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<span style='color:dodgerblue'><span style='font-family:Times'>It’s important that you do the part of Anita with a British accent otherwise it won’t have the same effect….

Isolated kingdom!

Walking I noticed the streets the hustle of everyone around me; it was cold so it wasn’t surprising that everyone was hurrying. More to get from the cold than anything else. It was always at this time of year, when things got colder, darker earlier than usual that it seemed the loneliest time of the year. Winter had a way of making everything seem glum. Depressing and lonely.

I on the other hand should have been on top of the world. I had everything id ever wanted. Career going strong, friends and relatives that loved and supported me. Everything that anyone should need right.

Yes, that’s what I thought too. But as great as it sounded it was still wrong. There I was living in a city of strangers, in an appartment that I overpaying for with a room mate that was your basic unpaid prostitute. I knew I could afford a place alone. But the thought of no company at all wasn’t the most alluring of ideas.

London, it was a city of so much. History, culture, hell even royalty all that and millions of people who pass each other on the streets and not even acknowledge their presence needless to say I wasn’t loving it. But I had made a choice and when I did that I stuck to them. Three years ago I made the choice to leave my small town to the big city, London was, for a girl from a small town the biggest and best place in the country. A place of possibility.

Journalism was my love, my passion and it was something I knew I had a talented for.

Unfortunately for me, here the only journalism that pays is the scandalous tabloid version, if you could even call that journalism.

I had become over the last few years the most feared of them all. And not because I was insensitive or fraudulent like all the others but because I had a talent of always being accurate, I had the power and the one thing I knew celebrities hated- and that was losing power.

It wasn’t something I enjoyed. Well I know that it’s hard to believe since we are a society that feeds on gossip and I liked a good scandal like everyone else. But I still held the belief that they were people too, and in turned deserved the basic right to privacy.

Unfortunately my boss didn’t.


This city was one that rivalled New York in the “it never sleepsâ€￾ category. I had been there several months and I still had to confess – it was hard to get used to. Sure it had everything and more but it lacked the things I needed. I needed people I trusted, that I loved around me. Making movies, it was one of the many dreams that I had, and pursued I loved it. But like I said, like everything at that time it was difficult to get used to. Things here now were different and yet the same. The same hysteria happened when I went out. The fans still showed up were ever I was supposed to be, but living in the city full time made actually “Livingâ€￾ really complicated. The one thing that made it difficult. The British press. They seemed to have it in for me from the moment I arrived. Constant rumours, with me and models, pop singers, my co-stars. It was ridiculous. Since I can tell you I hadn’t seen anyone in a romantic or sexual capacity in quite a while, and that was the truth.

But as they say no publicity is bad publicity so I grinned and bared it. It didn’t make that much of a deal to me since I never read the damn things…but I knew others did so I was in a bitter state as to what other people saw in me now. A view unreal, distorted and twisted and all because of the way I was written – all to sell.

It sickened me.


Party after party, I wasn’t I allowed to enjoy of the monumental fear of losing that “scope, exclusiveâ€￾ to a rival paper or magazine.

It was unthinkable. It was pathetic. Hence the reason I had from the past three months been submitting my CV to every credible newspaper in the country. But as my luck would have it with reputation that I had with my work now, it was more a hindrance when it came to credibility. Catch 22, Id say absolutely.

Coffee, was one of my indolence’s, others treated themselves with wine, champers…I was a chocolate-hazelnut latté kinda girl. It was enough for me. So there I was coming out of the store late on that Saturday night the city was buzzing as usual. Crowded, and yes very cold. When I bumped literally into something, or in this case some one. Very hard might I add knocking my blistering hot coffee all over my new Marc Jacobs dress?
“OH for the love of Jesus, watch where you’re going!â€￾ I yelled at whoever the hell it was hiding underneath a cosy looking diesel hat.

“I…im sorry ok I didn’t see you.â€￾

“How could you not have seen me? Doorway…tiny doorway, person in the doorway HELLO!â€￾
Ok so I was over acting, but the sh** burned in to me, and not to mention the fact that the dress was very expensive.

I knew the accent, southern. American, and scared. Then of course he looked at me, and the face was instantly recognisable.

“Oh, you’re…â€￾ I realised.

“I amâ€￾ he pull his baseball cap further down on his head “and I am really sorry about your coffee…and theâ€￾ he eyed my dress “that too…could I make it up to you?â€￾
“Why you’ve got 600 quid to pay for this thing?â€￾ I wiped and wiped but to no good.

“Um…not on me, but uhâ€￾ he chuckled nervously “how bout I replace the coffee I messed…please?â€￾

It was late, I was exhausted…

“Well I suppose it’s the least you could do…â€￾ I rhymed off my flavour and he handed me a large version of the small that he had spilled.

“Sorry again, it’s just…well I was avoiding someone and I rushed…â€￾ he grinned bashfully.

“Let me guess, the press?â€￾

“Yeah…that obvious huh?â€￾

“No, its just I saw them parked across the street….camera lenses the length of the entire car…that kinda gave it away…â€￾

He turned to look, “No don’t look…â€￾

“Why???â€￾ I think he knew why, im just not sure he knew I knew why.

“They haven’t got a clear shot of you here…it would be better if you moved to the far cornerâ€￾ I pointed to a far empty corner of the coffee shop.

“Thank you…I didn’t even notice…I just saw the one car, I had no idea there was another.â€￾

“Oh, it’s not a problem….well I should go.â€￾ I motioned to the door “it was nice, uhh banging into you...â€￾ I couldn’t help but laugh, at myself more than anything.


She seemed nice, and she watched my back which was huge plus. So I asked,

“So, um im alone here and as it seems still being followed….would you maybe wanna join me for a few minutes?â€￾

Ok I was weird and at that point I was sure I was scaring her.

“It’s ok if you don’t…â€￾ I added picking imaginary link of my jacket.

“Um, no I don’t mind…â€￾ she said finally walking over to the seat facing the window.

It made me smile, it was unusual for someone not in the “Bizâ€￾ to know the protocols of what to do when out and about…the measures that had to be taken in order to just have a cup of coffee.

“So you know who I am, who are you?â€￾

“No…I don’t know who you are actually I know your name…the rest. Well what am I to know whats true and whats not??â€￾ she answered coyly

“Ok…that’s true enough, whats your name then?â€￾

She looked away all coy again before answering me “Anita Jamesâ€￾

“Well Anita im Justin, nice to meet you…â€￾


“No, im sorry but no…â€￾

“What IM sorry but you are completely wrong….â€￾

“Sorry missy but am not, he is the best footballer there is, there is NO comparison.â€￾
“Sure he's fit and can kick im not disputing that but David Beckham, best player EVER? Nah…what about Besty?â€￾

“Before our time…â€￾

She sat her coffee down and smirked at him,

“Ah so what you mean is Beck’s is the best player of OUR time, not of ALL time…â€￾

“Um, yeah what are you an English teacher or something, you always this up and up on grammar?â€￾

She rolled her eyes, “no im not but I did love English at school…what was your favourite?â€￾

“Math…science….all the geeky stuff…â€￾ she laughed out loud.


“Nothing, its just I never took you for a geek…â€￾

“Im not, I just liked….never mindâ€￾

“No, im interested, come on tell me…im sorry I won’t laugh againâ€￾ she visible tried to stop laughing…even bit her lips to stop a smile forming and turning into a giggle.

“When I was like 10 I wanted to be a pharmacist.â€￾ He smiled, and then blushed when she giggled.

“Really??? Like giving out meds and things like that? Well can I just say on behave the women of the world…we’re glad you didn’t follow that particular dream….the one you do now is a much more fitting job…it would be a shame to waste such a pretty face.â€￾

“I see….well sometimes I wonder you know….its like this life offers me SO much that I never even dreamed off….â€￾


“But it’s just hard, recently…â€￾ he looked like he wanted to go on but he looked around and snapped out of the mode he had been in.

“Um you know im sorry I know I must be boring you….â€￾

It was clear he realised that she was a complete stranger, she sensed the awareness.

“I get it, I mean come on you don’t know me….its fine.â€￾ There was an awkward moment, one that neither of them anticipated.

“So, Justin this has been really nice but I really should be going. By the time I get a taxi it’ll be really late…or really early depending on what way you look at it….and I have to work tomorrow.â€￾ She grabbed her coat from the seat behind her and stood up.

“Well, Anita it was real nice meeting you…â€￾

“Yeah you too Justin….take care okay?â€￾ she seemed to genuinely mean that.

As she made her way to grab her bags, and her scarf he stood up too. “Um listen, I have a car waiting for me from the hotel…if you want I could give you a ride back to your appartment if you’d like….â€￾

He noticed as she looked hesitant, “im weird aren’t I? Im sorry….you’d rather take a cab wouldn’t you?â€￾

“No, actually it would be nice…not having to wait in the freezing cold…I live about a half a mile from here…â€￾

“Well…cool just let me make a call and we can bounceâ€￾
â€￾Bounce?â€￾ she asked in her distinguished British accent.

“Um…I mean, that means – go, we can go…sorry, language confusion…â€￾ he laughed.

“Definitely…American English is completely different…its funny how you all make up words….â€￾

“We do NOT…â€￾

“Um yes you do…for instance what is up with “ya’llâ€￾ or putting the word “likeâ€￾ in front of ever other word…it makes NO sense.â€￾

“It like so totally does y’all…â€￾ he smiled wide mocking her as she rolled her eyes at him.

“See…it’s insane. You know that old saying when in Rome…well when in England – do as the English do and TRY and speak it….â€￾

“Ill try your highness. Ill try.â€￾

And with that she led the way outside, where he made a short phone call “yeah so we’re two streets away from the club you dropped me off at, yeah, yeah that's it…oh and we’re gonna have to make a stop too before I get back to the hotel. That's cool right?â€￾ she watched on as he talked on the phone, everything from the way he held the tiny device in his hands, to the way he just kept up with her fast paced walking all the while holding a conversation…pretty normal things right? But at that moment something in her saw something very different in him, she didn’t know what it was… but it was there.

“David, the driver….â€￾ He turned to her, “well he’ll meet us…he said there a park across the road…do you know where he may have meant?â€￾ he looked around the snow covered city in confusion.

“Yes I know it, its just down here…follow me. there's no cars allowed up this way see…that's probably why he asked you to meet him here…â€￾

As they approached the small kids park that was duly decorated with the usual – swings, slides, jungle gym…they sat on the already frozen over swings.

“So you’ve been in London a while now? I remember there being a big fuss in the papers when you said you’d be working over here…â€￾

“Uh, yeah that was….expected…â€￾

“Wow, cocky much? I see you’ve brought that American ego along for the ride...â€￾ he blushed as she called him on the remark.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that…it’s just here…I mean I love it an all I do…but the fans, and especially the media, they tend to blow everything I do or say completely out of proportion….â€￾

“Rough break huh? I mean the tabloids here…they can be brutal when they want to be.â€￾

“Yeah…â€￾ his eyebrows rose when he spoke this time; she knew that he meant it in a “more than you knowâ€￾ kinda way. “ I mean its ok most of the time, and I know my manager an all would say that “No publicity is bad…all it good you know, but its like when its gets to the point when I cant even dance with a girl – but we’re sleeping together, or she's my new “flameâ€￾ or whatever…it’s a little tiring is all.â€￾

She just nodded, almost afraid to say anything else.

“Im sorry I do tend to talk a lot more than I should…it’s a curse really.â€￾ He spoke up after a few seconds silence.

“It’s okay…â€￾

With that the blacked out Mercedes pulled up and the white man in a weird cap – his uniform apparently spoke up.

“Mr Timberlake? Are you ready?â€￾

He nodded to her and they both go into the luxurious car.

“Where do you live Anita?â€￾

“Oh im sorryâ€￾ she realised she’d been staring. “Notting hill, it’s just…â€￾ the man in the driver seat cut her off

“I know where it is darlin’ we’ll have you home in no time.â€￾ She smiled then, even in a Mercedes he behaved like your basis cabby. Everyone was darlin’ or sweetheart…I guess it was to try and make women feel comfortable with the fact that they were getting into a car with a strange man.

It seemed to work most of the time. As she rhymed off her street and house number he nodded and she sat back into her seat.

“Anita, I just realised I never asked you earlier…in our two hour talk…what do you do?â€￾

Oh now that was awkward, did she tell him and risk him hating her for now coming up front in the first place? Or did she lie and hopefully earn an chance to stay in touch with this person that she was now completely fascinated by?

Umm well what do you think?

“Ooh, Im…well im…In sales, mostly…but I deal a lot with people so I like that aspect of it.â€￾ Vague, very…

“What kind of sales?â€￾

“Mostly literature…â€￾

“Oh, books…that's sounds kinda cool….is it fiction or facts?â€￾

“Oooh you know it can depend on the person, the story they want…whats popular whats not, you know that kind of thing.â€￾

“Sounds nice.â€￾

“Its not, sometimes it can get rough you know…competitors, deals falling through, its demanding keeps me busy.â€￾

“But you like it?â€￾ he seemed really genuinely interested in her story; she’d never had someone look at her that before. It made her warm all over.

“It’s almost like what you said, its great but tiring…I have my mixed daysâ€￾ he nodded then.

The she heard the smallest smirk, “what?â€￾


“No, it’s not nothing Justin, what are you laughing at?â€￾

“It’s just…I love your accent, it’s so…posh it’s funny.â€￾

“Excuse me; I do NOT have a posh accent.â€￾

“I hate to break it to you sweetheart but yes you REA-LLYâ€￾ he mocked her accent – badly “really do.â€￾

“I don’t, just because I don’t have a cockney London accent doesn’t mean im POSH.â€￾ He rolled his eyes playfully “uh yeah whatever you say your ladyship. Whatever you say….â€￾

With that the car came to a stop, “well this is me.â€￾ she pointed to what seemed to be a red bricked two storey with a black door.

“Right.â€￾ He got out of the car with her.

“Um, not to be rude or anything but what are you doing?â€￾

“Im not being rude…â€￾ he walked ahead of her a little.

“Uh look I don’t know what gave you the impression that, well…that I was willing to…they we would….â€￾ She stepped up beside him “I not like those other girls you know Im not going to sleep with you if that's what your thinking…â€￾ she seemed flustered as she spoke, almost embarrassed.

“Anita, that's NOT what I was doin, I was simply walking you to your door, id made it this far with you I wanted to see that you got in safe, that's all…so you can chill…I didn’t think anything…. I know your not like those other women, who ever they are…â€￾ she crossed her arms at his statement.

“Oh well…OH…â€￾ her cheeks flushed. “Im sorry I jumped to….im sorry.â€￾

“It’s alright…â€￾

“No, no its not I let my mouth just take over sometimes and I didn’t mean too…wait, what makes you think I wouldn’t be like the others…â€￾


“I mean what is it? Is it my personality or is it that I don’t look slutty enough….â€￾

“What are you talking about?â€￾

“What makes you think I wouldn’t sleep with you???â€￾

“you mean other than the fact that you just flat out TOLD me you wouldn’t, humm lets see, woman are you crazy?â€￾

“No, I just…well I mean it’s a little premature of you to just say oh she won’t sleep with me, off I go.â€￾

Ok at this point he was CONVINCED she WAS insane.


“Oh god, there I go again…Jesus, im so sorry. Look im going to go in now before I make an even bigger fool of myself. Again, it was really nice meeting you…â€￾

“Nice meeting you too…even if it was a little confusing…â€￾ he smiled that trademark smile. “Maybe we could do this again sometime? In a less freezing surrounding?â€￾

“Oh, um wellâ€￾

“That’s only if your boyfriend doesn’t mind….â€￾ He added, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Boyfriend? Oh No, I don’t have a boyfriend…â€￾

“Husband then?â€￾ he asked again, she just shook her head “Noâ€￾ as if it was non sense.

“Girlfriend?â€￾ he blurted out disappointedly

“No, I don’t have any of those and for the record im not a lesbian…â€￾

“Good to know….good night Anita.â€￾

“Good morning Justin, its 4am.â€￾

“sh**, so it is….â€￾ She smiled as she turned her key and walked inside, his smiled matched her as he made his way back to his car.

He’d had a good night, one of the best since he’d arrived in jolly old England. Well this England just got a whole lot more jolly.

Now all he had to do was figure out a way to see her again, he definitely wasn’t going to let her slip through the cracks of his crazy job; no not her…she was too amazing for that.

She was definitely a potential….definitely.</span></span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Fri Jan 27, 2006 10:55 am

LAURA. I am SO reading this later when I have the time. Oooh, I can't wait to read it with an accent. :rofl: :lol:

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sat Jan 28, 2006 8:43 pm

And it all starts with a chance meeting. :wub: Gosh, I'd kill for a meeting like that. :nod: :lol: If he continues to seek her out, she's going to have to be up front about her tabloid job. I wonder how that'll go. :huh:

I can't wait til he finds her again! :D

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Postby laura » Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:20 am

[I]<span style='color:dodgerblue'><span style='font-family:Times'>you like it you like it!!!! yaaay! * ahem* anyway... I mean to post this on friday but i forgot and then i went home, and yeah...I remembered then * duh me....* this was how the 1st chapter was meant to end....its long but love it! i know you want to! *remember the accent!* :rolleyes: [/I]

Waking up the next morning I felt one of two things. One, absolute girl crush giddiness, the kind were you remember everything, and want it more, you want to see your crush and just look at him, just listen to him, no matter how much rubbish he’s talking. The silly kind of feeling that you just cannot shift.

Then again there was a second feeling, the one that was at that point more powerful that the first.

Dread, sheer and utter dread, knots in my stomach, pains in my head just thinking about what it meant.

See the one thing, I didn’t mention was that I was one of the two biggest tabloid writers in the United Kingdom, and that I currently worked for the biggest selling newspaper in said kingdom.

When I got dressed I was greeted in the kitchen by my roommate Rachel.

“You got in late….â€￾

“Yup…â€￾ I moved to the coffee pot which was as usual when she was up before me, ass empty.

“So, how was your mingling….if im not mistake I heard a guy’s voice….â€￾

“Are you sure it wasn’t coming from your room, that's usually the case….â€￾

She flipped closed her magazine and looked up at me, “well someone is in a f***in prissy mood today…what the hell…â€￾

“What? I had a late night and an early morning am I supposed to me little miss sunshine?â€￾

“Sorrry….so who was the man I heard.â€￾

“Do you have like a bats hearing when it comes to the opposite sex because I swear you do.â€￾

“Um No, and no need to be a b****….â€￾

“Sorry okay its just I have a lot on at work today and im not in the least bit looking forward to it.â€￾

“Whats going on…â€￾

“Uh my boss carol has decided that im up for junior editor, she said so last night at the party and I just don’t know if im ready for it…I mean im only 24….that’s a lot of bloody pressure.â€￾

“Isn’t it a good thing though, I mean most people work all their lives for a chance like this, if I were you id grab onto it with both hands…â€￾

“I know, I know I should and that's whats killing me. But as it stands I don’t have any social life of my own, if I take this I may as well become a nun. Ill be working 24/7 practically.â€￾

“True, but wont it all be worth it, I mean think of the pay rise….â€￾

“Its not about the money, you know that. I like the wage earn now, its just if I take this position it means contracted…for years, which means ill never really be free to look for something else…something better.â€￾

“Better than helping run the most popular tabloid in the country….what else is there?â€￾ see the thing about Rachel was, she was a gossip as well as a slut…not a good combination.

“real journalism, real news about real people and events, not who Paris Hilton is shagging this week or what Britney’s cellulite looks like….that’s not what I want to do forever.â€￾

“Her cellulite is gross can I just say that, I mean for a woman with ALL that money you’d think she’d invest in some treatments for it for god’s sake!!â€￾

“NOT the point her rach….do you get what im saying here?â€￾ I took a bite of my toast.

“Yes I get it…and im sorry your unhappy…but don’t ruin this or you might not even get the chance to pursue a “realâ€￾ career if you piss off your boss…tread light okay?â€￾

“Okay, you’re so lucky…all you have to worry about is your boss, I have to worry about a sh** load of egos, and a nation of gossipers….ugh!â€￾

“Hey, being an assistant to mr “I love myselfâ€￾ Maxwell isn’t that easy, he is one of the world’s biggest assholes but he signs my pay checks so I have to be nice to the sh**.â€￾

“I still think there are other lawyers out there – female ones that wouldn’t grab your arse every time you walked into a room.â€￾

“He may be an a**hole but he's good in bed…why should I give up the one perk of the job.â€￾

“Well, if you say so. Right im gone….wish me luck.â€￾

Walking into the busy news room I was met with the usual lines of BS from those who worked under me, why deadlines weren’t met, why such and such didn’t get the scoop they wanted or needed or that someone else had taken it.

All of which id have to explain to my boss, the over eager lipstick on her teeth woman that was felicity Goodman.

“Morning Anita, or should I say after noon?â€￾

“I was working for you last night remember….and I think we’ve got the story on beckham latest lady in waiting…â€￾

“Really? You saw it last night then?â€￾ she sat on my oak desk with on butt cheek on, the other off. One leg to the floor.

“I saw it all, in fact I even saw Mrs B witness it for herself….she was fuming.â€￾

“So who was it then?â€￾

“Her sister!â€￾ I smiled and handed her the detailed account of what I saw. “Here, it’s all in there…and ive managed to track down her sisters husband…he's got a few interesting sound bites in there too.â€￾

“You did all this in one night?â€￾ she asked flipping through all 11 pages.â€￾

“No, actually ive known for a while…about a week so ive been sending surveillance on the sister for a few days, the pics should be on your desk if the copy editor’s been doing her job.â€￾

“This is huge, you know that don’t you, I mean the minute we announce another affair is big, but when we add that's its Vicki’s sister and she KNOWS? Jesus, it proves the marriage is a sham…all for the public. Either that or she really is as thick as she is thin….â€￾

With that she walked off shaking her head as she read my story, she seemed happy. Too happy. That mean only one thing - she had her front page….

I hated doing this, I mean yes it was meant to be good for my “careerâ€￾ and that every front page I earned id done so with a sh** load of hard work. But on the other hand these were people, not something we owned and could exploit at our own choosing…they had children, sham or not they were parents… as much as the raise made me happy, the cruel aspect to it made me that much more sad.

I felt dirty.

“Anita could you come to my office a moment please?â€￾ I heard over my com.

“coming.â€￾ I pressed in as I stood up and walked the short distance to her glass office.

“Please sit down.â€￾ She said sitting in her big leather chair the perfect background of big Ben behind her

“Is there something wrong with the copy I gave you?â€￾

“Oh no, no its perfect in fact we’re going to splash with it first thing…it’ll run all week.â€￾


“Anita, you’ve been here what, 2 years now?â€￾

“In June…â€￾

“Ah, well in that very short space of time you’ve been a tremendous addition to the paper, you know that im sure. You’ve earned seven amazing splash’s in only that time, and each time it’s been right on the ball.â€￾

“Well…thank you.â€￾ I think?

