?”

He didn’t really know himself. It was a mystery why he considered her first. Maybe her opinion matters. But more than his own family?

He sighs, looking sideways, anywhere but the eyes in front of him, “Could you not tell her please? I need to think about some things before I do this.”

“Think about what? You don’t want to ask her?”

“Not yet I just… I need to be sure.”

He stood from where he knelt and made for the door, Mel was still downstairs so he needed to get down fast, be with her. He slowly opened the door--


He turned, “Yeah?”

Ella knew she was prying but something about this didn‘t matter to her, “If you were really in love with Mel, you wouldn’t need to think about asking her.”

He said nothing and nearly ran out of her room as he eased himself and closed the door behind.

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