“Good, look the reason ive asked you in here is that we… max (the owner of the paper) and I have decided that of all the candidates for the junior editing position, you are the most deserving.â€￾


“Congratulations, you’ve got the jobâ€￾ I was gob smacked, I what now?

She noticed this and she stood up and walked to my side of her desk, “Anita, I know that for someone as young as you this is a huge achievement, but you’ve earned it girl, enjoy it!â€￾

“But I…. wasn’t john in for it? He's been here much longer than I have…â€￾

“Yes but john is a lazy bum…so, listen ill let it sink in…but for now let me show you to you office.â€￾

“Office?â€￾ I had walls!!!

“Yes dear, office with windows and everything.â€￾ Windows as in plural? Well okay then.

Hey I may have been in moral hell, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t be comfortable while I was burning now did it?

“This is mine?â€￾ it wasn’t huge it was half the size of felicity’s…but it was still bigger than my cube. And it had two massive windows a large desk, computer and big ass leather chair. Yes I could live here!

“Thank you?â€￾

“No, thank you…this beckham thing maybe the story of the year, and its only January! They’ll be a small celebration later on if your interested, they’ll be champagne…â€￾ she smiled again and left me to it.

Should I have been happy?

“This is amazing you little b****, you’re younger than me!!â€￾ john exclaimed hugging me as all my work friends had done.

“That’s what I said! But she said they wanted someone…oh how did she put it, NOT so over the hill!â€￾ I joked.

“Like I said, b****!â€￾

“Seriously Nita, what kinds of pay are you looking at here…I mean this is a big deal! We have to head out on the piss tonight!â€￾

“I can’t…â€￾

“You can, and you will come on! Its not every day you get something like this!â€￾ Sarah, fashion editor added.

“I suppose.â€￾

“good, ive just gotten some classic samples from Dior, we have to go try on and if anything fits ill let you keep it….EVERYONE lets say “the loungeâ€￾ at 6?â€￾

“6???â€￾ I answered. “But I have…â€￾

“No, it can wait…â€￾

Ugh, the thing is working at a place like this everyone, is as pushy as each other.

“Fineâ€￾ I gave in, “fine but if I suffer from one of my hangovers tomorrow, you all will pay for it! I may even abuse my little bit of power!â€￾ I walked into my office with a cheeky swagger, knowing it would annoy most of those watching, those who didn’t know me of course.

The others knew me well enough not to take me seriously.

I liked that.


“Change of set people, take 10!â€￾ the director screamed again. It seemed like they had changed set six times already and it was only 7pm. Having gotten somewhat used to the long on set days id grown to like the breaks.

The film I was working on was one that id been asked to do by the director him self. Mr “love actuallyâ€￾ Richard Curtis. So you can only imagine the story, yeah that's right Id caved in, sold out…whatever way you wanted to put it, id gone and signed up for a romantic comedy.

And I was actually enjoying it; the cast was incredible, a real who’s who of not only British film but a few well know American faces…let’s just put it this way, my on screen mother was Judy Dench, and my father Ron Rifkin. I played the son who was raised in America and moved here after the death of the aunt who raised me, to the mother I never knew and the father who was meant to have raised me but didn’t…its all very confusing actually. But I liked it so far, and my leading lady being Sienna Miller, I was in ok company. To say the least.

Having waited the ten minutes, we waited another ten, and another until the set manager finally came and told us they’d been having to many problems and that the next scene would have to wait until the morning. And that we may as well go home.

I was in no mood to be hauled up in a hotel room again, alone. So this time when I was offered an invitation to head out. I took it.

“Where to now?â€￾ I asked Sienna’s boy June, or was it Jude? Id had a few at that point.

“I know this place around the corner, it’s quieter than the club but not too dull…I have a few friends that frequent it too, it should be a laugh.â€￾

“Ok…â€￾ hell if I knew what he was talking about I just got into the cab – or should I call it a taxi… I was having bother with all this inter-continental languages.

We entered the swanky club amid a slue of paparazzi, which once we got through I definitely needed another drink.

“What are you having love?â€￾ the neatly dressed cocktail waitress asked in a weird version of the British accent. Sounded northern I think?

“Um JD, on the rocks please…â€￾ she took the other orders and I heard a distinct popping of bottles on the other end of the bar, but it was blocked by those standing around it. Then I heard cheering over the music.

“Someone’s celebrating.â€￾

Sienna spoke up then “seems so, we will soon too…we’re almost done! Thank god! That man takes longer than anyone ive met to just go ahead and shoot a f***ing scene.â€￾

She was mad; he’d told her off for always having her boy on set.

“I know, it has taken longer than id liked…he said two months, it’s been three.â€￾

“Tough for you, id say your dying to get back to the states?â€￾

“Nah, ive a few more things on here afterwards…but I do gotta be back by may.â€￾

“New album?â€￾

“Yeah, that's why im staying her a few months more. Ive met with producers, and I like what we have, im thinking of using it!â€￾ the music started up, well it was after 11 most places only got going at this time.

Id finished my drink and mingled in and out of several conversations at a time when I broke for the bathroom.

Then I saw her, singing to the words of the Madonna song that was playing, it was Anita.

And I think she was drunk. I debated on weather or not to go to her, but then again I figured I may as well. What I had to lose. I was me for god sakes.

“Anita?â€￾ I tapped her on her shoulder, and she turned around as her other friends all just went about there business. I wasn’t used to that, most people were at that very least, surprised to see me…

“Justin, Jesus what are you doing here?â€￾ that was one way of saying hello I guess.

“I…im here with a few friends…you?â€￾


“She’s celebrating darrrrling she got a promotion!â€￾ One balding drunk man interrupted and walked off.

“You did?â€￾

“I did…â€￾ she smiled awkwardly. “That’s why we’re all here?â€￾

“They all work with you at your book store?â€￾ Must have been a pretty well run book store for having that many staff.

“Um, something like that.â€￾

“Let me buy you a drink then, as congratulations, and a thank you for last night.â€￾ I noticed one of her friends head turn in my direction; I guess that comment could have been taken any number of ways.

“Anita aren’t you going to introduce me, you seem a little friendly with Justin Timberlake….HI! Im Sharon…â€￾

“Well hi Sharon, you already know who I am…but its nice to met you.â€￾

“Oh you too darling you to! So how do you know our little Nita here?â€￾ Anita blushed; it was cute in a way.

“Oh we met last night…we…â€￾ wait what did I say here.

She butted in for me, thank god!

“He gave me a lift home, of all things can you imagine….â€￾

“Oooh is THAT what you 20’ something’s are calling it these days…â€￾ she winked to her friend, she was clearly drunk too.

“No, really that's all it was…â€￾

“Of course darling, just warning you once fie finds out….â€￾

“OK SHARON, moving on!!! Anita shouted to her friend, almost pushing her aside.

Then she turned to me again, “how about you buy me that drink some where else?â€￾

“Sounds like a plan, where too now?â€￾

As we approached the bar, a quieter version of the one before, in fact it was almost empty. “What are you having?â€￾

“Just a water please?â€￾

“Water? Woman come on that isn’t a real drink, come on order something real!â€￾

“Ugh okay, a vodka martini pleaseâ€￾


She smiled a knowing smile, “yes actually.â€￾

“Good to know.â€￾

We sat with the back drop of lights on the deck, fully operational with heater, which was neat in the January cold.

“So this promotion, is it a big deal for you?â€￾

“Ummm well, in a way…yes but Ive worked hard for it, so no I think in a way that I deserve it!â€￾ she raised her glass and took a sip.

“That’s good right?â€￾

“Of course! But I don’t know it’s just really tiring sometimes I wish I could just….let go and just write what I wanted to right.â€￾

“You write.â€￾

“I do, studied journalism at school…writing is something ive always had a passion for, you know something that just drove me.â€￾

“I know what you mean something that is just there and that you have to let out – otherwise you feel…â€￾


“Exactly, trapped that's how I feel sometimes when write my songs. Its something that's therapeutic, something that just eases all the tensions…well most of them anyway.â€￾

She smiled at me then, “yeah that's what it is.â€￾

“So why don’t you then? Why not just leave what you do now for the thing that you want?â€￾

She sat back in her chair, and took a deep breath, “You make it sound easy.â€￾

“Isn’t it?â€￾

“I wish it was, it would make things so much easier if it were. But as things stand at the moment I can’t move on, it’s that simple…â€￾

“So it’s on hold??â€￾

“For now….â€￾ She paused “okay I barely know you, why on earth are we getting so deep here.â€￾ she laughed settling down her drink.

“I don’t know!!â€￾ I laughed with her, it was weird I wasn’t usually one for deep conversations, let alone ones with women I hardly knew, then again not with the ones that I did know that well either….

“You said you were filming a movie? Whats it about.â€￾ She cheered up.

“It’s a romantic comedy – Richard Curtis….â€￾

“Love him...â€￾ she inserted

“Yeah he's cool….and yeah it’s a good movie, on paper any ways….i don’t really knowâ€￾

“Aw, come on your in the hands of a master here….you know if it’s him its gonna be good!â€￾

“I hope so; my others are still in the waiting department….so I don’t really have any feedback to reflect on.â€￾

“Don’t freak out about it….â€￾

“Freak, did you just use American terminology?â€￾ I laughed.

“Ummm, I think I may have, damn you any way, only been here a while and your twang is wearing off on me.â€￾

“Is that bad or good?â€￾

“Its…ill let you know.â€￾


For over two hours we just sat there, completely normal just talking.

It wasn’t that I was over enamoured with him, I was used to being around celebrities, so it wasn’t that big of a deal for me. But with him something just seemed different. He wasn’t just normal, he was nice.

“Okay ive been drinking on and off since 6 this evening, I need to stop now or I won’t be able to walk…â€￾

“Your sauced, aren’t you?â€￾

“A little…â€￾ there was another thing about me you should understand, I giggle at everything and everyone when im pissed, even when I don’t want to. But with him I was more than giggly, I was a fool.

“I think I should go home.â€￾

He looked up at that, “its only 1 am, it’s not even late…and I have to be up at 7â€￾

“No, it’s not late but I can’t seriously drink any more…as nice as the company has been…and as cute…I just can’t hack itâ€￾

“How about some coffee then it might ease the hangover tomorrowâ€￾ I looked around. “ I don’t see any coffee…â€￾

“Okay, you are on your way to drunk…come with me…â€￾

and that's all I remember until I was sitting in a “living roomâ€￾ off a hotel suite, with the strongest cup of coffee I think id ever been given.

“Uuugh, where am I.â€￾

“You’re at the mandarin oriental…you know that right? You’re still alive under there…â€￾ he referred to his cushions on the couch her head was currently buried under.

“I am….â€￾

“Good.â€￾ He sat next to me, as I sat up. Taking another healthy gulp of the black stuff.

“Thank you for this, my boss will be so mad if I show up half pissed tomorrow, she's anal about stuff like that.â€￾

“Tough boss?â€￾

“Believe me when I saw AHUH!â€￾ I sat up fully, aware that my coat and shoes were missing.

“Did I lose my shoes?â€￾ I looked around causing him to laugh

“Naw, I have em…you threw them off when you came in.â€￾

“God, im rude aren’t I?â€￾

“No, although you did keep apologising to me.â€￾


“For the kiss…â€￾

There was a kiss? I was bloody mortified, believe that!


He laughed, “Im kidding….there was no kiss, just a lot of “im sorry about this Justinâ€￾ what you were sorry about I have NO idea but that's all you kept saying.â€￾

“Oh…well…okay then, don’t do that to me again please, it wasn’t bloody funny.â€￾ I stood up

“Where are you going?â€￾

“Bathroom. I need to freshen up…â€￾ he told me where it was and I set off with the essential that is my handbag. It held everything, from make up to mobile to even a spare tank top. I had a big ass Chloe bag that was big enough for all of these things, mainly for times like these.

I washed my face, that seemed to bring me around to my old self again, well at least enough of me to question what in the hell I was doing in some rock stars hotel room, wait is he a rock star? Well what ever he is or was, WHAT WAS I DOING.

This wasn’t good, what if the paps saw us come in? Would I be buying my own picture for release tomorrow? Oooh NOT good at all.

When I walked out he was sprawled out on the couch, watching what looked like eastenders of all things.

“So, this has been….nice, but I really do think I should be going…â€￾


“Yes…so um…could I have my shoes?â€￾ I laughed, more so out of nerves than anything. I mean here I was single available and here he was, all of the above plus hella sexy – and I wanted to go home, to cold Chinese food and an even colder bed.

He walked up beside me and he handed me my coat that had been lying on top of the sofa. And he opened a closet door and produced my heels.

But he didn’t hand them to me.

“Look I don’t want you to leave. But I don’t want you to stay eitherâ€￾

Ok that made no sense, but then again he was American…


“No, what I mean is…â€￾ he looked at me finally “I mean I like you…you know that right? I mean you know im attracted to you?â€￾

I didn’t budge.

“Well I am, but see I want you to stay…here, tonight, with me…but if you do then…I don’t know, im just really messed up.â€￾ He shrugged after speaking – not a whole lot of sense.

“What is it that you’re saying? That what?â€￾

“That, right now I don’t want you to walk out that door because I might not see you again and I don’t want that either….â€￾ I walked closer to him,

“but if something were to happen with us, and im not saying that it would…I mean you don’t seem like the type of woman that would…â€￾ okay so he's hot, women love and adore him and he's meant to be a playboy – hell ive written about him, he IS a playboy…this is not the attitude of a playboy.

He was shy, and self conscious, he was nervous.

I was reeled in.

“Would it make things easier if I kissed you?â€￾ I asked defiantly.

He looked up from his staring at the floor, almost in shock. Yeah we brits, not so subtle.


“Well I was thinking it might affect your indecision on weather or not you wanted me to stay or go, would it help matters any if I kissed you?â€￾ I nudged closer to him.

“I think it might.â€￾ He said in a low husky voice, that looking at him – I never thought he had. It was sexy as hell. So much so I got shivers.

“Well that's settled thenâ€￾ his mouth hovered over mine.

“Yes it is…â€￾

With that he closed off the space between us both placing a soft kiss on my lips, one after another, and another.

And I had to admit, even with a small section of facial hair, he was still a really good kisser, too good because what had started out as a joke, clearly backfired on me. I didn’t want to stop it now that I had started it.

I was never usually this bold, but I guess jumping off those indecision bridges pays off once in a while.

This was defiantly a nice reward.

When things got so intense, he dropped the shoes he held in his hand and placed both his arms around my waist, pulling me closer and closer to him. Not that I was objecting, in fact I more than welcomed it.

Id seen pictures of him before, I mean who hadn’t in the western world, but up close it was so different. It was better if possible. His body was like his dress sense, neat tight and well…hard.

Needless to say, but ill say it any way. I liked it.

I don’t what excited me more, the fact that I was on the fast track to what was shaping up to be the best sex id had in…well quite some time with someone so hot and so well skilled, or the fact that if my boss could see me now she’d have several fits, that I had such a hot commodity in my presence and NOT inform her of such a “splashâ€￾ as she called it, or the fact that Sharon would give her left kidney to be where I was.

In his bed. And im not joking about that….her crush on him was monumental.

“Are you sure?â€￾ his eye contact didn’t break with mine, and neither did his lips.

“No, but that doesn’t mean I want to stop…â€￾

“I like your thinking…â€￾ I edged up onto the pillows he closely followed.

“Few questions firstâ€￾ not that he’d answer honestly at this point any way im thinking. But I had the skill of reading people well; his eyes would tell me everything.

“Sure.â€￾ He moved on to my neck. I pushed his head toward me, so that I could see his answers.

You locked your door?â€￾

“It locks automatically….â€￾ He kissed my nose.

You have protection right?

“Of course, what do you think I am….i may be southern but I aint a hick…â€￾ he laughed, and then I asked the one question I needed,

“Do you have a girlfriend?

His eyes changed, he seemed serious that that point.

“Do you think id be here, like this?â€￾ he motioned to us both – scantily clad “if I did?â€￾

“I don’t know? Aren’t all you superstars the same?â€￾

“You think that?â€￾

“No, I don’t think that…but I did need to ask.â€￾

He nodded. “Well then Anita, same question to youâ€￾

“No I don’t have a girlfriend.â€￾

“Do you have a boyfriend?â€￾ he asked more seriously this time, like he cared if I did.

“I told you last night, NO I don’t.â€￾ this time I moved to his neck and kissed down his throat. Up over his earlobe as I ran my fingers in his short hair.

“Good, that's all I needed to know…for nowâ€￾ he finished by yanking off his shirt, then mine.

“God you’re beautiful….â€￾ He said sliding to the zipper of my trousers, slipping them off.

“Nice that you think so…â€￾

“Oh I do believe me.â€￾ with that his oh so pretty lips landed on my stomach. Something id worked bloody hard to maintain flat.

I slid my feet around his waist and pushed him down.

“Hey now…â€￾

“What?â€￾ I laughed “I didn’t say you were in charge…â€￾

“Who said anything about bosses…this aint a job sweetheart?â€￾ He winked.

“I might have one later…if your lucky.â€￾

“Nice to knowâ€￾ he continued his journey.

Ok I know what your thinking, “lying whoreâ€￾ right? Well that's what I was thinking so if you were thinking it, don’t feel bad.

I mean I was, wasn’t I. I wasn’t honest with him I wasn’t forthcoming with anything other than my body and well I felt really guilty about it.

And even after all the shenanigans that I got up to that night with him, the guilt still didn’t fade when I woke up on the opposite end of his exceptionally large bed.

“What time is it?â€￾

“Uhh….â€￾ He reached for his watch without taking his head off the pillow, “6:15…why?â€￾

“Its only Tuesday Mr Rock star, some of us has day jobs to go to you know…â€￾ having found my clothes in the still darkness of the room I went in search of my shoes.

“Justin, I have to go….â€￾ I yelled into the other room as I looked under the two sofas he had in his suite.

“No, you really don’t…come on its too early…â€￾ still he never lifted the head. Lazy son of a….

“yeah ok take a sicki the day AFTER a promotion, that would look just bloody great wouldn’t it…say to my boss “sorry I didn’t make it in yesterday I was a little busy boinking Justin bloody Timberlake, Im sure she’d believe me too.â€￾

“Ill call her if you like…â€￾ he opened his eyes and squinted at me when I turned on the light.

There he was just lying there all topless and cute, and I wanted to sit in an office?

I was crazy.

“No, really I think that would only make things weird.â€￾

“Yeah your right id probably frighten her to death, some little bookstore owner or something…â€￾ he smiled again.

I felt sick.

“Uhh…â€￾ I looked around the room “my shoes?â€￾

When he finally got up and found me my missing shoes, I quickly did my makeup and hair and was making a mad dash for his door, when he came out of the kitchen bowel of corn pops in hand.

“So your just gonna run and leave me huh?â€￾

“Isn’t that how these things usually work?â€￾

“And what would “these thingsâ€￾ be Ms James?â€￾ see why could he just have let me leave, never to see him or feel my guilt again.

“Look I don’t really know you do I? And you certainly don’t know me…â€￾


“And well fine, ill say it – I took this for what I thought to be a one night kind of thing….â€￾

“A one night stand.â€￾


“Really?â€￾ he sat down his cereal bowl and grabbed my hand shutting the door

“What made you think that?â€￾

“Justin, come on we’re basically complete strangers….â€￾

“I disagree, we’ve talked…I know your favourite ice cream, you know mine, you know my favourite dog died when I was 7….and I know you have a really sensitive spot just below your hairline on your neck…so NO I don’t think we’re COMPLETE strangers.â€￾

He was reaching at something I wasn’t sure of at that moment.

“Justin most of those things I could have gotten off goggle….â€￾

He just laughed loudly “true, but I don’t just meet a girl and wham we’re…â€￾

“Banging?â€￾ I finished in his speak. Making him grin again.

“I am wearing off on you aint I…and yeah I don’t do that, contrary to popular opinion….I mean look at this, do you believe it.â€￾ He pointed to the expensive looking coffee table in the centre of the room; it held a bunch of newspapers. Mine on top.

My heart started racing a mile a minute. Didn’t he see my name on the page, it was the beckham story.

I was gonna be sick.

“I mean look at this, this poor guy and his family. I mean they clearly have issues if he is straying but they have kids for god sakes and all these trashy people care about is getting numbers.â€￾


“I mean they’ve quote her family for god sakes, I mean what kind of soul less scum would do that to another person, solely for their own gain. Its sickening, it makes me sick…â€￾


“AJ King, Jesus he must be a heartless son of a b****…â€￾ I didn’t mention my last name was king did I? James being my middle name – my dad wanted a boy; I wasn’t expected…so they kept both. I liked the shorter version in person, the elongated real version on paper.

“I should goâ€￾

“No….â€￾ his tone was warm now, unlike before. “Look I don’t mean to take this out on you, this clearly has nothing to do with you…â€￾

Oooh god, im going to hell aren’t I?


“No, it doesn’t and I know that, im sorry it’s just this sh** pisses me off sometimes because, yeah, it’s the beckhams today, it could be me and my family tomorrow….its all the same.â€￾

“No its not!â€￾ I finally spoke up…well more like shouted.


“its NOT all the same, okay these people have sold every single aspect of their relationship to the press, that paper…that magazine, it didn’t matter what it was – wedding, pregnancy, births….as long as the price was right! They took it and the notoriety that it gave them and ran with it, and now just because they don’t “allowâ€￾ this doesn’t make it private! He's cheating on her, he's not the man everyone sees, and don’t you think that if a public are going to buy into something, to admire and aspire to something….that they should know the WHOLE story???â€￾

Ok so granted I was ranting, but I think I got my point across. I knew this because he sat there, speechless.

“WELL…I guess I know your opinion on celebrities…â€￾ he raised his eyebrows.

“Look im sorry but that's just how I feel…and if you disagree with me then fine but I cant change what I think.â€￾

He shook his head no for a second.

“Are we fighting?â€￾

“No…â€￾ I did think so but I wouldn’t say.

“You’re strong minded…I like that, you stand for what you believe in, I like that even more….look I don’t know about you, but I had fun last night…â€￾

“I had fun too…â€￾ I picked at my top, when I wasn’t shouting I was nervous.

“Well, since we both didn’t have an awful time, and we seemed to enjoy the – activities…â€￾ he laughed “maybe, we could try it again sometime…â€￾

“Really?â€￾ My tone was wary

“I mean not JUST the last part of the evening…â€￾ he blushed slightly – I liked that, it was like no matter how confident he seemed, or appeared that little flush in his cheeks said it all. “The other parts we just as appealing, but if you wanted….â€￾

“Justin do you really think this is a good idea?â€￾

“What do you mean? Is it so bad that I wanna hang out with you?â€￾

“No, not at all – it’s nice…but your not just some guy, you’re…well YOU. Everyone knows you…and I just don’t want everyone to know me too.â€￾

His eyes lowered.

“I see…â€￾

“Look, don’t get me wrong okay I like you too. Clearly…I mean if I didn’t do you think I would have just….Im not easy, and im not a slut so letting go and doing what I did last night was a big thing for me. So in any other circumstance id love nothing more than to see you again…reallyâ€￾

“But because of what I do, you don’t want to.â€￾ He folded his arms; I knew that he was closing me off. Couldn’t say I blamed him.

“Im sorry, really believe me…â€￾

“Right well. I guess there's nothing more I can say is there?â€￾ he benched his ass against the chair.

“Im sorryâ€￾

“No your not…â€￾

“Excuse me?â€￾

“You’re not sorry, so don’t lie.â€￾

“Im not…â€￾

“No, you are….so lets just leave at, we had sex we had fun and you’re done…im fine with that but don’t lie about it just to make yourself look good.â€￾

Yes, ok I noticed…he was mad.

“Look if you knew what I had to deal with…I mean my job, it might not be as…notable as yours but it takes up a lot of my time.â€￾

“But not all of it! I mean what do you do other than work? All I was asking is if maybe we could hang out, that's it. I wasn’t purposing marriage for god sakes…â€￾

“Im not fun, im not cheerful and im not peppy….im egotistical and self centred and I usually over look everyone else in favour of what I want.â€￾


“Yes, really!â€￾

“See, I don’t believe you, ive only know you, what? All put together – 16 hours and I know all of that's not true, as much as you might want it to be…so suck it up woman, your not that badass.â€￾

I crossed my arms then, who the hell was he to tell me…well what I already knew.

“Get to your point yank.â€￾

“I wanna hang out with you, im in a strange country, we’re all yall do is drink tea, and talk so damn proper I feel like a bigger idiot that I do most of the time anyway….your the first real person ive met that ive actually WANTED to hang with.â€￾

“That’s all?â€￾

“That’s all…we don’t even have to have sex…â€￾ he smiled…I raised my eyebrow, I raaah-elly didn’t believe him.

“Is that so…â€￾

“Well, um…I guess we could work on that! But im willing…if you are? And judging by that grin on your face id say your freak out phase has passed.â€￾

“Can I just say, maybe for now?â€￾

“That works…have a nice day at work…â€￾ he crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. And yeah, he had me at goofy look number one.

“You’re an idiot….â€￾ I answered his comment grinning like a mental patient, as I walked out of his hotel room and made my way to my newspaper to see if id been caught by one of my own….

And so it begins…..

:blink: </span></span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Jan 30, 2006 10:49 am

Aww. How is it that I find their first fight cute? :huh: I'm crazy! I want them to hang out, too, but he's going to go crazy when he finds out about her job. I can't wait to see how you handle that, Laura. :nod: Gimme some more of the good stuff.

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Postby laura » Wed Feb 08, 2006 10:18 am

<span style='font-family:Times'> :lol: I will have an update! I WILL!!!! :rolleyes: ive written SO much on this, im a little too excited! :rolleyes:
Bare with me! B) </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Wed Feb 08, 2006 10:57 am

:yay: I like when a writer gets excited. :yay: :lol:

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Postby laura » Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:16 am

<span style='font-family:Times'>okay, hi whoever's reading this.

Basically im a really visual person, and in order to connect with various characters i need to be able to see them the believe them - if that makes sense. :blink:

I dont know if others are like this too, but ill help you out if you are.

And if your not - well just enjoy the pretty pics! :lol:



http://p099.ezboard.com/fjjboardpictures.showMessage?topicID=37811.topichis hotness, i mean Justin.....

thats it for now, but ill add as they come!</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:06 pm

The characters are perfect. Love them all. :wub:

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Postby laura » Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:22 am

<span style='font-family:Times'>hey! So this one is a little longer than the others, i think - dont know if thats a bad or good thing! but either way i hope you enjoy this!!! * oh and just more than a little ® rating going on down there, so be warned!! okay, byeeeee</span>

<span style='color:dodgerblue'><span style='font-family:Times'>“So what was with you last night?â€￾ Sienna asked me as we both got our morning coffee before we had to be in make up. “You just left.â€￾

“I know, I meant to call and say but I guess I just got distracted….â€￾ I smiled.

“Ah, who was she?â€￾

“She?â€￾ I handed her the bagel she was eyeing, “I don’t know what you

“Humm, so you expect me to believe that you went home to your lonely hotel
room and slept alone? Nah that grin on your pretty little face tells me there
definitely was a SHE in the equation….â€￾

I didn’t say anything, so she pushed me. “Timberlake, come on!!! I need good
scandal here…â€￾

“There is no “scandalâ€￾ I just ran into someone, and we got to talking…and
yeah she spent the night….but I don’t know what the means yet….â€￾

“It means you had sex! God I didn’t know Americans were THIS slow.â€￾

“HA, bloody ha….and you know what I mean, I don’t really know that much
about her, but I like it like that – the mystery…its fun.â€￾

She nodded from under her woolly hat, “I know what you mean, is she nice?â€￾

“Yeah, she is…I mean she's no a walk over or anything but I see that under
all that bravado there is niceness there – whether she knows it or not.â€￾

“When did you say you met her?â€￾

I had to laugh, it sounded weird when I said it out loud. “I ran into her and
we got to talking and, I don’t know I just saw something in her that I really
liked….you know other than the fact she's hot.â€￾

“Typical man…â€￾

“No, I mean I never thought id see her again, and then when I did, at that
bar….well I just had to talk to her id have regretted it otherwise.â€￾
“Are you gonna see her again?â€￾

I was pretty comfortable with sienna at this point, we’d been filming together
mostly for almost a whole month, and with the scenes we had to do – the
love ones in particular. Well let’s just say that when you spend 17 hours in a
bed with someone “tryinâ€￾ to “make it look realâ€￾ the awkwardness leaves
pretty damn quickly.

“I don’t know, I want to, just to see “what ifâ€￾ you know? If I do then great,
but she's weird on the whole ‘celebrity’ thing, it’s not like I blame her….â€￾
“Wow, most girls are dying to get their names in the paper…she must be
really level-headed then if she's avoiding it all.â€￾

“Hope so.â€￾

“JUSTIN & SIENNAâ€￾ I heard the A.D from behind us, “MAKE UP, ASAP.â€￾

“Ugh, duty calls…â€￾ she said running her hand down her jeans.

“I know, I wonder does that guy EVER NOT YELLâ€￾ I laughed walking with her
to the trailer, “we've worked with him for what four months and not once
have I heard his normal toned voice….â€￾

“Eh maybe he's a robot…â€￾ she giggled and stepped up onto the trailer, where
the make up artists were just finishing some of the extras.

“Morning sues…â€￾ I said sitting down in front of my new favourite lesbian.

“G’morning darlin’ what are you so pleased about???â€￾

“OH!â€￾ sienna spoke up “Justin met a girrrl…â€￾

They all “ooh’dâ€￾ I don’t know what the big deal was. Sure I hadn’t been with
anyone in a while but it wasn’t that big of a deal, hell I didn’t even know if id
see her again, it wasn’t a big deal…No it really wasn’t.

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'> This years love had better last
Heaven knows it's high time
And I've been waiting on my own too long

“Why didn’t you run it, I dispatched the photographer myself his WIFE was
the one that gave us the tip off for god sakes….UGH fine you know what ill do
it my damn self.â€￾

I officially hated telephones, since my new “titleâ€￾ demanded more of me that
just an articles writer I was working twice as hard, and so far only had half of
the rewards I normally would have had, I hated it.

“Everything ok in here?â€￾

“No, it’s really not.â€￾

“Why?â€￾ my boss questioned almost sympathetically

“Fi, I don’t know, maybe im just not cut out for this, I mean im too…â€￾

â€￾too what? You’re just freaking yourself out okay, and yes that's normal. But
look you have this now, this is your thing, I can’t tell you what to do just tell
you what not to do.â€￾

“Ok how is that any different?â€￾

“Its not,â€￾ she laughed loudly “but look this thing with your contacts, they just
don’t know you well enough…where the list?â€￾ I handed her the exceptionally
large leather binder.

“Aw I see, well let me give them a call that should be the kick up the arse
they need….â€￾ Wow did she just do something nice for me….well if she did I
was too hung over to even notice I just could do nothing else other than put
my head down on the desk.

I was too tired to be mean, or in charge. I just wanted to sleep.

“Boss sleeping on the job well I never…â€￾ Calvin, as in gay as a peacock Calvin
from accounts knocked on the door.


“Hello to you too miss boozealot…where did you go last night, you walked on
your own party for f*** sake?â€￾

“I didn’t…I just met someone more interesting than you drunken skunks…â€￾ I
managed a smile as I sipped my ice water.

“Ooh a man??â€￾

“I don’t want to talk about this now…â€￾ I put my head down again.

“Aw come on, one of us should have good man tales to tell…May as well be
you for a change.â€￾

“Yes a man, he's smart and charming and that's all am saying…now go away
and let me snooze.â€￾

“Is he cute?â€￾

“Yes?â€￾ I answered from under my arms as I still kept my head down.

“Nice arse?â€￾



“He has two…â€￾

“Ha, ha, you know are they pretty or frightening eyes…â€￾

I sat up, “what in the hell kinda question is that?â€￾

“I once went with this boy, he had the nicest of bodies was a total sweetie
but, eh the eyes…he was a total head case!â€￾


“Big bulgy evil eyes, so now…does this one have nice or head case eyes…â€￾

“He has gorgeous, baby blue eyes that are…very giving.â€￾

“As in??â€￾

“As in they give away everything about him…telling, you know?â€￾

“Well don’t you sound smitten…didn’t you just met this man?â€￾

“Sort of…â€￾

“Huh…well…I hope it works out…â€￾

“Why?â€￾ I smiled at my goofy friend.
“Well then I can live vicariously through you and get me some kicks…keep me
posted on mr blue eyes will ya chicky…â€￾

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>But when you hold me like you do
It feels so right
I start to forget

“Will do, now please…â€￾


“GO DO SOME WORK!!!!â€￾ I laughed as I got up and shoved him out of my

See now the thing was, I needed to just chill out, and I was over thinking a
lot of thing. My job, my life my new spontaneous love life, if it even was a love
life? For all I knew it still was a one night stand and he was just sweet
talking me to stop me selling my story, man that sounds cynical doesn’t it?
Well sadly it was something that came with the job.

I was more cynical now that id ever been, and I hadn’t even reached 25 yet
can you imagine what ill be like when I turn 30? 40? Hell no one will be able to
stand my ass if this keeps going. I needed a change, not so much in myself
but in my thinking processes. I needed to lighten up.

With that my phone was red hot again, enough self involved over thinking -
back to work.

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>How my heart gets torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Feeling like you can't go on</span></span>

“Two more takes people. Come on now let’s try and get this rightâ€￾ the director told us again, having shot 9 scenes in 14 hours I think it was getting done pretty quickly.

I was so tired.

“Ok, now move right Justin, and when sienna takes her lines, after the first
three….and then the pause. Move and do your thing okay? Got it?â€￾

“Got itâ€￾ I yelled back to him, behind the camera.


I did my thing and we got the shots, word perfect the first time, for the first
time that day.

“CUT!! Bloody hell…at this rate we’ll be done in an hour, good work you two.
Next scene set up!!â€￾ Richard and the AD both walked off set looking very
please with themselves. I on the other hand was done for the day, and the
rest of the week, it seems I wasn’t needed until the following Thursday –
finally some time off.

“But it’s going okay an all man?â€￾

“Yeah I can’t really complain. I mean other than being hella lonely over here…
its great.â€￾

“I thought you were hangin with the cast?â€￾

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>
Turning circles when time again
It cuts like a knife oh yeah
If you love me got to know for sure

“Oh I am, but not always you know…its gets tiring working and socialising…
sometimes you just need a break.â€￾

“Ahuh…you want me to come over?â€￾ Trace, added through munches of
whatever in the hell he was chewing.

“Na am good. You and mom are coming over next month though…right?â€￾

“Hell yeah, we gotta tear up London again…haven’t done that in a while….you
meet anyone else?â€￾

“Well…yeah, I mean I think it’s a “someoneâ€￾….she’s cool though.â€￾

“A girl?â€￾

“Yes a girl…and she's…I don’t know, unique I guess.â€￾

“Unique like how? She DIDN’T sleep with you?â€￾ he chuckled. Idiot.

“Oh no she slept with me…but, afterwards I didn’t feel like running for the
hills. I even…â€￾


“Well she stayed the night.â€￾

“WOWâ€￾ was his rightful shocked tone. Yeah I wasn’t one for one night stands,
they never lasted the night to qualify. Usually with girls, at that point in my
life, the ones that were obvious gold diggers, the ones that throw themselves
at you, you know the sort, micro skirt, belts almost the size of said skirt…fake
baked and hair extensions that look like dead cat tails….i used them, I know
that…then I tossed them.

Not the thing im most proud of, but they never seemed to mind, which made
me even more depressed, I always picked the whores didn’t I?

“I know.â€￾

“So you’ve, I assume held a conversation with this chick?â€￾

“Yeah, and she's smart man, she's witty too…â€￾

“Wow, you gonna make this a regular thing then?â€￾

I took a breath, “I dunno, id like to though, she's tight man…be a shame

“Eh, it’s up to you?â€￾


“Fine, yeah if you like her enough to let her actually sleep with you…then its
must be different, since for the last year, it hasn’t been all that great for you,
take this as a re-fresh…give it a shot.â€￾

“Thank you yoda…â€￾ I laughed.

“Yeah, yeah…â€￾

“Im gonna go get some dinner, when ma comes back tell her I called okay?â€￾

“Sure dude, bye.â€￾

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>Cos it takes something more this time
Than sweet sweet lies
Before I open up my arms and fall
Losing all control

Since I knew where she lived, from the other night I got the same driver to
make a little trip with me.

I didn’t even know how she’d react, I mean she hadn’t called…but then again

I hadn’t given her my number.

So if anything this was a valid excuse to “seeâ€￾ what the ground was with us,
was it just a one night stand, or did she really want to see me again.

It’s not every day you meet a normal, down to earth gorgeous woman, who
doesn’t want a piece of your fame, her 15 minutes as they say. She seemed
pretty much against the idea of her being photographed.
I liked that. And I couldn’t just pass up on the idea of her, but in saying that –
what if she didn’t want to see me again?

Well in that case id just leave, move on. At this point I was sure I hadn’t got
myself too invested in anything to be too affected by its departure.

I was testing the waters; yeah that's what I was doing.

The car pulled up on the quiet street after eight, I was sure she had to be
home at that point didn’t she?

I walked up and rang the door bell.

And I waited.

“HOLD ON!â€￾ I heard a few seconds later from behind the door.



“No, Justin…â€￾ I smiled at her astonished reaction.

“Justin, what…I mean…yes what are you doing here at my house?â€￾

“I realised that when I wanted to call you tonight that I didn’t actually have
your number, so im here instead. I hope you don’t mind.â€￾

I just then realised I probably looked like a stalker.

“Ok…sh**, come on in…Im sorry I was just a little stunned when I saw you?
You were the last person I expected to see…I thought you were my flat mate.â€￾

“You have one?â€￾ I looked around her two storeys “flatâ€￾ it was very up scale,
expensive area too.

“Yes, she's working late tonight so I thought you were her and that she’d
forgot her key or something.â€￾ She walked into her living area; all open
planned so you could see the kitchen and dining area from the hall.

“Well you’ve got a real nice place.â€￾


“Look im sorry for just showing up, but I just felt like seeing you…â€￾ I admitted
almost bashfully.

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>Every dream inside my soul
And when you kiss me
On that midnight street

She took her seat on the sofa and nodded for me to do the same.
“No, it’s a nice surprise…reallyâ€￾ she smiled then, and tucked her hair behind
her ears – she was probably just as weirded out as I was.

I decided to try and break the ice, “well this isn’t awkward AT all is it? I mean
you have sex with someone and see them at there most vulnerable and then
ya can’t think of a damn thing to say.â€￾ I chuckled finally causing her to do the

“Im sorry. How are you any way? You had shoots today right?â€￾

“Right…it went okay mostly you know, it just can really drag on after a while.â€￾
She nodded.

“Well I was worked off my arse today, and with the bloody hangover that I
was nursing till at least lunch time, you know that wasn’t easy! Im never
drinking again!â€￾

“I don’t know, you see pretty at ease when sloshed.â€￾

“Yeah that's just because you were a whore and took advantage….â€￾ She

“Oh I took advantage, and what you were the innocent in all this?â€￾

“Well…yes actually if you must know, had I not been drinking I don’t think
things would have happened last night like they did.â€￾

She was baiting me into an argument. Playfully of course.

“Things? Is that what they were, things…humm, I don’t think that's how id
explain them.â€￾

“You don’t have to explain – I was there…â€￾

“Yes, yes you were…â€￾ there was a small silence.

“Right well…â€￾ she started but just as she did the phone rang. “Hold on…â€￾ she
walked over to me; the phone was on a table beside me.

“Hello...yes…aw okay…no, no it’s fine…me? Nah im…aloneâ€￾ she looked at me
and rolled her eyes, “yes rach…its fine just be quiet when you do get in okay?
Alright, byeâ€￾

When she hung up she just stood there, “my flat mate, she's working…â€￾

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>Sweep me off my feet
Singing ain't this life so sweet

“Late…yeah you said…so she won’t be home?â€￾

A small smiled appeared on her face, then a wicked one. “No, she won’t…â€￾
and with that she grabbed my hand and stood me up.

“There has been one thing ive been wanting to do since this morning…â€￾ she
leaned in, and kissed me once on the lips.

“What about “if I hadn’t been drinking?â€￾ and all a that?â€￾

She rolled her eyes, “kissing you doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it
means Justin…are you always in this big of a rush….â€￾

I felt stupid.

“No…not always…â€￾ I touched my lips to hers again, and she popped on her
tippy toes to wrap her arms around my neck. It felt real nice. We stood there
engaged in each other for a few minutes, when I guess she got tired of
standing and backed me onto her comfortable couch, as she took her seat on
my lap – straddling me in the process.

Aw this was more like it.

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>This years love had better last</span></span>

“Still not what you think it means…â€￾ she corrected me, when she saw the
massive grin for on my dopey face.

“Aww…why you gotta be like that, at least let me imagine.â€￾ I joked.

“Don’t you think you did enough of that last night?â€￾ she moved in on my neck,
and those sensations went right to my groin.


“Are you listening to me?â€￾ NO


“Oh shut up…â€￾ she laughed letting me kiss her soft pale neck. Her body felt
so, soft. But she was slim, and didn’t have much going on up top, if you get
me. But she was still the epitome of feminine. She was all woman, her eyes ill
be honest were the first thing I noticed about her. They set everything about
her off with such mystery, and you know that was a turn on like a

When her lips touched on his neck again she let his hands leave her waist,
she was a little busy herself to notice where they went, he moved them

gradually, from her waist up and over onto her exposed back, the straps of her black tank falling as he caressed her skin, supple and smooth like silk.

His mouth moved over hers again and she placed her hands on his shoulders,
allowing herself time to get over the sensations she was feeling, all of them
flooding her senses at that moment, one part of her wanted nothing more
than to be mischievous, and just give in to all the naughty thoughts that were
bouncing around in her head, then another part of her, the boring always do
the right thing part – was screaming at her, telling her no, that she was lying
to him and this couldn’t happen.

But then his hands unfastened her bra and guess which part quietened down
real quick? Yeah you guessed it.

He took her soft supple breasts in his hands and began kneading them
causing her to moan, and verbally announce her pleasure at his movements.

He pulled away from her long enough to get a nod of assurance from her,
that what he was doing was okay. She nodded, her formally green eyes, now
almost black….they held so much infatuation, so much desire. All so quickly. It
was almost too much for him to handle, having her there on his lap. Moving
and grinding into him as she was, it was almost too much.

He needed to switch before that became obvious, “Anita….is there
somewhere else….we…â€￾ he took a deep breath, he was almost afraid that he
wouldn’t last long enough to tell her what he wanted “that we could go…this
is a little awkward.â€￾
She just looked at him, as if she was considering her next words, cautiously.

“Ill make you a deal?â€￾

He nodded in response, “we do this, but…I won’t let you hurt me….â€￾

“I aint that rough…â€￾ he laughed, but he knew her eyes were serious.

“No, I don’t want love; I don’t want issues or plans…. I just want you and
me….that’s all…â€￾

“Just us?â€￾ he answered.

“Yes…just us….â€￾

He knew then that she was in the same place as he was, or at least he
thought she was, he didn’t want a crucial relationship with rules and dates
and obligations, but he didn’t want to whore around either, she would be his,
and him hers but they wouldn’t be defined as such, no this was exactly what
they needed.

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>
So whose to worry
If our hearts get torn

Just each other.


She smiled. And stopped, she stood and walked behind him, he just sat there
for a few seconds, not really sure what she was doing,

“Well are you coming or not?â€￾ she said for the other room.

Yes, this was an arrangement that he knew from that second that he’d have
no problems with, none…

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>When that hurt gets thrown
Don't you know this life goes on
And won't you kiss me

Skin, it was everywhere, hers – his…all meshed up together amongst her

sheets, nothing but moans and laughter had been heard for a while, nothing but sheer passion finding and outlet and an audience in each other, from the
moment he entered her to the time the windup had become so intense for not
only her, but him as well he knew, she had something over him, something he
couldn’t have remembered ever feeling before, sweltering aching, head
spinning love making that exhausted them both.

Then the door was heard in the few moments of restful silence as they laid in
each others embrace.


“What?â€￾ he said in a whisper.

“That’s Rachel…â€￾ he looked at her bedside clock.

“It’s almost 3’30 she works this late?â€￾

“No…she's shagging her boss, he's married…so that's why she does a lot
of “over timeâ€￾ at the office these daysâ€￾

“Oh? He's cheating on his wife? What a bastard….â€￾ They continued to whisper.

“yeah, I only met him once…but she says he tells her he loves her and all that
bull sh**…I tried talking her out of it, but she's infatuated with him.â€￾

“Infatuation is fun, but it can be dangerous too…â€￾ she looked him then, as he
ran his fingers down her collar bone.

“You sound like you know something about that?â€￾ she laughed, quietly.

“Yeah, something like that….â€￾

“KNOCK, KNOCKâ€￾ came from the other side of the door.

His eyes widened,

“Don’t worry I locked it.â€￾

“WHAT?â€￾ she shouted then.

“Are you awake?â€￾ her friend said.


“Can I come in; I need to talk to you for a second…â€￾

“UM….NO, WAIT A SECOND I’LL COME OUT….â€￾ She looked at Justin
then, “sorry, ill be just a minute, don’t say anything okay?â€￾

She slipped out of her bed and searched for her dressing gown; she yanked
the thing on and quietly walked out of the room, shutting the door after

“Hey, whats wrong?â€￾

“You’re not mad at me for waking you?â€￾ she said with the orange juice carton
to her head.

“Um, no I know you wouldn’t have woken me if it wasn’t important.â€￾ She
looked at me like I had to heads, but then again I was having a really good
night, nothing was going to annoy me after what id done.

“Uuhk, well look it’s like this. I was with Rick tonight.â€￾

“Clearly, since it’s almost morning and all…â€￾

“No, any way…we got to talking and well…he says he's definitely going to
leave his wife this time, and that when he does he wants me to move in with

“Again. How many times are we going to do this, he's not going to leave her.â€￾

“Nita! Come on, I love him!â€￾

“Im well aware but im just thinking, if he really loved you then he would either let you in or let you go.â€￾

“He is….eventually.â€￾

“Honey, you’re worth more than this! You know that!â€￾

“I know but it’s just hard….i can’t leave my job, if I leave my job then I cant
live…then I leave him.â€￾

“And you don’t want to do that…I get it, really.â€￾

“So what do I do?â€￾

“Ok, how much have you got in your account right now?â€￾

“My bank? Umm…from savings and all I guess 2, 3 grand.â€￾

“IN SAVING? How the hell do you live if you save all that?â€￾

She just looked at me, “Honey im doing my boss, I haven’t had to pay rent in
about 3 years on this place….â€￾


“Ummhumm…â€￾ as she continued to ramble on, and on I really did want to be a
good friend, I did. But all I could keep thinking about was that amazing hunk
of a man lying ass naked in MY bed, and needless to say – it as a little distracting.

“And so now it’s all up in the air…Nita what do I do?â€￾

“Sweetie, id love to help you, but its late…can’t we talk about this later?â€￾

“Uh of course…sorry to have woken you…â€￾

“Nah, its ok. Night.â€￾


With that I slipped in my room again, being careful to lock the door again.

Not surprisingly, he was asleep.

On his stomach, hands under my pillows, his face all smushed against them,
he looked completely comfortable.

Serene, sexy as hell.

And all I could keep thinking about was the fact that if he knew who I really
was, he wouldn’t give me the time of day, let alone be here with me – in my

Only if he knew the real me, then maybe he’d understand, that im not like the
rest of them…but I knew the minute he found out, what ever this was we
were starting, it would be over just as fast as it began, and I just wasn’t
ready to lose him yet.

Not yet.

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>
On that midnight street
Sweep me off my feet
Singing ain't this life so sweet

“Seventeen times, he cheated on her seventeen times with up to 10 different women, is that what you’re saying?â€￾

“Yes…â€￾ the other end of the line opened up.

“And you know this how?â€￾ I asked the mystery lady.

“I have tapes, conversations…he makes it more than clear to me in them.â€￾

“You taped him?â€￾

“Yes, I have three tapes and on them he's made really obvious what he's
talking about….â€￾

She asked for the price of the tapes, what the paper would be willing to pay, I
offered her the standard 20,000

“This is explosive, I think there worth more than that….â€￾

“Ill offer you double that if you tell me just who you are and if you do an

“I can’t…â€￾


“You need to keep my name out of it.â€￾ The woman was adamant, “you have

“I will then, who are you.â€￾

“Aj, its Sadie, Sadie frost.â€￾

Sweet Jesus is there no one willing to let anything be privileged?

“He’s your children’s father? Why are you doing this?â€￾
She was silent for a second…

“Why not….now if I deliver them to you tomorrow, the fee is the 40 grand

I shook my head, yes it would make a stunning story, since they had gotten
back together and a wedding was less than a week away.

“Fine….ill let you on to my assistant. She's going to give you the details.â€￾ I
hung up.

Then that now familiar feeling washed over me, the sickening, stomach in
knots, light headed feeling I got when ever someone’s life or relationship was
placed in my hands.

“Aj, are you alright?â€￾ felicity’s headed popped into my office again.

“No, I just feel so sick. I had Sadie frost on the line, she's offering Jude law on
a plate, cheating tell all, on sienna….â€￾

“Really? I f***ing hope you took it?â€￾

I nodded yes, “of course, that's why I feel so damn sick…I hate this fi…â€￾

She rolled her eyes, “the moral war you fight, am I right? Its something all you
twenty something’s will go through, I went through it…don’t worry it’ll passâ€￾

“What if I don’t want it to pass…?â€￾


“Fi, I hate this, when I do this im making peoples lives a living hell.â€￾

“Im not going to coddle you Anita, you know that…now look what your doing
isn’t good, morally its not. And you and I both know were going to hell, but
then if it wasn’t us, it would be someone else. We make a lot of money out of
this, so much so im retiring in a month, and im not even fifty. In no other job,
will you earn the benefits that you do in this one. Ive played it smart, like ive
taught you to…bank everything and invest. Im a multimillionaire, im set for life,
you do this now and you can relax later….repent later…â€￾

“What if I want more in my life now, than just the money?â€￾
“What more is there?â€￾ she smirked and walked out of my office, just as my
mobile rang.

“Anita James…â€￾

“Hi, it’s Justin.â€￾


“Hello to you too…you busy?â€￾

“I am a little, im guessing by your oh so bored tone that your not though are

“Nah ive got the rest of the week off, so im just stuck here in my hotel room,
all on my lonesome…â€￾

“is that so, well I happen to know quiet a few good escort services that ive sent clients too in the past, care to be one of them?â€￾ I laughed.

“No thank you, what are you doing for lunch?â€￾

“Lunch?â€￾ I checked my watch, it was almost one…I hadn’t realised.

“Yes, you know that meal before dinner, after breakfast…lunch, I was thinking
that if you weren’t busy…you could come have lunch with me…â€￾
“God you must be bored if you want me.â€￾

“ well I am bored, after all the excitement in your place the other morning, I
mean how could anything match up to that?....come over, ill let security off…â€￾
with that he hung up. Yes he was JUST as bossy as I was.

And the excitement he was talking about was, the morning after he had spent
the night, trying to get him out of the house in time for his work, and trying
not to be seen by anyone, my roommate, the pap’s that were constantly
roaming “the hillâ€￾, and my prying neighbours. It was like something from a
bad sitcom, every time we got out of the room Rachel would come out of hers,
and then when we finally got out side, my neighbours were there, and then
there were all these cars, and it was just impossible to do it without being

<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Times'>This years love had better last
This years love had better last

But we did it eventually, and he wasn’t spotted.

Thank god.

And yes, I do realise how ridiculous it all sounds, but well he still didn’t know
about me, and I sure as hell wasn’t about to let MY newspaper out us both
now was I.</span></span>

Lyrics : David gray - This year's love.

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:53 am

OMG, he still doesn't know. Dude is gonna flip out! :o :huh: I have this horrible feeling that she's going to be assigned to find out the dirt on something about him and then the moral conflict is really gonna be intense. Or something along those lines. :unsure:

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Postby laura » Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:55 am

<span style='font-family:Times'>the Lurvvve scenes werent too much were they? i think im boardering on porn here.... :blink: </span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Mon Feb 20, 2006 2:24 pm

Porn is good in this case. Keep with it. :lol:

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Postby laura » Tue Mar 07, 2006 9:39 am

<span style='color:purple'><span style='font-family:Times'>writing as we speak!!! :rolleyes: Dont know what am doin, but am doin it! :unsure: </span></span>

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Postby laura » Thu Apr 06, 2006 8:35 am

<span style='font-family:Times'>Yes its been forever and a day, right? Well i hope this one is long enough to make up for it! I honestly i have no clue where i am going with this, so bare with me!!!!!!!!! :lol:

PLEEEEASE review?</span>

<span style='font-family:Times'>It had been almost a week since id seen her, that morning at her place. It was funniest thing id done in a while trying to leave her “flatâ€￾ as she called it. The reason I hadn’t seen her was because she was busy, then I was, and when one of us wasn’t, the other was.

But we’d kept in contact over her mobile, and mine.

But it wasn’t the same, things were nice between us. Even the most mundane of conversations were
interesting when she told them. I wasn’t sure what I was doing with her, I didn’t know if we were dating
or if we were just people who called each other, and had sex, or what? I mean there wasn’t really a
definition for things like that, and in all honesty I wasn’t even sure I wanted to define it. I liked her, I knew
that much, and for right now, I think that's all that mattered.

“Who is it?â€￾
“It’s your nooner, im a little late…â€￾ her accent came across the door way.

“Hi you…â€￾

“Hi…â€￾ she smiled, mocking my accent. She walked in and automatically wrapped her arms around me.
Kissing me deeply.

“Umm, I think I like this.â€￾

“Yes well don’t get too attached, I have to be back at work in an hour…â€￾


“No, an hour, and you better have some kind of food here, im famished.â€￾ I smiled leading her into the

“Well it just so happens I do!â€￾ I pointed to the table that was already set and waiting for her.

“Jesus you take advantage of your hotel staff don’t ya….â€￾

“I do…sit, eat…â€￾

She did, “so what have you been doing all day?â€￾ she asked me, mouthful of food.

“Eh, just hanging out, a few of my friends came over from LA for the week; they’re out shopping right now,
sight seein, that sorta thing.â€￾

“Why didn’t you go with them?â€￾

“Well I wanted to see you…â€￾

She grinned widely at that, “Aw, your such a sap, you know that don’t you?â€￾

“As you keep tellin me…â€￾
“And I will do too, you Americans, you’re too open about every bloody thing…we’re just not built like that im afraid…â€￾
“Built like what?â€￾

“Like, discussing our ‘feelings’ or things like that, I mean I know im not, it takes a lot for me to open up…â€￾
I grinned, but I didn’t realise it was such an evil one.

“Im not talking physically here you Wankerâ€￾ she smiled bashfully and threw a fry at me.

“I wasn’t thinking anything of the sort…but now that you come to mention it…â€￾

“Lets not…shall we? How’s filming?â€￾

"Good, great actually…everything’s on schedule and the director isn’t mad at me, so its all on the up I

“What about everyone else? Are they getting on as well as you?â€￾

“On screen things are great you know, but I think that sienna’s been having a few problems.â€￾

“Really?â€￾ she asked, genuinely interested.

“Yeah, she's been crying a lot and she won’t really talk about it…â€￾

“Wow, and here I was thinking that things were great with her and Mr Law…â€￾ she looked away.

“Let’s not talk about them now, how was your week?â€￾

She rolled her eyes, “hectic, just one thing after another, and then some…Im glad it’s almost over, I have
some holiday time coming thank god.â€￾


“Yes…â€￾ she continued to eat her lunch, “and I really need it too, I hardly had any time off over Christmas…
so these three weeks will be so welcomed.â€￾

She finished what was on her plate, “aw thank you I needed that. I was starving.â€￾

“I noticed…â€￾


She walked over to my side of the table, and pushed me out of my seat so she could take hers, on my lap.

“I still have a good 45 minutes left until I had to hot foot it back to the office.â€￾

I kissed her then, something that over the good dozen conversations we’d had over the past week, it was
something id wanted to do more than anything.

“So Mr Timberlake what are your plans for this evening?â€￾

“Just dinner with my boys and maybe a few beers….you wanna come? Id like you to meet them?â€￾

“Isn’t that a little…Soon?â€￾

“You think so, I just thought that we all could hang out…but if you think its too soon then, its cool?â€￾

“I do, I mean we’ve only been like this…us for a little minute I don’t think im ready to be judged by your
friends just yet.â€￾

Ok so she had a point, and yeah I know, I was jumping the gun…


“No don’t be sorry, I think it’s really sweet that you feel so okay with me to do that, I know for you that's
a big thing…â€￾ that's right we weren’t the commitment type of “couple were we?

“Now, back to what we were doing before I came over all weird and acted crazy….â€￾ I leaned in and kissed
her again, this time moving so that I nudged her off my knee, and as I bumped her along into my bedroom
she was full of giggles.

“I can’t do this, ill be late for work…â€￾

“So….im sure they’ll survive.â€￾

“Don’t be so sure…â€￾ she said smiling, as she removed my sweater. “Don’t be so sure.â€￾

“Anita, what time did you get in last night?â€￾

“Uhh im not sure? Why?â€￾

“Nothing…â€￾ Rachel mused sitting next to me on the couch sipping her coffee.


“Well, it’s just you’ve been doing it a lot lately, I mean im late but you’re…â€￾

“what is already, what are you hinting at?â€￾

“Are you seeing someone? Is that why you’ve been home at the AM every night this last week?â€￾

See, now how did I answer that. Id been hiding my “relationship-or-whatever-it wasâ€￾ with Justin for
almost 2 weeks, id been seeing him on a daily basis, nightly really…and then tiptoeing home when we
were done.

It wasn’t that he was weird about me staying with him, he wasn’t. In fact he was open to the idea, a lot
more than I was. But again, I wasn’t just lying to rach; I was still lying to him too. My boss called me for
her morning “conference callâ€￾ at 8am, and if I was with him at that time, well my game was up.

“Im, im not sure to be honest.â€￾

“You’re not sure if you’re seeing someone?â€￾


“So what, are you with someone?? Is he good looking?â€￾

“Rach, look um…ive been with someone, but I don’t really know what it’s…there isn’t a definite label on it
right now.â€￾

“Why haven’t you said anything???â€￾

“Because im not even sure if this thing is the real thing yet, how could I bring something up that I wasn’t
sure of myself…you know?â€￾

“Ahuh….so um, what does this man do, he isn’t a bum is he because I know you tend to go with your
charitable side, but tell me this one has a job…â€￾

God she was just overly theatrical wasn’t she?

“He HAD a job, he was just freelance!â€￾

“Isn’t that just a fancy word for lazy…?

“ANY way, I think that I like him…I mean I do, clearly - he's cute and funny as hell, but he's wonderful.â€￾

“Oooh, sounds like you lurve him…â€￾

“I don’t! I hardly know him, he's just a good man, and I like him a lot but for now, it’s just the beginning.â€￾

“I see…so when do I get to meet this man, he sounds charming…. Is he a cutie?â€￾

“SO cute!â€￾ I blushed.

“Reeeeally, what else?â€￾

“He’s got terrific hair, and good teeth, Im a big dental freak! But more than anything, he's got an accent.â€￾

“Where’s he from?â€￾

“The USâ€￾

“sh**? Where in the u.s?â€￾ she had a thing for the American drawl, so her ears instantly picked up on that

“Um, he southern, so around Memphis, or so that way….â€￾

“Sexy…when do I get to met him?â€￾

Oh god, now she wants that? Yes I know I should have known better and not brought it up.

“ill see how things go, like I said im not even sure if we’re serious or not yet…let me wait it out…okay?â€￾
she seemed to agree.

“Sure…but I want to eventually, can’t have you keeping that hottie to yourself.â€￾

“Ill do my best…â€￾

I smiled, going back to my work on the laptop.

Only problem was, it was about Justin.

Yes that's right I was commissioned to write a piece on his movie, well more so on the “off set dramaâ€￾ that
was occurring, in that Jude and sienna had split, and that he was seeing her now, we had pictures and
everything. Of course, I knew in my heart that nothing was going on; he was giving her a hug, that's all it
was. He was his mobile to me at the time, so I knew when it was.

But I had to make it into one of those “new hot romance on setâ€￾ stories that I began with Brad and Angie,
and hell I was right with them. Hence baby jolie Pitt.

But now, I knew I was wrong. And it sickened me more than usual, since I knew he’d read it and he’d be
pissed off the next time I saw him.

“I just cant believe it, I mean where do they come up with this sh**, its nothing and they’re making it into
this huge deal, its not!â€￾ he exclaimed handing me my G&T.

“I know that, seriously Justin, calm it…â€￾

“I am calm; I just don’t want you thinking that you know…that id be…you know…â€￾

“Cheating on me?â€￾

“Yes, because im not, I wouldn’t…â€￾ he seemed dead serious at that.

“I know…â€￾I looked away, it was awkward - we hadn’t talked about being a couple, yet we were talking
about cheating or not? It was weird, in the sense that we weren’t official or anything but he was reacting
as if we were…wait, were we?

“SO!â€￾ he took a deep breath and embraced me to his side as he sat next to me.

“So….other than the mean papers, your doing good?â€￾

“Yeah, ive booked some studio time over here for the next few weeks, I just feel like I can really do
something you know, it’s inspirational.â€￾

“Being written about has made you want to write???â€￾

“No, being with you…â€￾ he kissed me on my temple.

When he said that, it came across as one of if not THE sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me.


“Really….â€￾ He grinned broadly. “Look I don’t know if ive made it known to you lately…but these last few
weeks with you, they’ve been amazing, really…I just…I really like you. You’ve made my staying here - so
far away from home, from my family and everyone I know, you’ve made it so much easierâ€￾

“Aw, are you getting sappy again?â€￾ I laughed, but he didn’t. I wasn’t sure how to take it.

“No, im being real. And I just wanted you to know that ive…loved being here since I met you.â€￾

“Im that good huh?â€￾

“I guess you are Anita, I guess you are….â€￾

“So, what on earth can I do now, to make your stay more…amazing, I think that's how you described

“That’s about right, and you know, I just don’t know what you could do to make me more comfortable
right now, I mean ive got good food (it was Chinese take out so it wasn’t that good) good entertainment (
it was x factor, entertaining yes, good - no.) And ive got this stunning woman by my side, who WILL be
waking up with me tomorrow, just in case she didn’t know that!â€￾ he grinned widely, that heart melting
smile that I loved.

“No, she wont, she has to get home to bed, she has a big day tomorrow…and she can't be sleepy…I just
can't, and we both know if I stay here, not a lot of sleep will be had!â€￾

He smirked at me, “Aw come on, this isn’t right you know, I feel so used when you just up and leave after we’ve….you know…â€￾ he wriggled his eyebrows at me, and it was very funny, he was a grown ass man and he couldn’t just say it!

“You know? No I don’t, refresh my memory, what is it that we do…â€￾

“We…you know…â€￾

“Justin im going to need you to say it!â€￾

“We have sex. Make love, get jiggy…happy?â€￾

“Jiggy? Ok, Will Smith called and he wants his slang back, jiggy…J you're white, get used to it already!!â€￾

“Nah, ma sista, I aint, I got black blood in me somewhere! I mean my fro speaks for its self, there is
definitely “brotherâ€￾ blood in me somewhere down the line!â€￾ Being around him, especially when he was in
silly mode, it just made me laugh so much. And in my line of work - laughing at something genuine just
wasn’t something I was used to, not these days anyway.

“You’re a head case, im just letting you know that now, in case im called to character witness you
somewhere down the line, one word from me and you’ll be in the nearest nut house!!â€￾

“Aw come on, you adore me this dopy, you said so!â€￾

“Oh, I don’t think so yank….Not at all…â€￾

“Aw you do, I can see it in that sweet smile of yours, you want me…â€￾ he batted his eyelashes at me,

“I don’t.â€￾ I took another drink.

“You want me, you want to kissss me, and you want to touch me….â€￾ he began to sing, ala miss

“Bugger off, no I don’t…â€￾ he climbed over on top of me, kissing my neck.

“Well okay, you might not want those things, but I sure as hell do!!â€￾ he set his sights on my neck, and lets
face it, I wasn’t in any position to refuse.

Now was I.


“Are you tired?â€￾

“Not really…â€￾ I mused running my hand up and down her back.

“I am a little but not so much that I need to sleep…â€￾


“Am I boring you?â€￾ she peeked up at me

“NO!!! Im just thinking….maybe we could go out next time you come over.â€￾

“Out? Like out on a date, evening out?â€￾

“Yes….maybe just the movies or something?â€￾

“Couldn’t we just rent a DVD?â€￾

Okay I knew she was weary of the press, but surely the movies weren’t that dangerous?

“It was just a thought that's all…â€￾
“No, im sorry I just really don’t my life splashed over all the papers that's all, its not that I don’t want to be
out with you, I mean I am getting crazy being in doors all this time. But it’s not like we’ve run out of things
to do.â€￾ She smiled wickedly at me, and then I got her drift.

And in all honesty I should have been loving it, a girl who wasn’t interested in the lime light, who just
wanted me all to her herself, and liked to have sex? What was wrong with that?

Nothin, with it. But with me, maybe - I wanted to move on with her.

Was that so bad?

“You know what, forget I mentioned it. We can just rent something if you want.â€￾

She sighed and bit her lip.

“No, its fine. A “dateâ€￾ sounds nice. And oh so American.â€￾

“Well don’t let me force you or anything!!!â€￾ I huffed.

“Shut up you twat, your just looking for sympathy.â€￾ She was right, Damnit.

“So what then, a movie?â€￾

“The cinema has that new Colin Farrell one on show this Friday….want to?â€￾

“Eh, yeah why not. His sh**s cool.â€￾

“Well okay then…â€￾ she settled against me again, but she seemed uneasy after that. I don’t know what
got into her but she just seemed to space off every time we’d talk.

I wanted to bring it up, but then again did I? Maybe she was just preoccupied with work, or her friends, or

I didn’t want to think she was worried about being seen with me, I didn’t because that would mean I

would have to think about being seen with her, another girl I was thrusting into my life - media wise

No doubt if we were seen together, she would be chewed apart by the papers. In the US it was bad but
here, it was just SO much worse!

I didn’t want her to be hurt, and the fact that I was even considering her feeling at all in the first
place….well it wasn’t something id done with a woman id been sleeping with - in a long time.

Apparently Justin Timberlake has got a new girlfriend.

That was the memo, (yes it was memo material. The colour of posh spices knickers requires a memo) that
was sitting on my desk.

I pressed my com. “Whats this?â€￾ I asked my new assistant (yup, Ive got an “assistantâ€￾)

“Fi left it in before she left, apparently there's a woman he's been seen withâ€￾

“Are there photos?â€￾ I was quaking.

“No, she said the men following them couldn’t get a clear shot of her face, the pictures are worthless….â€￾

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Right, what do we know about her?â€￾

“Nothin, no one will comment and no ones leaked anything yet, so it’s just a waiting game, so she says
any way….â€￾
“So all we know is that he was seen outside the cinema with someone, which proves nothing.â€￾

“It’s enough.â€￾ Stacy smiles. “He’s hot, so why not? It’s been a while since we’ve had anything on him….â€￾

She was formally aide to Tom, who got fired for shagging the boss…he and fi fell out; he got the boot out…

“I know, but lets leave this until we have something worth runningâ€￾ I avoided “what have we on Britney,
whats her low life of a “husbandâ€￾ up to?â€￾

“OH!â€￾ she walked to her desk and handed me another memo, from fi.

“Britney’s hubby & stripper….check out the photosâ€￾

“Give me, ill see and run this instead. Get me Sarah; she can fluff a piece on his movie.

“What about the mystery woman?â€￾

“Nah, nothing yet…â€￾

It was after 12 when my mobile rang.

“I wanna come see you…â€￾ was the sappy voice on the other end of the line.

“Bored again.â€￾

“No, I just wanna see you, whats the address of your work?â€￾


“Justin, we’ve talked about this…it’s not safe for you to come here without bodyguards.â€￾

“I have em with me in the car, just name the street and we’ll be there in a few.â€￾

“Honey, Id love you too, I would but im just SO busy right now….I can’t my boss would flip out so much!â€￾

“Im harmless.â€￾

“I know, but she's not…Please? Ill cut out early today. Ill call straight over.â€￾ He was silent, “Justin, please?
Ill make it up to you.â€￾

â€￾Uuhk, fine but it better be good.â€￾

“Isn’t it always?â€￾ I laid back in my chair laughing.

“I suppose.â€￾ He still had that whine in his voice.

“Cheer up, or your face will stick that way…Now, be nice and go to workâ€￾

“Im off today.â€￾

“No your not, your skiving there is a difference.â€￾

“Its only wardrobe fitting for a few end of the movie bits, they don’t really NEED me for that.â€￾

“YES, they do now bugger off or I won’t come to see you later.â€￾

He sighed over the line, “Fine. Later Anita.â€￾


Dodging bullets, I tell ya it isn’t easy.

I hated dishonesty, even though you’d think I didn’t. I did. It ate at me all the time.

I wanted to tell him the truth every single time I saw him, but then I knew if I did it would be the last time
I saw him.

And I DEFINITELY didn’t want that to happen.

I did as I said I would, I called to see him at three. He was lounging around in an old pair of basketball shorts - and nothing else.

“You don’t waste time do you?â€￾ I smiled, using the spare key card he’d give me the day before.

“I thought id save you sometime…â€￾ he got off the couch to greet me.

“Mmmm, you smell nice…what is that.â€￾


“HA, no what is that?â€￾

“It’s ANGEL, perfume. I love it.â€￾

He nodded. “So I have something to ask you….well a few things actually.â€￾
“OK! I took the cookie last night, I knew you wanted it…but I -“

“Um, No.â€￾ he smirked “that's not it.â€￾

“Oh.â€￾ I sat next to him then. “Well what then.â€￾

He blushed, and looked from the bottom of his eyes. “I like you, you know that right?â€￾

I nodded.

“And well I know that you like me too…â€￾

What was he 12?

“Ahuh? Whats your point?â€￾

“Well I mean…your not seeing some else are you?â€￾

Was he high?

“NO, are you.â€￾

“NO!! Of course not, I just thought I should ask before I ask you the thing I really wanted to ask you?â€￾

“Honey seriously are you high?â€￾

He just laughed, “I know im not making any sense….but ok…I know you have time off coming up…this
week end for three weeks right??â€￾


“Right, so I was thinking…maybe if you wanted you could come to my birthday party…â€￾

“In Memphis.â€￾


“In…Memphis. As in Memphis your home town in the states.â€￾


I felt the pressure build on the back of my neck, my chest tighten.


“Are you sure? I mean we’ve…you’re…Im…â€￾

Ok now I was the one acting like she was high.

“If you don’t I get it, I mean its okay? But ill be going home for the two week break we have and I…â€￾

“Is it a big deal? I mean is there a big celeb thing going on or is just family.â€￾

He smiled.

“This year, its just family and a few friends…nothing big.â€￾

“So there won’t be any press?â€￾

Paraaaaaanoid. Wasn’t I?

“Not that im aware of, no one knows about it but my circle…you’re in that circle you know?â€￾ he winked.

“I am?â€￾

“For sure, you’re a big part of that circle these days…and besides all my friends are dying to meet you.â€￾

“You’ve told your friends about me?â€￾ I couldn’t help but smile.

“I sure have darlin’, and my mom…she's wanted to know who it was that was laughing so hard last time
she called….â€￾

“Oh god that was your mother on the phone?â€￾

“Yeah, she's cool with it though. She's knows were a sort of, kinda a thing…so about the party you down?â€￾

“Im not sure.â€￾

“Okay, well will you at least think about it?â€￾ he winked embracing me into a kiss.


He kissed me again.

“Ill think about it…â€￾ I gave in.

“Good girl…â€￾ he kissed me again, I loved his kisses. So much so that it made me actually think about his

What WAS I thinking?

“I kinda love being here, this hotel…get this the doorman knows me now!â€￾ I said straddling his waist as
he lay underneath me, smiling.

“He does?â€￾

“Yup, he calls me young lady….and winks at me.â€￾

“Bastard!â€￾ he bumped me.

“No, he's looks like he's in his 60’s for god sakes…â€￾

“Aw, okay then.â€￾ He settled down. Running his hands up and down my sides. Trying each time to remove
my top.

“Anyway, Justin?â€￾

“Yeah sweetheart?â€￾

“I think ill go to Memphis.â€￾ I decided right then and there. If I was going to get caught out…I was going to
get caught out…

“But…I have something I need to…â€￾ he kissed me before I had the chance to respond.

“Forget that, you're coming?? Really? Cool! Aw, you know who you’ll love?â€￾


“My best friend, Trace, he's a weirdo, but he's cool!â€￾ he was beaming, I mean from ear to ear. I realised
then that it was something that meant a lot to him.

“Are you sure though really, I mean come on, we’ve only been…like this for what? Three four weeks? Isnt
it a little soon to be "meeting" any kind of relations....â€￾

I met him day after new years.

“Anita, I like you, I want to spend my birthday with you, that's all.â€￾

“You sure?â€￾


I wasn’t.

I kissed him again, this time with the intent on getting “down to businessâ€￾ as he so lovingly put it.

As much as I had enjoyed myself hours prior, there I was lying wide awake at 4:40 in the morning,
thinking and over thinking everything I was doing, everything I was saying, leading myself further and
further into this lie that I was creating. With every minute that passed, I knew I was getting deeper into
it, and him. I was falling head first into this relationship.

The more I got to know him the more I just didn’t want to leave his side.

I turned in the large bed to look at him. He was so completely unaware of what a horrible person I was,

and that's what killed me the most. He thought of me, as this sweet caring loving girl.

I wasn’t.

And I knew the second he knew what I was about - he hate me.

Well Id hate me if I were him, I was a lying manipulative b****.

He just wanted me to be with him, to hang out…but who was he kidding, that wasn’t just what we were
about. The obvious attraction, the tension and the…chemistry I guess you could say between us, all said

All I knew, at that second was that I couldn’t get on that plane with him.

It was one thing dodging his prying questions, but I was guessing it was quiet another with his whole

family and all his friends wanting to know who I was. What I did, and oh yes…that I was a lying whore
that needed to be boiled alive.

Sound extreme? Eh, I didn’t think so?

“Good morningâ€￾ was what I heard as I squinted.


Some one laughed. “Morning, sleepy head. Its 7; 30. You said you wanted me to wake you…you wanted
to pack remember?â€￾ I opened my eyes fully in the FAR too bright room. Id only been asleep for about an

“Oh that's right….â€￾

“Yeah that's right…I ordered coffee and eggs, they just arrived. You wanna stay from some breakfast?â€￾ I looked at him, just standing there, in just those faded blue jeans - just that.

Not the worst thing a girl could see first thing.



“You spaced out again, are you tired?â€￾

You have No idea.

“A littleâ€￾ I said as I got up and began getting dressed.

He stopped me, as I reached for my blouse, “Im really glad you decided to come with me, you know that
right?â€￾ he smiled handing me my top.

“I know….â€￾ I couldn’t look him in the eye.

He seemed like he wanted me to say something else, as he stood there. But he didn’t.

“Um, do you have to go into work or something?â€￾

“I do, only for an hour or so. I need to tie up a few loose ends before I take my break.â€￾

“Cool. Ive got an interview in a few hours but ill met you here right? Around say 3?â€￾


“The flight leaves at 5 so…you know, timing an all…â€￾

“I know, its fine…don’t worry.â€￾ I pulled on my shoes, and tied back my hair, id do my makeup in the taxi.

“Aren’t you gonna eat?â€￾ he asked walking after me.

“OH! No, sorry, im not really hungry…â€￾ I reached for a piece of toast “ill just have this.â€￾ I pecked him on
the cheek, and went to move away, but his arms joined around my waist.

“Well…â€￾ he said, his voice more rasping that usual. “Im not just gonna let you waltz out of here like that…â€￾

I smiled, as he moved into kiss me senseless. God I loved when he did that, when he did that he could
have just about everything and anything he wanted.

In fact im pretty sure that boy could charm the knickers off a nun if he wanted to.

As I pulled away from those lips, they formed into a smile.

“That’s better…â€￾ he said letting me loose finally. “See you at 3â€￾

“Okay, see you at 3.â€￾

And I walked out, breathing a sigh of relief when I reached the lobby. Hailed myself a taxi and made
myself up to face my boss. In a meeting…of all things.



“Eric, come on in…Im in hereâ€￾ I yelled from the bedroom, as I packed my sh**.

“The rides here, to take you to the radio studio….â€￾

“Thanks; im just thinking what I need to go home, this sh** is hard. I basically have to fit my whole life into
these suitcases, haven’t had to do that in a while.â€￾

“I know, you’ve settled here. f***, I even like it here.â€￾

I nodded.

“So where's the girl?â€￾

“She’s at work, she's coming later.â€￾

“Not for nothin man but don’t you think this is a little sudden? I mean how well do you know her?â€￾

“Well enough…â€￾

“For real?â€￾

See, I knew he was just looking out for me, but I didn’t want him second guessing for me what I was
already doing myself.

“Yeah, she's cool man…she's cool.â€￾

“If you say so…you ready?â€￾


I was giving an interview over at radio 1 as sort of a catch up from my last album, to what im doing now.
The DJ’s were fun there so I didn’t mind the senseless questions.

It was all “a laughâ€￾ as Anita would say….
“Justin Timberlake, you’re a resident here now aren’t you? How’s that going?â€￾

“Its going good, real good I love it here.â€￾

“Really, how are you finding London?â€￾

“Im getting to know my directions well at this point, so yeah im finding it pretty easily.â€￾ I laughed making
the blonde DJ blush.


“Naw, I love it like I said. Ive been here now a few months and at first it took some getting used to, being
away from home and all…but ive made a few cool friends over here, so it’s all good now.â€￾

“Right, right…any romance?â€￾

Now I blushed, thank god I wasn’t on TV.

“Naw, girl im too busy for any of that…Id love to though.â€￾

“Anyone in mind?â€￾

“You mean besides you?â€￾ I flirted she blushed again, it was all a piss take but it made her be sweeter to

“Me? No, no im married.â€￾

“Aw damn someone beat me to it! What will I do now?â€￾

“Im willing to bet money on it that there are a few girls out there MORE than willing to take my place with
you.â€￾ She laughed.

“You think so?â€￾

“I do….So how’s this film of yours coming along, brit flick - transatlantic cast! From the four weddings
director himself - Richard Curtis….â€￾

“Yeah, yeah, it’s going great actually. I mean he's such a talented man, so he makes it so easy for now
just me, but the entire cast. That are all so talented, it’s insane! These are professionals, you know? It’s a
lot of pressure!!â€￾ I added jokingly.

“Surely you’re a professional now too aren’t you?â€￾

“OH! Noooo, I still see myself as the one they’ll catch out and throw off set one of these days….â€￾

And so on and so on, you know the drill…..

“Anita, look there is a reason I called you in here today?â€￾ Fi looked up at me from under her glasses *
never a GOOD sign*


“You’ve been lying to me Anita.â€￾

“Excuse me?â€￾

“I know…â€￾

“You know??? What?â€￾

“When I asked you the other day, to run that Justin Timberlake story, why didn’t you?â€￾

Oooooohhhh god!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I….it wasn’t that interesting.â€￾


“Yes, there wasn’t anything to back it upâ€￾

“Ahuh…â€￾ she stood up and flopped a file in front of me.

“Open it.â€￾

I did, and in horror, I saw it all.

Me, Justin, going into the hotel. Coming out of the hotel…at the cinema, even at my front door.

“What the hell is this!!? Have you been following me?â€￾

She stood there, as stern as a ship.

“Like I said you’ve been lying Anita.â€￾

“No I haven’t, I just chose NOT to disclose who im friends with, is that a f***ing crime now?â€￾

“Friends? Right pull the other one Nita, I wasn’t born yesterday, you were seen by some one in the office,
they told me, and I looked into it…and that file is what I found.â€￾

“What gives you the right to…?â€￾

“He’s a f***ing celebrity, an American superstar for god sakes, did you REALLY think that you could shag
around with him and NO ONE would notice, don’t be naïve!!!â€￾

“IM NOT!â€￾

“Anita im not going to mess around here. We have an opportunity and I want to take it.â€￾


“He doesn’t know about you does he?â€￾ she raised her eye brow at me.


“Anita, ive interviewed him…he hates the press, he hates the tabloids, and you’re a tabloid writer! Do the
math sweetheart!â€￾

“No, okay no I haven’t exactly been truthful with him on that aspect of my life.â€￾

She smirked.

“But im not telling you anything, im not signing anything understand! Im not…this is none of anyone’s

“Yes it is, I have more than enough photo evidence here to run with this - splash it evenâ€￾
Front page…b****.

“You can’t!! You need at least….â€￾ No she didn’t, she didn’t need my permission.

Her eyes softened. “Your quiet taken with him aren’t you?â€￾

“NO! Okay no, im not it’s just a fling okay…Jesus!â€￾

“Is that so?â€￾


“If that's the truth then why are you getting so worked up?â€￾

Yes, she was right, she knew she saw it in my eyes, my stingy tear covered eyes.

“Look its nothing okay, so I don’t see why you would do this, he's leaving today any way for god sakes.â€￾


“Fi, please don’t run this, I will tell him, I just….need a little time that's all.â€￾

“For what? Anita, if this is just a fling then I don’t see the problem with running this, you know, if he IS
nothing to you….â€￾

I just sat there, in stunned silence.

“Okâ€￾ I added almost inaudibly “Fine, I lied…okay? He's not nothing…he's….â€￾


“I really like him fi. I haven’t liked anyone like that in the longest time….â€￾

“But he doesn’t really know you?â€￾

“I know that too, but he will okay, he will. Look just stall this, for me? Please? If you run this, I will leave, I
will quit and go work for the others, you know that ive had offers.â€￾

She crossed her arms, “I see…â€￾

“Will you let this go?â€￾

She didn’t say anything, she just handed me the file.

“Thank you.â€￾

And I walked out of the office, and to home.

Where I let out the tears id been keeping in since I set eyes on Fi that morning.

And I sobbed until I didn’t think I had any tears left.

“She's late, you know that right?â€￾

“Yes Eric, I know, thanks…â€￾ I looked at my watch for the fifth million time that hour.

“Should you call her?â€￾

“No, she’ll be here okay?â€￾

You know and besides, I packed my cell already. But I didn’t want to admit I was that dumb.

“Justin man we gotta leave soon, this plane won’t wait.â€￾

“Well you were the one that couldn’t get the private jet.â€￾

“They only had one in the airport and it was reserved for the damn royal family, and im sorry but im not in

the habit of arguing with royals just so you can just impress some chick!â€￾

Ok, someone was pissed.

“Fine, ill call her okay, but your gonna have to help me.â€￾ I walked into the room again.

“Why? You can’t dial her number without help?â€￾ he sblacked.

“No, it’s in my case.â€￾

“sh** man, sh**!!!â€￾

“Yeah, yeah whatever just hurry up!â€￾ I sblacked as he threw my large case on the table.

“She better be worth this sh** man…â€￾

When I finally got up the courage to dial his number the phone went to voice mail, having gone through over and over in my head what exactly it was that I was going to say to him. I decided that I needed to
leave a message, if he wasn’t going to answer, then maybe it was a sign…or maybe I was just chicken.

Either way, I began to ramble as I tried not to let my emotion show in my voice.

“You called me so I assume you know who this is, you know the drill…â€￾ was the message. Then there was
a beep.

“Justin, its Anita….â€￾ My mind went blank….

“Look Im not with you right now, clearly you know that…Justin I can’t go with you…I want to, believe me!
But I just can’t, see the truth is. You don’t really know me.â€￾

What exactly did I say?

“I mean you know ME, you just don’t know all of me. What I do for a living….im not a manager in any book
store, im not….the truth is, Im a journalist….Im junior editor of the “SUNâ€￾ newspaper. I didn’t tell you,
because I knew what you’d do if you knew…but now, well things have gotten difficult. There are photos,
and a story my boss wants to run…I don’t want her too…but…well…â€￾

I paused.

“Look, I understand if you never want to talk to me again. I get it…but I need you to know that I am sorry,
so sorry if ive hurt you or...well im just sorry.â€￾

I clicked off. There I did it. I told him, sure I did it in the most chicken way possible…but I just didn’t think
that I could take the look on his sweet face when he found out what a truly terrible person I was. I didn’t

want to have to see it in his eyes, the hatred. I didn’t think I could handle it.


Its better this way.


“Rachel!!!â€￾ I yelled loudly from my bedroom.

“What? Jesus woman, where's the fire!â€￾

“I think I need a hug….â€￾ I looked at her with my puppy soaked eyes. “And perhaps a strong drink or 10â€￾

“What the hell happened to you?â€￾

“Im a b****, that's what….â€￾

“I have scotch?â€￾ she volunteered.

“That’ll do the job!â€￾ I got up and out of my sad state. Fully willing to get completely pissed.

I needed to numb my brain, for if the only thing - to forget.

I just needed to forget.</span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue Apr 11, 2006 12:57 pm

OH MY GOSH! It all had to come out sometime. Damn, no trip to Memphis for her. :no: That sucks. She and Justin were having so much fun together. Ahhh, I hope they can work through this. I know things are going to be rough for awhile, but if it's meant to be, this love will work out.

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Postby laura » Tue May 09, 2006 7:04 am

<span style='font-family:Times'>what is this? Im here, and i have an update? well if hell doesnt freeze over because of this i dunno! LMAO, yeah so this is long and i dont know if it'll make sense, i hope it will!! Enjoy!</span>

<span style='color:dodgerblue'><span style='font-family:Times'>I stood there, in the centre of hotel suite. The same suite that she had shared with me hours before…Numb, in total and complete shock.

I just didn’t get it! Not that she could have lied to me, all women were capable of it weren’t they? But what I didn’t get was just how on gods green earth, I could have been so gullible.

As I listened to the message over and over again, it slowly began to sink in, what she was saying. It was for real.

She was that writer, she was AJ king.

I felt sick to my stomach at the realisation.

She’d lied to me; she’d….deliberately done this. Made me feel for her, let her in…

It was never easy for me to trust many people. I mean I can count on one hand a group of people that still to this day I would trust with my deepest darkest secrets.

Before her, id gone through quiet possibly the worst year of my life. Trust and women just didn’t go in the one line of phrase…
But I saw something in her, something that led me to believe that maybe, just maybe - she was different.

It turns out, that yeah she was different, in the sense that she was an
even more calculating manipulative whore than the others.

Was this all just a joke? Was it just so that she could run her newspaper,
getting another headline?

Was I a job?

I had so many questions, too many to just let it go.

“Justin man? Is she coming or not? We’re gonna miss the damn plane.â€￾ I heard Eric call in from the door.

Still in a daze I just flipped the cell shut.

“f*** the plane; get the car I need to be somewhere first…â€￾

I ignored his quizzical glances, as he swiftly agreed with me, and got the
hotel’s car.
I rhymed off the address, and sat back, alone in the car - calming my self
down just a touch before I faced her.

I wasn’t just gonna let her be a coward, she had done something so
irretrievable that she needed to face it, and if nothing else I needed to see
her eyes when she told me face to face, the truth about who she really

For the entire car ride over to her part of town, her street I deliberated over as to what id say when I came face to face with her.

Would I be as irate as I felt, would I want to thump her? Would I just want
an explanation? Would she ever offer me one? Or just simply dismiss me
and my feelings right away?

When the car pulled to a halt. I took the deepest breath I could take and
stepped out of the car.

And I knocked her door, twice with a good solid “Im angryâ€￾ knock so she’d
get the drift.

Only the shocked person that opened the door wasn’t Anita, it was who I assumed to be the faceless Rachel.

“Uhh, yes?â€￾

“Um, hi…â€￾

“Justin Timberlake?â€￾ she squinted gasping.

“Whats left of him….â€￾ I muttered under my breath “Um, is Anita in?â€￾

She closed her mouth, and her eyes widened, as if she just realised who I
was - to her roommate.

“Um, yes she's in the shower though…but um, come in and ill….yeah...â€￾ she
became flustered and closed the door behind me.

“Anita! Someone’s here to…see you…â€￾ she knocked on the solid wood door
and I heard a faint “Okâ€￾ from the other side.

She looked at me as I stood at the door “Come in, sit…â€￾

“No im fine thanksâ€￾ I answered sternly so much so that I think I scared the
poor girl. “But thank you…â€￾ I offered.

“Bloody annoying weather isn’t it?â€￾ she came up with and I just played

“Yeah, it rains a lot her doesn’t it? sh**ty…â€￾

“Yup it does…and yes it’s insanely sh**ty.â€￾ She sipped her beverage in her
black coffee mug.

And I waited.

The door lock snapped and a burst of steam came out first.

“Who is it Rach?â€￾ She then took the towel from her hair, letting it fall wet
around her.

“Justin?â€￾ her face went white, whiter than even the walls behind her. In
fact id go as far as to say it was almost grey.

“Anita do you mind telling me what the f*** is going on?â€￾

“You know him?â€￾ Rachel interrupted.

“Yes, I know him….â€￾ She directed to her friend. “Justin, what are you doing
here, the planes meant to be in the air now. Why aren’t you on it?â€￾

“Is he the guy? Is he the rowdy bedroom guy Nita?â€￾ her friend intruded

“OH for f*** sake!!â€￾ I exploded, all the while my eyes never leaving
hers “YES, ok im the guy, im the one she's been seeing, or didn’t she tell
you? She makes a habit of that doesn’t she Rachel? Lying, forgetting
certain details…â€￾

Her friend looked back and forth between us both.


“NO! Okay, you know why Rachel….she told me she worked in a store or
something, not that she was the highest paid gossip columnist in the
f***ing country! She told me that she wanted nothing to do with the
media! What a f***ing joke! SHE IS THE MEDIA!â€￾

“I can explain, if you’d just calm the f*** down and let me talk!â€￾

“Why? So you can lie to me again? I don’t think so!â€￾

She folded her arms, her hair still dripping all over her wooden floor.

“Then why did you come here then? If you didn’t want to hear what I had
to say, why didn’t you just get on the bleeding plane?â€￾

I didn’t answer her.
She rolled her eyes and aimed them at her friend. “Rach, could you give us
some privacy…like leave for a little bit?â€￾

“Oh, of course…sure…â€￾ she placed down her cup and picked up her jacket.

“Um, it was uhh nice meeting you Justin.â€￾ She said in passing.

“You too…and for the record, your boss is playing you…cut him loose…â€￾

“He’s using you for sex, I know the deal…your better than that… leave him.â€￾

She just looked at Anita, and then at me, still dumbfounded.

“Ill leave you alone now…â€￾

Her arms were still folded, so I did the same.

“Anita… Or is AJ KING? Which do you prefer?â€￾

“Justin, look I know what you must think of me and I really don’t blame you,
I don’t! I lied to you, I know that was wrong…but…I…â€￾

“You what? You needed your story so you went along with it? Ill bet you
couldn’t believe your luck could you, the same old, same old, thick-headed
American willing and eager to get his heart stamped on, for the amusement
of the nation, is that it AJ King.â€￾

She sat on the chair I stood beside. “NO, that's not it at all…I met you, and
I liked you. That was the extent of it. Yes I knew you, Ive written about
you, ive bought pictures of you in order to sell papers. But when I met you
that night I was just me. I wasn’t working and I wasn’t looking. I was just
being me. And I liked that you just saw that….â€￾ her voice broke, but I wasnt
feeling sorry for her.

“Its just…here…everyone in the business knows my face, so when they see
me they automatically shut down, and give me that look…the look your
giving me right now…â€￾ her eyes welled up. “And the answers they’ve been
programmed to give from their PR. You didn’t.â€￾

“So what you just…â€￾ I sat on the couch, too tired from over thinking to even
fully stand.

“I just liked it…that's all. I liked seeing you for you…and if you remember
you were the one that pursued me okay, it’s not like I came chasing after

“But you still LIED! If you know SO much about me, then you’d know that
that's the one thing that I cannot stand, anything but that.â€￾

“I Know! But look, this is the last thing I ever thought would between us
happened okay? At first I told myself that you were just a fling that the sex was great and that’s all it was, end of, close the book story over….but then…â€￾she closed her eyes“then I got attached to you. I waited for you to call; I looked forward to hearing your voice.â€￾

I almost softened towards her then, mainly because that's exactly how I

“Justin im sorry I lied to you, but for what its worth…you made me happy
for a little while, and I id like to think that I made you happy…at least for a
little while…you made my life less lonely. And for that im not sorry I lied,
because if I hadn’t then I would have never gotten to know, such an
amazing man….the true man, behind all the bullsh**.â€￾

“Anita, look I just…you hurt me.â€￾ I finally got to it, “you hurt me! I opened
up to you in ways, Ive never…I mean it’s taken me a helluva long time to be
able to trust…anyone! And when I do, this is what happens!â€￾

“Why did you trust me?â€￾


“Why? Why did you trust me?â€￾

That was a good question; sh**…she was a writer after all.

“Because I needed toâ€￾ I answered honestly. “ I needed to trust you,
because I was attracted to you, I wanted to be with you, so yeah maybe I
set myself up for this, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.â€￾

“I know, and like I said im sorry. I don’t know how else to say it to make
you understand just how badly I feel….â€￾

For a while we just sat there, immersed in the deafening silence. The kind

that consumes you to the point where anything said is a good thing.

“Are you running a story on us?â€￾

She shook her head vigorously.

“No, my boss got wind of it…she has all she needs. She says she's going to
do it.Use things, like us in a hotel…rendezvous, sex, but she says she wont

out me. Ill be a “mysteryâ€￾ woman, she still says it'll sell like madâ€￾

“So you’re fine then…â€￾ I added sarcastically.

“No, ive tried….ive pulled every favour with her. But she seems set on it.
Ive told her ill quit.â€￾

Wow, for a lowlife snake maybe she did a soul after all.

“You will…â€￾

“If she runs it ill walk. Believe it or not Justin. But I did…do care about you…
this isn’t in any interest to the public.â€￾

“Now you know how I feel.â€￾


“Its my life, everyday I face sh** like this…its good to know that you can see
what my side of things are like.â€￾

“Look, im well aware of what your side of things is. But this is your life; you
worked for this level of fame since you were what? Eight years old? I didn’t,
I didn’t want this...â€￾

“So then why not just be honest from the out set? You lied to me Anita,
and you continued to lie every time I saw you, I can’t forgive that…I mean
from the very first night…you knew the drills with the pap’s, cause they
were yours weren’t they?â€￾

She wiped her eyes, turning away from me.

“yes I knew the drills, it was an instinct. But no they weren’t from my
paper…not that timeâ€￾

“That time at the movie theatre, were they?â€￾

she nodded wiping her eyes again “yes, that's why I didn’t want to go out…
I knew someone would get the photo, and I really didn’t want that to
happen. Not for your sake, and not for mine….â€￾

I was so unbelievably frustrated, on the one hand I hated her so much
because of what she did, and the way she made me feel that second I
heard that message.

Then on the other hand, I thought about what I saw, the ways she's made
me feel for weeks now? Was it all just a show?

“Anita, Im not completely unreasonable. I understand why you lied….â€￾

“No you really don’t…â€￾ she countered. Finally facing me again. Her eyes at
this point were red and puffy.


“You don’t REALLY know anything…I lied to you because just this once I
wanted to allow someone in - to me. Just me…not my job not my
responsibilities, nothing like that. Just myself. And when I did, you liked that
person; I didn’t have to hide behind any preconceived ideas of what AJ king
was meant to be like.â€￾

“So are you saying you began seeing me, because I made you feel
normal?â€￾ I chuckled, I couldn’t help myself.

“Yes. Weird as hell, I know.â€￾

I didn’t say anything, neither did she? We just stood there, looking at each

“What now?â€￾ she spoke up. Moving in front of me, closer than she had
been since she saw me come in.

“I don’t know Anita, I really don’t know.â€￾ She nodded.

The tension between us was electrifying still….that couldn’t be denied.

“Well then I guess there isn’t anything left to say is there…â€￾

I tired to concentrate on the feeling of hating her, I really did. But things
took over.

The way her wet hair smelled, the way her lips looks all pink and swollen
like that, how even after she cried her eyes still sparkled like
diamonds….that and I really wanted to kiss her.

So I did. Against every judging bone in my body I leaned in and I kissed
her. With such intent passion that I wrapped my arms right around her tiny
frame, intensifying the kiss to such a degree it shot straight through my
body like lightning. For moments that seemed to last forever, I held
her...But then the reasons why not flooded my brain.

“No, no, no wait…â€￾ I pulled away from her, as she put her fingers to her lips.


“I can’t, im sorry Anita. I just…I shouldn’t have done that.â€￾ I backed away
from her slightly “I know that you’re sorry and I know that you mean it, I
do…but it’s not like I can’t just accept that, you and your job and just carry
on like nothing's happened…I can’t do that, this…â€￾ it was her turn to look
hurt then. And my heart sank. Why I have no idea? I guess my actions
were finally listening to my head for once, my heart just didn’t agree.

“I see, well…then you have to go. Justin, I really loved this with you, and
you have to know that my job is the ONLY thing that was fabricated with
us, the only thing…â€￾ she said as she began to tear up again. “This last
month has been hectic - so much has happened in like zero time, but I
don’t regret it.â€￾

I knew what she meant. And I just couldn’t - and believe me when I say I
tried this - I just couldn’t hate her.

“Me either….but that doesn’t change…â€￾

“I know…â€￾ she offered me a weak smile. “I know…doesn’t make it hurt any
less though…â€￾

She walked me to the door, and she just…let me go. She let me leave, I
half expected her to protest, to try and stop me. My ego took a tumble ill
tell you that much.

“Goodbye yank…â€￾ she smiled forcefully.

“Bye Nita…â€￾

I walked out her door, out her gate and into the pouring rain, as I made my
way to the awaiting car.

As I took another deep breath, I tried to get my head around everything
that just went down. I went there with the sole intention to b**** and cuss
her ass out for what she did to me, for lying.

But the minute I saw her, it was just fell apart. I didn’t want to hate her; I
just wanted to be with her.

Lies or not, she made me feel so good when I was with her, she made me
feel like me again.

And I hadn’t realised how much I missed just being myself again.

But the one thing that just stuck with me, was the fact that her lies and
our - relationship, or whatever it was….it was about to be smeared all over
the British/world press.

Had she stopped it? Was she even going to now?

I mean she said she’d quit, but was that all just an act too?

I really just didn’t know what to believe any more….the only thing I knew, it
was one of the worst birthdays id had.

25, it’s all down hill from here on in baby.

Im almost 30 for f*** sakes!!!

That's never good.


The second he walked out and I closed the door; I just let it go and began
crying all over again.

Something I had to shower out of me, at least through the sound of the
water no one heard me sobbing.

I just couldn’t help it.

He was gone, that was it. That little tiny piece of happiness I was
developing with him was shredded, and it was no ones fault but my own.

I think that's what made my pain that much worse. I had no one else to
blame it on, only me.

I had lied; I was the one who knew that this day would come. Only it came
a lot sooner than I expected, and that was it. I would have to just adjust
and move on.

And that was that.

“What the hell was that???â€￾ Rachel came in trough the front door, coat in
hand a second later.

“That was the man, you know the one I WAS seeing.â€￾ I just walked into the
bathroom to find a hair tie.

“And? He didn’t know that you’re a -“

“NO! Ok, no he didn’t, cause I knew if he did then he would want nothing
to do with me, and guess what - I was right! So that's it…â€￾

“Are you sure? He seemed really upsetâ€￾

“Thanks rach, that's what I need, more guilt!â€￾

“No,â€￾ she rolled her eyes “what I mean is, if you and he were just a fling,

do you think he would have let what you did get to him so much?â€￾


“He was visibly heart broken, which means his heart felt something for
you….Not just fling material…â€￾

“Are you saying he was in love with me?â€￾ she was bizarre, I was officially

“Id say by the hurt in that mans face, he was getting there real fast…do
you think that's something you really should just give up on?â€￾

“It doesn’t matter Rachel, I f***ed everything up…my job means that, he
and I even if id been truthful…we can’t be together. It’s impossible.â€￾

“You believe that?â€￾

“What else do I have to believe in at this point…?â€￾ I looked at her; I knew

she was like me in the sense that she wanted to believe that love in its
various forms, shapes and sizes. That it could in fact conquer all.

At that second I really just, didn’t.

“Im really tired, I think im just going to go to bed…Night.â€￾

“Yeah, night.â€￾


“Mom, I don’t want this now…cant we just go for dinner or something?â€￾


“Ma, please? Ive been working forever, I just wanna chill.â€￾

She looked at me, hands on hips, “Justin, your friends have put a lot of
effort into this, don’t you think you should at least show up?â€￾

My birthday was the day before, and I thought id persuaded my mom to
cancel on the party plans…I guess I was wrong.

“I don’t feel like being centre of attention right now…â€￾ I plopped myself on
the leather couch.

“You NOT want attention, sweet lord Jesus I think this is a first for you
child…â€￾ she smiled.

“Mom, please?â€￾

She rolled her eyes, “okay, but you realise that you have to tell me why
before I call any one with excuses…whats wrong?â€￾

“Nothin’ like I said, im fine.â€￾

“Bullsh** Justin, this your mother you’re talking to remember that, Trace said
something about a girl?â€￾

Little sh**.

“I just don’t feel like talking about it. Im sorry.â€￾

“Then im sorry, but I don’t feel like calling anyone to cancel anything…â€￾ she
got up, just when I wondered were I got my stubborn streak from, and
walked into the kitchen.

“MA!!!â€￾ I dragged my ass of the spot on the couch. “Fine. Yeah there was
this chick…In London that I was sorta seeing.â€￾

“The girl you were bringing home the one you told me about that one
time?â€￾ she handed me a glass of milk.

“Well yeah it was her…Anita…she was, special I guess.â€￾

“How so?â€￾

“I trusted her, but I shouldn’t have…I mean she was lying to me mom, from
the first time I met her, she lied.â€￾

“She was married?â€￾


“Seeing someone?â€￾


“Had a kid?â€￾

“No, she was a journalist for a tabloid and she didn’t tell me.â€￾

She “ooh’dâ€￾ as she took a seat at the table. “I see…did she use you for a

“No, but her boss got wind of us being together and she wanted to do
“Did she agree?â€￾

“Um, well she said she didn’t. She actually said she was gonna quit if her
boss ran it…â€￾

Her eyes widened.

“You two must have been serious then for her to risk her career for you.â€￾

Funny, I was too selfish to look at it like that.

“Are you taking her side?â€￾

“No baby im not, but if this is the girl you were telling me about that time…
you seemed real content when you talked about her…â€￾

Truth was, I was happy.

“I know…â€￾

“But so she lied about her job, maybe she just didn’t want you to judge
her, just because of what she did for a living?â€￾

“You are taking her side!â€￾

“No, im just saying. Your always complaining that the press objectify you,
they box you just like they do every other young musician your age, well no
offence honey, but isn’t that precisely what you are doing with her?â€￾

“Mom, I really don’t need this now?â€￾

“Just listen, that's all…isn’t it? She seemed nice, she's willing to give up her
career in order to save face with you, she's willing to give up, what im
guessing she worked her ass off for - for you?â€￾


She raised her eyebrow at me, “OH I know I didn’t raise a selfish child, so
Im gonna pretend I DON’T know the selfish man in front of me…â€￾

God she was dramatic, wasn’t she?

“Mom no offence but you have no idea what you’re talking about.â€￾

She sighed, “You were falling hard for this one weren’t you?â€￾

“Um, no…of course not!â€￾ I moved from under her judgemental gaze. “I
wasn’t. It was just a ridiculous fling, that's all.â€￾

“Uuhk…if that's the case, then why are you taking it so bad.â€￾

“I am not, im fine…don’t I look fine?â€￾ I managed one of my “bullsh**â€￾ smiles.

“Baby, you’ve been moping since you got here. You hardly talk to any one
and now you of all people - don’t want to celebrate…â€￾

“Im just exhausted, okay?â€￾

She gave up, “fine, if you say so…just don’t lie to your mother about these
things, you know ill worm it out of you sooner or later…â€￾ she smiled
handing me some chocolate cake.

“Trace‘ll be here in ten minutes, get showered, you gotta go see John and

“You have to get up!â€￾

“No I really don’t, im on holidays remember I can’t lie here on my pasty arse

ALL day if I want to, you’re the one that has to work.â€￾

“Anita, please? It’s been three days and you haven’t changed from those
P’js….im concerned, your self grooming habits have taken a dive.â€￾

“So?? Its not I have anything to get up for…â€￾ I reached for the remote
again, she swiped it off me.

“OI! Give that back!â€￾

“No, not until you shower, and do your hair and make up…ill take a sicki,
and we can go up Bond Street and blow my little bonus on some new


“Come on…ill make it worth your while. Ive seen those Marc Jacobs you’ve
had your eyes on…Ill treat you.â€￾

I looked up finally. Those shoes were incredible.

“Cant you just go get them and bring them to me?â€￾ I hoped.

“Noooo, I mean I might just reach for a pair in MY size…and what a terrible
thing that would be, id be wearing them all over the house…and NOT YOU!â€￾
she smiled something evil.

“UGH! Fine…give me ten minutes…â€￾ I dragged my feet as I made my way to
the shower. And when I said ten minutes I meant an hour.

I hadn’t showered or dressed since he left. Gross I know but I just didn’t
feel like I had any reason too.

None, I was alone and that's how it was meant to be. I was meant to die
and old spinster in my p’js with a million and one cats eating at my
decomposing remains....

I hadn’t answered any of Fi’s calls, simply because if someone mentioned

his name to me I think id combust.

Id done nothing but think about him, just…thinking.

It’s a dangerous pass time…for me anyway. I clearly didn’t do it often.

I even considered calling him, just to wish him happy birthday. But then I
thought against it, since it was late-ish his time, not the best thing to do if I
didn’t want a label of “stalkerâ€￾ attached to the “lying whoreâ€￾ I already had
attached at my head.

“See this is good isn’t it?â€￾ Rachel tried to pep me as we walked alone the
streets all bundled up in our coats scarf’s and boots.

“I suppose. Id much rather be watching friends right now though…â€￾ I

“It’s a repeat, they all are these days.â€￾

“I know, but still…â€￾

“I know, I shouldn’t bring this up…but have you heard from Justin since?â€￾


“No, and I don’t think I will either. It’s just not something that im expecting,
since im still a tabloid journalist and all?â€￾

“I am sorry you’re hurting…â€￾ she nudged me.

“Thanks…Now point me in the direction of shoes, and possibly ice cream!â€￾ I

managed a smile for the first time in three days, and it faded the moment I
came face to face with him….or should I say his promo for the OTHER film he
had coming out…

“Ignore…walk on…â€￾ Rachel said dragging me away from it.
This was going to be tougher than I thought.
I didn’t see why I had to do this; I mean I was 25 for f*** sakes, not 15! If I - a grown ass man, didn’t want to party, surely I had the right to just sit my ass at home and eat! But Noooo, mommy dearest just but the kibosh on all my relaxing plans and was currently waiting for me at the foot of the stair case.

Sure this time it wasn’t a “partyâ€￾ like I was used to, it was dinner. In a really swank restaurant with everyone I think id ever met.
Ok, so maybe not. But it was most of my friends and the majority of my family.

“You coming Justin?â€￾

“Be right there…â€￾ I adjusted my jeans again so that they sat just right on
my self. I pulled on my WR jacket that I just couldn’t be without and I

looked for my beanie.

“Mom, where's my black beanie??â€￾

“I have it…â€￾

I looked around my bedroom in search of my phone.

That took me right back to the night before. Right after I got “let looseâ€￾
from the death grip that was Trace. He insisted we “party like f***â€￾.
Needless to say I just didn’t feel like it.

But I did it, because im a people pleaser and the one thing people pleasers
hate - is not pleasing.

When I finally got home, I fought the urge in my drunken state - to call her.

With the time difference it would have only been 10ish her time. Not late, and id hoped she’d be home.

I dialled codes; I dialled her number….All but the last digit. Numerous times.

The yearning just to hear her voice again washed over me several times
since id left England.

But then as soon as id fantasize of her just being with me…Id remember
why she wasn’t.

She betrayed my trust, she lied and in the past I had more than enough
women lie their way into my heart, only to get in fully - and smash it open.

No, not this time. This time id be smart.

I just had to forget about her.

I mean in reality it wasn’t anything amazing was it? It was a month, at the

A month is nothing, in the great scheme of things, nothing.

But it wasn’t nothing though was it? She was….amazing.

And I don’t just mean in the physical, sexual sense either.

She was witty, sarcastic, she fought for what she wanted….and she
wanted me?

I liked that she’d call, and if I was in a “prissyâ€￾ as she called it - mood, then
she’d just hang up and wait for me to come to my senses.

She said she hated dealing with assholes, she wasn’t about to have phone
sex with one…
It always stood out as funny. She stood her ground with me. Most girls
didn’t, in fact most girls just gave me anything I wanted - when I wanted it,
how I wanted it.

Sure it sounds fun, but ehh it gets really mind-numbing after a while.

I like a challenge and let’s face it I couldn’t say she wasn’t at least that….

“So, J how’s London?â€￾

“Still there…â€￾ I answered my cousin Rachel with a severe tone.

“So….whats its like, the movie…talk man! Your bein’ way to quiet…it just
isn’t normal.â€￾

“Im sorry…â€￾ I wiped my mouth with my napkin, “your right…Im being a total Wanker aren’t I?â€￾

“A what?â€￾ she squinted at me. Before trace butted in.

“He's picking up the cockney slang in good old en-ga-land.â€￾ He mocked an
accent - badly.

“Y’all just wait, Justin will come back at the end of this all posh and
whatnot!!â€￾ my cousin Nick added. “Don’t dude, just for the record!â€￾

“I wont, it’s just hard…I feel like ive been there forever…but it’s only been a
few months…â€￾

“But you miss the states right?â€￾

“Sure…I miss here like crazy, I miss my place in LA…but the culture is SO
different over there…they just don’t give a sh**! I love it!â€￾

“Are the girls cool?â€￾ Trace added, with an evil look in his eye. I swear if I
didn’t know he was a meddling little bastard id deck him one.


“Met anyone interesting?â€￾ Rachel pipped up without knowing and I just
grew instantly uncomfortable.

“umm…yes…I mean I suppose you could say that?â€￾

“It’s not important y’all…lets move on.â€￾ I looked up and my mom was
staring right at me, with her judging eyes. Sure she wanted more details,
but I just wasn’t up for giving it.

“What have you all being up too?â€￾

“Ooh! I met someone!â€￾

“Great nick, im glad your people skills are improving - moving on from the
sulking in the shadows to actual people/people contact.â€￾ I scoffed.

“No, her name is Linda…she's really cool.â€￾


He just looked at me with the “as ifâ€￾ “What do you think…she's so hot man,
it should be a crime!â€￾

“Honey, when do we get to met her?â€￾ my mother began sipping her wine

“I don’t know it’s only been a while…we aren’t really anything serious
yet….So I dunno, maybe soon?â€￾

“Justin!â€￾ Trace spoke up, smirking. “About English girls, you know how
they’re ALL smokin' right? I mean the accent, the self-confidence…the class
and all thatâ€￾ he began to blether.

“Your point?â€￾

“Are you telling me you didn’t 'hook up' with ANY one?â€￾ my mother smirked
again, I knew something was up.

“Why don’t you just ask me what you wanna ask me already trace.â€￾ I was
more than mildly irritated.

He put down his napkin “So why didn’t you bring that girl home?â€￾

“There was a girl THAT serious?â€￾ Rachel asks mid bite.

I suddenly felt ganged up upon.

“Um…No…well yeah kinda but it didn’t work out so. Can we please drop it?â€￾

I think they all knew from my tone that they had to drop it.

And I finally made it through the rest of the meal in peace.

Sure there was tension, there was looks but at that point I just didn’t care.


“I love that show…â€￾

“Me too, look I just don’t know why they cancelled it!â€￾

“I love jack!â€￾
“He’s great, I just don’t get the Grace thing though; she's just NOT that

funny! I think that after it’s over they should make it the Karen and Jack

As I spooned my millionth spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s into my mouth I sat
back in the recliner again. “Im so tired, who knew shopping and watching
DVDs could be SO demanding.â€￾

“So, you think you’ll actually sleep tonight then?â€￾

“What?â€￾ I looked at her.

“Well its just, this last few nights ive noticed you…up at all hours, and
pottering around…I just know you haven’t been sleeping lately, that's all.â€￾

Yeah, she had me there.

“Im sorry, it’s just…I have been having bother sleeping, I think it’s just…ive
had a lot on my mind that's all.â€￾


“Yes and no…I mean I miss him, SO much it’s insane to think a month ago I
didn’t even know him, and now it’s like my life feel so much emptier without him…â€￾

She nodded

“But it’s not just that rach, it’s like…Fi was on the phone to me again today.
She still wants to run the story…I really don’t want her too. But she says if I
do, and if I give her “anonymousâ€￾ quotes that's she’d give at least 100-

“Jesus, that's a lot of money.â€￾

“I know, if I did it, it would make things easier I could buy a house maybe in
the country…I could just organise myself a little better, you know?â€￾


I took a deep breath, “But I can’t do it. And I told her that too. If she runs

it, im quitting.â€￾


“I have too, on the principle of it alone rach, he was in my life and I in his…it

was private.â€￾

“But people worship him, they want to know these things…it’s what gossip
was created for.â€￾

“I know, but I just couldn’t live with myself if I knew I had something to do
with his name being dragged all over the press for some “flingâ€￾ that didn’t
even mean that much to either of us.â€￾

Sure I lied, but id been doing that a lot lately, and scarily I was actually
beginning to believe myself at times.

“Ive been submitting my CV to all these papers for the last few months
actually. So leaving the news paper has very little to do with Justin…I mean
it adds to it, but it wasn’t the definitive reason.â€￾


“Broadsheets mostly. Serious essential journalismâ€￾

“Wouldn’t you be bored?â€￾

“No…well maybe a little. I have to admit working for that paper I did get a
taste of salacious gossip, and I liked it, but it’s an entirely different thing
when its you, I see now really why so many of them spit nails over it. The
only difference is they worked for the attention, I didn’t.â€￾

“What about TV? I think you’d make a great host…a talk show maybe?â€￾

“On what exactly?â€￾

“Everything, that's the format these days isn’t it? A mix of everything in
one…don’t you think? And it’s not like you don’t have the experience…â€￾

Ok for the record, a minor in TV studies and three months “work experienceâ€￾ at channel 4, was a MILLION years ago….Okay, five, but still.


“Why not? You have the smarts, the personality. The whole shebang.â€￾
You know you could set your hand to anything you’d like, with your background, it would be easy…â€￾

“No it really wouldn’t, I mean the only real skill ive honed in on in the last 3 years is looking after spoilt self righteous “starsâ€￾ that all have the talent of maggots and the egos of a god!â€￾

Wait, maybe there was an option, PR baby, its what I technically did at the paper any ways right? Only this time it would be on my terms!

Id made it the two weeks in Memphis without wanting to jump over the nearest bridge.
Id done so, on the sole effort of getting completely sh** faced drunk almost every night. I just didn’t want to be myself at that point, had I been I knew everyone would still be asking questions.
So I figured if I was drunk/ hung over no one would notice, leave me to myself.

But then again there was the one night Trace decided to “Confrontâ€￾ me.

Right in the middle of the strip joint of all places, while I might add, I was more than three sheets to the wind.

“Dude seriously….what has been up with you lately, your really not

“Then who am I then? If im not me and your not me and sheâ€￾ I pointed to
the half naked Chinese girl “isn’t me then who is huh trace? Who is?â€￾

“You know what I mean; you’ve been weird, distance…with everyone. Your
moms noticed, hell even your dad! You mean and moody, sh** it’s like your Pms’ing all the damn time!â€￾
“Lookâ€￾ I slurred “all’s I wanna do is sit ‘ere and watch the pretty lady

dance…you got a problem with dat, then leave…I aint moving from here!â€￾

“Justin, all I wanna do is make sure your okay? Is that bad?â€￾
“Noooo…it’s a bit girlie you pu*** but it’s not BAD!â€￾ I laughed, even though yeah I know it wasn’t funny. “You know all I want is for y’all to just STOP fussin’ over me… im findâ€￾



“You said you were find, I think you meant fine?â€￾
“No I said fin-d….â€￾ I pronounced with my slur. Damit! “Fin-d….FIN-D….you

know what I mean! Im okay? Im over it, now if you’ll excuse me…â€￾ I pointed
to the blonde “I have a woman to see about booty!â€￾

All I wanted to do was mope, was that so wrong? Id been screwed over,
and I know I keep going on and on about it, but me acting like a woman
about this means nothing - I was hurt, and more than willing to wallow in it.

“You got everything?â€￾

“Yup, sure do…all packed up for good old en-ga-land, as Trace would say.â€￾

“Im so glad he's going with you this time sweetie.â€￾ My mother sat on my
bed as I zipped up my third suitcase - yes not only did I b**** like a woman,
I packed like one too.

“And Justin, about…that girl…â€￾
Oh here we go again…

“What about her…â€￾

“Im sorry she hurt you, I didn’t say that before and im sorry if it looked like
I was taking her side…its just you haven’t let anyone, no girl…effect you
that much in a long time, I just figured that if you had let her in…there must
have been something special about her?? That's all…â€￾ she trailed off and
looked at the floor. I knew what she was doing two weeks ago; I just don’t
know that she did.

I knew that she thought that, that she knew I hadn’t been “intimateâ€￾ with
a woman in a long time - and I don’t mean sex. Sex can be incredibly
detached when I wanted it to be. One night stands, screwing in
bathrooms, limos…been there done that. With her, it was different and
that's the real kicker! If I had just treated her like all the other woman that
I had done and dusted off, then I wouldn’t be feeling like total sh**.

Being hurt like that, it makes you question every move you make. Every
woman id talk to, or even look at. Id be thinking “would she screw me over,
just like the rest of them?? Sure she's sweet and funny now, but what if I
trusted her? Would she change too?â€￾

And as you can imagine that's not the best way to live your life.

The entire flight back to Heathrow I was trying my best to just ignore the
images of her that randomly popped into my head, I tried to focus on my
scripts and learn my lines and my cues for the filming that would resume in
a day after I arrived.

I tried.



“Is that sienna chick single now?â€￾

I looked over at trace, who was stuffing his face with the complementary

“Umm, I think so…she and Jude broke up.â€￾


“I dunno, I think she found out he was cheating on her I guess.â€￾


What was he 6 what was with all the one word questions dude?

“Umm the tabloids I think…â€￾ I knew, it was Anita James KING that wrote the damn thing but I didn’t dare bring her back into any of my conversations with Trace.

“Huh…â€￾ he mused.

“Whats so interesting?â€￾

“uh nothing really, I was just thinking if it wasn’t for that paper or whatever
she would still be living a lie, he would still be cheating on her and she’d be
non the wiser.â€￾


“Sooo, in a way that paper helped her see what he was really like.â€￾

Oh sure he’d take her…their side wouldn’t he.

“Uhh whatever.â€￾ I ignored him and concentrated on my script again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching landing, on behave of the captain and the crew we request that your seatbelts are fully fastened and
your seats in the upright position, we hope you enjoyed your flight.â€￾

That's what came over the PA system.
Well I was here again, and there was no avoiding it.

“Walking in here was really difficult for me Fi, you know that don’t you?â€￾

She swayed in her chair, “I suppose, I just really hope you’ve thought this
through Anita. You realise what your giving up don’t you? You know how many people in this office, in this city would give their right arm to be where
you are at your age!â€￾

“I know, but I also know that I worked harder than anyone else in here for
almost two years, I didn’t have a life. I solely existed just to write for you…I
can’t be that person any more. I just can’t.â€￾

“Anita, if it’s about Justin Timberlake…let me stop you now. He's not worth
giving up your career for, no matter how charming….hes a player.â€￾

I shook my head, “its not…we aren’t together any more…â€￾ I bowed my
head, almost on instinct.
She smirked, “he wasn’t exactly pleased when you told him the truth was he?â€￾

“No, what do you think…of course he wasn’t. But like I said he is just one of many factors ive considered. I haven’t been content here for a while felicityâ€￾ I used her full name, something I never did.

She shook her head again, as if I was infact insane.

“I see. And there isn’t anything I can say or do to make you change your mind?â€￾

“right.â€￾ She shoved the front page of the “enquirerâ€￾ in front of me.

It was Justin, kissing the face of some skinny red head. At a club in
London’s east end.

My stomach churned, but I played my poker face and just rolled my
eyes. “Like I said we aren’t together any more, so I don’t know what you
hoped to achieve by showing me that…â€￾

“I hoped you’d forget this little crush and move on! Anita you are far too
talented to just be wasted like this! Ive met him, and I see what you fell

for. He's f***able, he's charming and those eyes…â€￾ she smiled “I get it, I
do…but he's moved on from you, why let him dictate your career.â€￾

“HE ISN’T!â€￾ I raised my voice slightly. “I am. Ive just grown tired of this, the
same superficial bull sh** day in and day out. I can’t do it any more. I
wanted to write because I wanted to reach someone. Make them think! I
don’t do that here!â€￾

“You don’t want to be gossip editor?â€￾

“No, I don’t. Look ive been looking into other things if im being honest here fi. Something not so one dimensional, something with a bit of everything, not just who’s shagging who, or who’s fallen out of china white and flashed
their knickers.â€￾

She nodded. “Idealism is a wonderful dream Anita, and I wish you well with
it…but just in case you fall flat on your arse. Here.â€￾
She pushed the cheque in front of me. It had 100-000 pounds on it.
“What the f*** is this for?â€￾

She stood up. “I ran the story Anita, today and it’s shaping up to be the second biggest seller in the last quarter.â€￾
I felt the tears whell in my eyes “I didn’t sign the release of any quotes!â€￾

“No, but you did sign a waver in your contract. That's the same thing dear. Don’t worry I made you look good.â€￾


“I made it look like he’d dumped this “girlâ€￾ after he’d seduced her. Play up his playboy image.â€￾ She smiled, so smug it made me sick.

“I can’t believe you did that.â€￾

“Yes well you should believe it, I told you before I wasn’t going to coddle
you Anita and I didn’t. This story was worth it, and it doesn’t even matter,
as you said yourself your not even together any more…â€￾

“That’s not the f***ing point!! I care! He may not be in my life now, but I
still care what he thinks of me!â€￾ I was getting more and more upset as the seconds ticked on.

“You were quiet taken with him weren’t you?â€￾ she seemed shocked “were
you in love with him Anita? I thought it was just shagging.â€￾

I didn’t dare let the tears in my eyes escape.
“I don’t want the money…â€￾ I pushed back the cheque.

“No? Idealistic and proud…my girl you have A LOT to learn…â€￾ she sighed
and then she seemed to soften somewhat “Look, believe it or not, I liked
you. And you will need this money if your going to be unemployed…take it, as severance if nothing else?â€￾

“I have my pension plan for that.â€￾ I shot back.

“I know…but take this…Please?â€￾

I think that was the first time she’d said that to…anyone.


“I know you a/c details so ill just end up putting it in there if you don’t. I
know you don’t want to give me the satisfaction of taking it…but AJ im
losing my best columnist here…there is NO satisfaction.â€￾

*looks around* what'ya think?

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Tue May 09, 2006 9:43 am

HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Her boss still ran the story. :o :huh: OMG! When Justin sees that, he's gonna kill somebody. I'm surprised Anita hasn't started plotting the demise of her boss. This whole thing is so messed up. Laura, you have really done it now. :lol:

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Postby laura » Wed May 10, 2006 8:24 am

<span style='font-family:Times'>yeah, i know....but doesnt she seem to nice for that? you know nice for a lying who- wait.....well maybe shes NOT so nice after all!?!?!?!?
thanks for readin'!! :D </span>

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Postby laura » Tue Jun 06, 2006 10:07 am

FOrever and a day i know, but its really long, cause now ive decided on a direction for it! LOL took me long enough! haha!!! well enjoy, hate it, whatever - just let me know!

<span style='color:blue'><span style='font-family:Times'>“f***, f***, f***!!â€￾ I couldn’t believe it, they’d done it, and they made me out to be a total a**hole in the process.

“Justin how did you let this happen?â€￾ my manger spoke over the in call speaker.

“I didn’t, she….I don’t know, she said that she’d try and stop it, I figured she’d have that kind of pull…â€￾

“Well she f***ing clearly didn’t!! This is gonna take some SERIOUS damage control you know that don’t you?â€￾

“I know…â€￾ I went silent and sounded like a sick six year old.

“Ummm…â€￾ I knew he was reading what I was.“Johnny can y’all fix this?â€￾ he was the silent one for a few seconds.

“I can…but just do your job and nothing else for a while. Do you think you could lay low?â€￾

“For how long?â€￾

“Couple of weeks?â€￾

“John, you know the paps are at the entrance of the hotel 24/7 now don’t you?â€￾

“So? Move; get an appartment in the city or something? Im sure you and Trace will think of something.â€￾

Id been back three days and the third day I open the door to the arrival of the papers. And WHAM, there it was in black and

I knew she said she would try and take care of it, but I just assumed they needed her more…So they wouldn’t run it. Boy was I wrong?

That meant if she was telling me the truth – and that in it self was a big IF…she’d quit her job.

Jesus. She’d quit…

Or had she? I still had no clue one way or the other?

I decided to find out for myself I called the number at the bottom of the page. A polite man answered.

“Hello, may I speak with Anita James….um King please?â€￾


“AJ king?â€￾

“Im sorry sir, Miss King no longer works here…That job has been assigned to Mr John Cotts. Do you wish to speak with him?â€￾

She HAD quit…for me?

“Umm no thank you…â€￾ as I hung up I just knew, I had to see her again.

“So what did you do then?â€￾ my mother said calmly over the phone.

“I walked out. I cleared my desk and I walked….was it stupid?â€￾ okay so yes I was in COMPLETE panic mode – hence the 999 call
to mommy dearest.

“No…â€￾ she sounded out “I know you weren’t happy there dear, so was it rash yes, but in the long run maybe this will benefit you
more – give you the incentive that you need to find something more to your tastes.

“I have been looking, in fact I have this interview at 3…it’s in PR though…â€￾ I said voicing my uncertainty.

Me? PR? No way….was all I kept thinking.

“I see…well if it’s what you want then I think its wonderful Anita, I really do! But let’s not tell your father just yet shall we…â€￾

I knew what she meant my dad, well he was old fashioned and he always worried about me “survivingâ€￾ on my own.

“Ok mum, well Ill call you if I hear anything okay?â€￾

“Ok dear. Be good.â€￾


Now all I had to do was find something to wear that matched my new Marc Jacob shoes….ooh the decisions.

“Does this go?â€￾ I twirled in my two pieces. It consisted on a smart boot cut pant with a thin tank top underneath a fitted jacket.
My hair id swept up and let loose – smart but not stuffy…fun but not slutty.

It was the best combination I could come up with.

“I like it, and I love it with the shoes…now if you team that with that prada bagâ€￾ I held it up before she even finished.

“Yes that's perfect. Aw they’d be mental not to hire you, you know that don’t you?â€￾

I nodded weakly.

“I think so….yes, no YES they’d be MENTAL!â€￾ I tried to pep myself up before I left.

“Right ive got an hour to get there and its only 20 minutes away from here…but ill give myself timeâ€￾

“Okâ€￾ Rachel looked up from her weekly magazine. “Good luck.â€￾


I knew she tried to hide it, but Justin was on the cover…it was the picture fi had shown me in her office.

Of course it hurt me, but I wasn’t about to let him, or it affect me any more.

When I reached the offices and the endless hallways of doors all the same colour with no one around I was convinced id either
A) missed it, or B) got the wrong hallway/date/time…

So I was flustered.

It was just okay that id given myself time. I barely made it to the appointment.

“Anita J king?â€￾ the girl whose voice sounded familiar greeted me with a hug.


She smiled “im Natalie Gold, we spoke on the phone…â€￾

“OH! Im sorry, faces and voices…very nice to meet you…In the flesh any ways…â€￾ I shook her hand. And yes I was so nervous my
stomach wasn’t just flipping it was practically hopping.

“Come in, sit down…â€￾ I walked into the dimly, where there was a desk, her seat, another one beside her and then mine.

And oh that's right two television cameras with lights pointed right at me.

Oh. Holy. Jesus.

“right well Anita, even though you’re the last person I expected to see here….im glad you are…im just going to ask you a few
questions on why you think your right for THIS job over everyone else…Ok?â€￾ she sounded so upbeat and peppy. She HAD to
have been on drugs.

“Of course.â€￾

“Right. First off, what makes you think you are suited to this type of job?â€￾

I sat up right and swallowed, DON’T f*** THIS UP!

“Well Natalie I think that mostly given my past experience with the newspapers, ive been given A LOT of practice in how to deal
with people. Famous people in particular, I always seemed to have had a knack for getting them on my side, getting them to
trust and respect me and I think that, that is a serious plus to a job in personal relations….

She smiled then too. Jotted something down as I squinted in the light from the camera.

“Ooookâ€￾ she looked at her papers and then at me “say someone approached you, a client say, and they had a big skeleton in

their closet, something that could RUIN their entire career? What would your advice be? â€￾

“Well that all depends on the scale of this “skeletonâ€￾ if say it was something drug related I would get them first to deny the
allegations and take a strong defence, then id go about finding the witnesses, and if they were willing to go to the papers id
simply match the offer of money they’ll be offered but they’d have to sign a contract to keep quite… then id work on seeing if any
other evidence had been found picture, video – ala Kate moss, you know?â€￾

She smiled, that's good right.

“Wellâ€￾ she said “I like your style…with as you said your past…â€￾ she smiled “personally speaking I mean…â€￾


She giggled, “Im sorry but I have to ask, do you make it a habit of shagging celebrities?â€￾

“Im sorry?â€￾

“Anita, I know you best as a columnist…reason for leaving your last job?â€￾

Oi, why did we have to go there?

I decided that at this point I didn’t really give a sh**, I was tired and I was in really uncomfortable (yet pretty) shoes. f*** it.


She looked at me, “sure?â€￾

“My boss screwed me over, I had a relationship that she deemed to be “in the publics interestâ€￾ I didn’t, I asked her not to run
the story…she did. I quit. That and I just didn’t feel comfortable voicing my opinions on people without giving them a chance to
talk back – to be honest that's the main appeal of this job! I like challenges, I like confrontation, and I feel with my pig
headedness and the ego of celebrity…that the two would cancel each other out and id keep them under the control they all
seem to need these days….and as for your first question, NO I don’t make it a habit, he…well he was an exception….â€￾ I rambled
and then calmed down “In…my opinion…â€￾

Her mouth was agape.



She looked up, and thought. “O holy Jesus…your THAT girl? Really??? I was just messing with you at first…I thought it was just a
coincidence…. “she stopped, as if to compose herself. Sure I knew the effect he had on women, id fallen to that effect.

“Yes, that's the one…â€￾

She blushed.

“Off the recordâ€￾ she smiled “if you have the magnetism to pull and shag someone like THAT? And keep it quite for as long as you
did, you have the balls to do thisâ€￾

“What are you sayingâ€￾ I think I knew but I just wanted her to say it.

“I think im saying…â€￾ she clicked off the cameras. “Ill be calling you tomorrow.â€￾

“REALLY?â€￾ I laughed, more from nerves than anything else.

“Yes, look I think that if you can be honest with me – a complete stranger like that, I know we’ll have no worries with you as far
as clients are concerned. Now…â€￾ she shuffled some papers. “Tell no one, ill have to pitch it with my partner….but we’ll need to
draw up some contracts and things for you…and there's a waiting list for our company at the moment….the wait will be a
minimum of another month or so…is that okay with you?â€￾

“A month?â€￾ yes, I had enough savings for a month. “Of course…I look forward to your call.â€￾

“Oh my f***ing god! How did you do that, How did you manage to B.S your way to a PR job?â€￾

“OI, you said I had it, that id be great!!!!â€￾

“Yes, and I meant it…but I was full of sh**!â€￾ okay so I SHOULD have been insulted, but I was way too happy to care!

“I know, well anyway she said she’d call me tomorrow with the details….ive a month with nothing to do!â€￾

“Lets celebrate!!â€￾

“Duh!â€￾ I flipped off my jacket. “Drinks are on me!â€￾ ive always wanted to say that. “Ooh.â€￾ I flipped off my shoes “I just have to
scoot to the cash machine first though!â€￾

As I changed and slipped on some trainers I hot footed it to the side of my street, the nearest ATM teller.

That's when the shock hit me. I hadn’t got the usual 7 something grand in savings…I had £107-000.

She’d done it, she’d f***ing done it!


Since my moment of insanity of calling looking for Anita, I tired to snap myself out of it. I tried to just forget and to just do my
job – for once.

But I just couldn’t let it go. No matter how many women Trace and I picked up…no matter how many clubs we went to
being “playboysâ€￾ just wasn’t as much fun as it used to be.

I wanted more, I needed more.

This just wasn’t the life I wanted anymore.

“So, that was amazing…â€￾ the blonde page three model, named Melina I think her name was said smiling as I exited my bathroom.

“Yup it was…thanks.â€￾

“Oh, no problem…â€￾ she smiled again, and I just felt like running – again. There was silence.

“Justin?â€￾ her dainty British accent sounded again.

“Yes?â€￾ I looked over at her, still in my bed might I add, even though I was giving more than enough “subtleâ€￾ hints to her, that id
rather her NOT be there any more – case in point. Id showered and was getting dressed and she was still lying there.

“Have I done something wrong?â€￾

How did someone as easy as her, NOT know what happened now.

I stuffed my head through my previously disregarded t- shirt and I turned to her.

“No, you didn’t I did.â€￾


“Nothin’ look I have to go…so…um could you maybe…â€￾ I motioned to her clothes, and she seemed to clue on.

“Oh, I get it…it was just sex…and that's it?â€￾ she sounded almost upset – but she was so drunk I guess it was hard to tell with all
the slurring.

“Yeah that's it…so could you hurry up, im late.â€￾

“You have some f***in’ nerve you know that don’t you????â€￾ She got up and began slipping into her barely there dress and heels.

“Why is that? Because I accepted your advances?â€￾

“No, because you use people. And when they do the same to you…you cry and whine and write pu*** music about it…you’re a
hypocrite!â€￾ she was mad; I saw it in her eyes. I should have cared, but I just didn’t have the strength to do that any more.

I just didn’t care. “Yeah that's right sweetheart, IM the fraud here….â€￾ I looked her up and down with disgust “Congratulate your
surgeon –he did a bang up job on both tits, and that nose of yours.â€￾

She huffed, flipped her hair and stormed out of my hotel room. I laced up my shoes and headed for Trace.

“She's gone?â€￾

“Yup…â€￾ I nodded opening his mini bar “done and dusted…so to speak, hey you have any roasted peanuts in here?â€￾

“No I ate um…â€￾

I gave up and sat back down again “you wanna head out again or what?â€￾

“Justin, its 4am…sure I cant sleep but it don’t mean I got the energy to up sticks and leave again…man the clubbing to the late
hours is getting old…â€￾

“Or you’re getting old…â€￾ I remarked.

“f*** you…â€￾

“f*** you too!â€￾ I mimicked “Look im bored!! I can’t sleep and I need something to occupy my mind.â€￾

He stood up and handed me his laptop.


“The internet…go soothe your ego for while! Google yourself…â€￾ he smirked and led me out the door.

"Is that some sexual thing I don’t know about yet??"

Good god is this what my life was reduced too. I had to make a change.

And soon.

“So you have everything then?â€￾

“I think so…I still can’t believe that I got it so fast. It’s an amazing house.â€￾

“Ive seen the pictures remember? I think it’s wonderful you’ve finally decided to use that money.â€￾

“I know…I still feel guilty about it though, I mean it is guilt money.â€￾

“No, see I don’t look at it that way. I think it’s just something to help you start this new chapter in your life. That's what I think.â€￾

“Miss positive.â€￾

“No really…but I think at times like these it helps more than being negative! So I think ill see you in three weeks. Ready and
recharged to start this new job of yours.â€￾

I rolled my eyes “that’s the theory any way…â€￾ I grabbed my bags as I heard the honk of the taxi. “See ya.â€￾

I bought a house with the money I was given – forced to take from Fi. It was a large country house with all the original
architecture and fixtures and fittings. It was really beautiful. Surrounded by land and just – nothing in essence and that's what I

Peace and quite and sometime alone.

It took me three hours driving to get there; I picked up my rental car and paid my taxi, and just drove.

Thinking all the way there. What I wanted, what I needed more than anything else… and just where in the hell my life was going
from here.

As it was the middle of February the weather was still sh**ty, but with dabs of sunshine in between all the rain, which was just
setting when I hit the property. I just couldn’t wait to get settled in, and comfortable.

It looked wonderful on paper. But even more so in person.

As I dropped my bags in the hallway, I was greeted my Tomas – realtor, slash – neighbour.

“AJ king?â€￾

“That’s me…Hi, nice to meet you. Tom is it?â€￾

“Yes, that's me! You made it okay then?â€￾ he took one of my bags for me.

“Apart from the mid day traffic it was fine – thank god.â€￾

He nodded “well you don’t have to worry about that around here. The village is quite down the road. And the town is only really
busy on the weekends.â€￾

Id passed both when I got lost. And yes the deadness is just what I needed in contrast to the hustle of the city.

“Oh that's not a problem.â€￾

“Right well let me show you around your new home…â€￾

“Holiday…â€￾ I inserted.

“Holiday home it is then.â€￾ He smiled as he showed me the kitchen, the living rooms (yes rooms) all with wide open fireplaces and
long bay windows.

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Pure heaven, and for the price, a steal.

“Wellâ€￾ he concluded “im just over the way…â€￾ he pointed out my kitchen window, and over the way meant a space of a rather
large field. “If you need anything, you know where I am…â€￾

“Thank you…oh one more thing? The phones? Are they hooked up yet?â€￾

His smiled faded a little “um, no that's the one thing we were having problems with. The service is bad here, so they are
installing new connections to all homes next week, but um…mobile phone service should be fine, depending on the network and

all…but um there are phones in town if you need them in a hurry.â€￾

Hurry? It was a ten minute drive? “Oh okay well thanks again tom…â€￾ he nodded and walked out.

Leaving me to my own devices.

Rain, f***ing rain, is it ALL it did in this country? I swear I saw the sun shine twice in almost 5 months.
This was insane. I was becoming pasty and gaunt looking. It was straight to Hawaii after I got done here. It was the only

“So you have another week off? Do you EVER work?â€￾ My mother said over the phone.

“Hey now. Its not my fault the damn weather screwed up and flooded the f***ing set, now is it? Nooooâ€￾

“Trace is coming home then?â€￾

“Yeah he's gotten bored, and apparently the girl he was tapping, snapped her whip. He's leaving tomorrow.â€￾ I looked over at
him as he grinned; packing his sh** and amazing speed – just dying to get out of here.

Lucky bastard.

“She can snap her whip at me ANYTIME!â€￾ he laughed.

My mother continued to talk, I wasn’t really listening.

“Dude, you just hung up on her?â€￾

“She’ll get over it; I have to ask you something…â€￾


“This chick you’re seeing. Are you sure you can trust her?â€￾

“What? Justin, you are now officially PARA-noid. Yes I trust her; we’re just kickin it….â€￾

That's what he thinks, she's probably just waiting to get her claws into him, and royally f*** him up.

“Uh huh…you sure though?â€￾

He sighed. “Is this about that newspaper girl again? Dude get over it already! Im sure she has!â€￾

“I don’t know that…â€￾ I huffed.

“You haven’t called her? Even after you knew she quit her job – for you! Cold man…cold.â€￾

“She doesn’t know I know she's quit.â€￾

“So? Call her, tell her you know whats she's done, and that you want to apologise for branding her a lying whore.â€￾

“She did lie!â€￾

“Which she repented for, dude she gave up her f***ing career to PROVE that it meant less to her than you, and I think that has
to stand for something.â€￾

“You’ve never even met her, how do you know this all of a sudden?â€￾

“Okâ€￾ he put his hands up “I don’t know her from sh**, but I know…hell I SEE the effect she's had on you this last month, and it
aint pretty. So that means she meant SOMETHING to you, other than sex, other than booty, other than all the useless excuses
you’ve made for it over this last month man…and to be honest im tired of it. So im leaving. And your gonna be here alone, unless
you call her and just…talk!â€￾

Damn, when did he get sense…he's never had any before!

“I…I don’t think I can Trace.â€￾

“Why not?â€￾

“She might not wanna see me. What then?â€￾ he's the other person other than my parent’s id ever be this honest with.

“Then you’re no worse off than you are now.â€￾

Ok so I knew he was right, I knew I needed that dreaded word – closure, or else id be stuck in this bitter limbo forever.

It seemed like it any way.

So yeah id go see her, I wouldn’t call, id go.

As I walked up her pathway way I remember feeling nervous, more nervous that id done in a long time. Usually when it came to
women, I had my game down. But she was different, I hadn’t treated her the best, id left her when I discovered the truth in a
blaze of hurt and bruised pride. But she was still her, sure she’d told one lie – a significant one ill grant you. But it wasn’t a factor

now, she’d quit.

I knocked and waited. What seemed like forever for someone to answer?

“Hello?â€￾ her roommate’s eyes widened again, poor thing.

“Hi…uh Rachel?â€￾


“Is um…Anita there?â€￾

She squinted, like she wasn’t sure id just said what id said.

“Anita? Are you sure?â€￾

“Look I know a lot of sh**s gone down…but id really like a chance to talk to her…is she in?â€￾


“Please, look I just want to tell her im sorry.â€￾

She shook her head, I assumed it to be some “sisterhood thingâ€￾ and that's why she was denying me access to her friend.
“No Justin, she's really not here.â€￾

“Okay. Well then do you know where she is?â€￾

She rolled her eyes “Look mr, you may be who you are and all and you may think that you can just use and abuse people like
they’re sh**. But Anita is my friend and I won’t have you hurting her again!!â€￾



“NO! Okay do you know what she went through when you said those things? She didn’t get dressed for days! You really messed
with her heart!â€￾

“Well she messed with mine!â€￾ ok I get how pathetic that sounded.

“SO? That gives you the pass to do it to her? Mature…You twat.â€￾

“Look where is she? I mean I could stand here and apologise

to you both we both know that would doing it to the wrong person, So please just tell me where she is!?â€￾

“You promise you wont mess with her this time!â€￾ she folded her arms.

“I promise you Rachel, I just want to talk to her, that's all.â€￾

She chewed her lip, “fine. Ill tell you. But you better be good to her this time Timberlake!â€￾

When she rhymed off just exactly where she was, it took me a while to realise – yeah I knew where she was, just getting there
would be the problem. I had no idea where there was, I needed a driver, and apparently a map.

Ill admit, it wasn’t easy. Even my new driver Sean had bother telling up from down on those new digital maps. Man I missed the

navigational sh** we had in the states.

Id be lost with out it, no pun intended.

“You sure this is it Justin?â€￾ he looked back at me from the driver seat.

“It’s what the address says, but this IS the back end of nowhere….I don’t get it?â€￾ it was, truly the middle of nowhere.

What in the hell was little miss metropolitan doing here in Hicksville?

“Ok, well if your sure this is it, then great… will I wait or go into that little town and check in somewhere?â€￾ he asked. “I get paid
by the hour from the hotel…so I encourage you to take your time.â€￾ He smiled.

“Umm, ill go see if it is actually her and if so, go ahead? Sound good?â€￾

“You’ll call right?â€￾

“Oh of course.â€￾ I pointed to my cell “wish me luck.â€￾

The property was insane. Big wide fields surrounded it. It was old looking, but it definitely had character.

I knocked on the big red farm house door. And I waited.

Just as the skies opened for the third time that day, it was after 7pm. I hoped she’d be home.

I heard shuffling and then I heard the click of the latch.

And there she was. Eyes wide, with shock....


“Hey Anita…â€￾</span></span>

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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Thu Jun 08, 2006 9:27 am

And they meet again ... dun, dun, dun. I can imagine that this is going to start off rough. But I can only hope we end up with some hot makeup sex. :whip: :rofl: :pray:

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Postby laura » Mon Jun 19, 2006 8:11 am

<span style='font-family:Times'>ANOTHER update, i am on a roll! well actually ive had this written for a while and its been just bugging me sitting in my email...so here ya go!! OH and i really need to start posting this on NF! </span>

<span style='color:purple'><span style='font-family:Times'>Justin? What the hell are you doing…HERE?â€￾ I looked him up and down, at first not fully convinced it was him.

“I…ummâ€￾ he laughed nervously. “I just really needed to see you.â€￾

I folded my arms, as the rain began to pour. “Is that right? Why?â€￾

He shoved his hands in his jean pockets “I know what you did. At your job…at the paper. I know that you quit.â€￾


“And, I just really wanted to…â€￾ he coughed “Apologise.â€￾

He wanted to what now?

Oh. My. God.

“I see. Well then, you better come in.â€￾

I let him in, mainly because I was starting to freeze standing on the door step.

“This is a really nice place… I remember you saying you always wanted a country place. What made you buy it?â€￾

Oh so now he wanted to make small talk? What the hell was he on?

“I got my severance from work, when I quit…so I added it to my “houseâ€￾ fund and wa-la im here. For the next month.â€￾

“Why a month?â€￾

“Look Justin, what are you doing here? I haven’t seen or even spoken to you in what? Six weeks? And suddenly you show up out of the blue like this? I mean how you even knew I was here is anyone’s guess…â€￾


Im going to kill her.

“Why come looking now?â€￾

He looked so uncomfortable.

“Anita, the truth is…I missed you.â€￾

He what now?

“I missed being around you, I missed hearing your voice…I just missed you.â€￾

I knew I blushed at that – no matter how much I didn’t want to.


“No, look I was an a**hole. I know that, and I really needed you to know that I am sorry for how I acted when you told me.â€￾

“You had every right to hate me, I knew you would. I set myself up for it from the start but I just felt...I loved being with you, and I think that clouded my judgement...â€￾

“Yeah?â€￾ he smiled.

“I loved being with you, even when we weren’t doing anything, it was just…Nice? You know? Id been alone and isolated in my own little world for so long, that I think your company just....well it was nice.â€￾

He nodded. Then there was a small bust of sheer silence.

It was weird.

“Justin, you know im sorry too don’t you? For lying to you, about what I did. I know I should have been up front…but had I been I would never….I wouldn’t have never gotten to know you?â€￾

“Im glad you lied.â€￾ He admitted, shocking me.


He laughed and stood up. “Anita, I know that in my line of work there is a certain amount of “actingâ€￾ that goes into creating a persona….one that people will relate to but also look up too…I do it every day, I bend the truth to fit MY public profile. You already had a public profile – with people in the business, and they hated you. You didn’t want me to tar you with the same brush….I get that now. I do.â€￾

I was speechless.

“So you lied about your job, you didn’t lie about anything else did you?â€￾ he raised his eye brows at me. “I mean you don’t have a husband and two kids stashed away somewhere do you?â€￾ he laughed, as did I.


“See…Not so bad then, in retrospect and all that, now is it?â€￾

To be honest I was completely thrown, not only by his showing up. But by his attitude? I mean he was so cool about everything id done…I was convinced he was either high or drunk - or both?

“I don’t get this AT all…that night…you were so….hurt and you hurt me! To be honest I never thought id see you again…â€￾

He took a deep breath, “and to be honest with you, I never thought I wanted to see you again, your right I was SO angry with you, I branded you just like the others that had screwed me over and laughed about it in the papers….I really did…â€￾

“Something changed I assume?â€￾

“Yes…â€￾ he smiled “I realised what a pigheaded a**hole I was being. I knew you, just like you knew me…you liked me because of me…â€￾ he blushed “ id hoped, that it wasn’t because of my job…I had a lot of time to think at home, and when I came back here I tried to get you out of my system…â€￾ he trailed off.

“By shagging half of London?â€￾

“Something like thatâ€￾ he flushed for definite this time. “It’s not something im proud of Anita. But I figured f*** it – if im pegged a playboy I may as well act like one…â€￾


“But, it didn’t work. They weren’t you? They didn’t hold a candle to you Anita. And I realised…just as my job doesn’t define me, yours definitely doesn’t define you…â€￾

Remember what I said about him being able to charm the knickers off a nun? This would be one of those times.

But I was determined to stay strong. I wasn’t that easy, a few sweet words and BAM I was his…No sir.

“Well see I knew that, and had you given me bloody time to explain it I would HAVE!â€￾

“I know and im sorry I acted like an idiot…â€￾

“Acted, no honey you WERE an idiot!! I mean really Justin, did you really honestly think that id be so spiteful as to write an expose on you INCLUDING myself? No, I wouldn’t have done that; I have a little bit of respect!â€￾

I stood up then, matching his stance.

“I Know and im sorry…â€￾

“GOD! Stop apologising! I liked you better as a selfish bastard!â€￾ I stormed off into the kitchen.

“What the hell is your problem, I came here to say sorry for the way I treated you ALL the way to f***ing no man land and THIS is what I get? Thanks a f***in lot Anita!â€￾

“Justin im glad you’ve come to realise what a total prick you were, and im thankful for that…but what I want to know is why? Why someone like you, is here with little old me…practically on his knees begging me to forgive him.â€￾

“No one is on there knees here baby…â€￾ he stood up to me. Almost backing me against the worktops. "yet"

I stood hands on hips – suddenly either very mad at him or extremely turned on by the pouty face he was pulling.

“What exactly did you see happening here? Once you said your piece…what then?â€￾ I asked him, managing to break his hypnotic stare.

He licked his lips and moved away from me, shifting his stare out the window.

“I don’t know. In my head I guess I thought you’d forgive me…â€￾

As I reached out for his arm, I turned him to me again. “I have…hell ive even forgiven myself…if you can believe that?â€￾ I smiled, hoping to make him feel more at ease with me.

“And that's all I can ask of you right now isn’t it.â€￾

“What do you mean?â€￾

He shuffled his feet. Then looked up at me again.

But this time he didn’t say anything, he just looked from my eyes down to my lips and the at my eyes again.

See, I knew his moves…he thought he was being all smooth and sexy by looking at me with the whole “aren’t my eyes sexyâ€￾ well he had another thing coming if he thought he’d just be able to kiss me, after everything id went through for him.

Then again his eyes were sexy, and lets face it he was smooth, and id missed being kissed. More to the point I missed being kissed by him.

So as he moved in closer to me. Still with his mouth slightly parted, those lips still ever so slightly moist. I froze.

But as those same lips landed on mine, I remembered how to breathe again.

His hand slipped over my side, around my back and up into my hair as he finally backed me against the counters.

I don’t ever remember a kiss that took my breath away, made my head spin, and my body tingle all at the same time.

Never, but now – most definitely.

I honestly never intended to kiss her. But she was just standing there, all powerful and mad at me.

With so much passionate conviction in her eyes that, even that was a factor in her hotness.

Her skin was hot, not just body heat hot – she was just as turned on as I was.

I felt her hands at my sides, she was slowly inching them towards the hem of my sweater. Her hands were cold, her hands were always cold – I bet it had something to do with this country’s damn weather. I felt those cold hands hit me when they slid up and rested on my sides.

I had to admit, I always thought I was past the goose bumps stage with woman, but somehow with her, I got them all the time. That and the butterflies that were currently swarming my system with anticipation.

I didn’t know where I wanted this to go; I didn’t know where she wanted this to go. But the truth is all I was wanting at that second was for her NOT to stop kissing me.

I missed her kisses.

But like a self fulfilling prophecy – the second I thought it, it happened. She stopped kissing me. Her hand went from my waist to my lips as she stepped back

“Wait, wait…what the bloody hell are you doing…what am I doing!! What are WE doing!!â€￾ her bit her bottom lip and walked away from me.

“Has it been that long since you’ve been kissed?â€￾ I tried to joke my way out of the awkwardness.

She just rolled her eyes…well I tried.

“Nita, why’d you stop….â€￾ I approached her again.

“Don’t do this to me again okay…I have only SO much self control and this…is REALLY testing It.â€￾

“Why’d you stop…?â€￾ I reiterated.

“Why’d you start?? Justin this is NOT ok…ok?â€￾ she was completely freaked out. It was almost sexy.

“Why?â€￾ I asked again with a smug grin that I was sure was appearing.

“Because I lied, I hurt you…then you left…you’re not supposed to come back? I mean it’s just not supposed to happen!â€￾ She ran her fingers through her hair again.

I had to laugh, mainly because this was whole new side of her. I was so used to seeing the cool side, the one that was logical and sane. This side was panicked, nervous and crumbling by the second.

“Who’s to say what is supposed to and not supposed to happen? Look ill be honest with you, when I left – I wanted to hate you, I really did. But I just couldn’t. I tired everything to try and just get you out of my head – drinking, getting high, and getting laid…but none of it worked. You were still instilled in here, and I figured the only way for me to stop thinking about you, would be to see you again…â€￾

“And now?â€￾

“Well now that im here, im kinda being greedy. I don’t just want to see you, I want to touch you too…but you seem to have a problem with that….â€￾ I smiled.

“I…I...â€￾ oh yeah she was definitely panicking “ugh, I hate that you do this to me…â€￾

“Do what?â€￾ I stepped up to her and as I had her against the sink she just laughed.

“No, No, No!!!â€￾ she said in a stronger more serious voice than before “I wont let this happen! I don’t want this to happenâ€￾ her voice remained strong.

I just moved in for her neck.

“Aw come on…im break-in ya down I can tell…â€￾


Before I could play along and answer her again something…someone had swung me around by reaching for my shoulder.

Some man, some unexpected man, who before I could even blink he’d punched me in the nose!

I heard a scream, from Anita I assumed.

“WHAT THE HELL DO THINK YOU'RE DOING!!!â€￾ I heard as I held my now bleeding nose. “Tomas what have you done!!â€￾

I opened my eyes as I laid on the floor. “You know this guy?â€￾

“Yes, yes he's my neighbour…TOMAS! This is Justin…he's a friend of mine!!!â€￾

I saw the embarrassment flash in his eyes.

“Oh…oh, im so sorry…I heard you saying…the, the door was open…I just wanted to see if you needed anything from town…â€￾ he was clearly flustered.

“Yeahâ€￾ I added in “a doctor, I think you broke my f***ing nose!â€￾

as Anita fussed with a damped cloth and ice she looked at this “Tomasâ€￾ – clearly a player. All tall and strapping. Kinda like in one of those dirty novels, you know the stable boy or something…all tall and stuff. Shifty too, clearly what a load of bull “the door was openâ€￾ uh, yeah after YOU jimmied it open that's is.

“Anita, im sorry I thought he was hurting you.â€￾

And now for some reason she just thought that was f***ing hilarious. Hence all the loud laughing.

“Justin? Hurt me? Physically, you’ve got to be joking…Id wipe the floor with him first.â€￾

Why is it she seemed more British when she was being mean….must be a Simon cowell thing?

“Yeah thanks Anita?â€￾ I looked at her from underneath the ice pack she’d handed me.

“Im sorry Tomas, but I really think it’d be best if you went now….â€￾

“Yeah, BYE tom.â€￾ I added sarcastically as she walked the idiot to the door, which hopefully she’d lock this time.

“Justin there was no need to be rude!â€￾ she scolded.

“EX-cuse me! Im not the one that punched people, im the one with the blood gushing from his damn nose here Anita! How was I NOT meant to be rude?â€￾

“He was genuinely just worried about me!â€￾ she argues back.

“Ooh sure…â€￾

“What? He's a nice man…â€￾ she examined my nose again; I liked that even if she was arguing with me she was still taking care of me.

“Nice man looking for some ass…â€￾

“Justin, don’t judge ALL men by YOUR standards please.â€￾ She moved over my knees as I sat on one of her kitchen chairs, as she examined my nose.

“Ooh Anita, one was just wondering if one could get one anything from the shops…one…â€￾ I mocked in my best snotty English accent. She just ignored me.

“It doesn’t look broken, is it still sore?â€￾

She was really close to me then, just looking at me. Straight in the eyes.

I knew she was waiting on an answer. But I was enjoying her current positioning too much to want her to move. All I had to do was grab her hips and she’d be on my lap – no escape.

But if I did that I was sure id definitely end up with a broken nose, and maybe even a fat lip.

“Justin? Is it still sore?â€￾

“Uhh a little…just gonna keep this ice for a little while longer….thanks.â€￾

She moved away from me then. “Okay, let’s go into the sitting room. It’s a little too cold out here.â€￾

“Too cold for what?â€￾ I asked suggestively, again looking for that fat lip.

She just rolled her eyes as well as her hips as she walked in front of me to the other room.


The last thing I expected to be doing with anyone let alone him, was talking intensively in front of a big roaring fire. That night all I really had planned was dinner, a book and bed.

My night definitely took a turn.

“So what did your boss say when you said you’d quit?â€￾

I rolled my eyes, “ugh, she didn’t think id do it…then well, I proved her wrong. I told her that what happened with you and me? Well it was private and that it held no interest to the public what so ever…and that id do it if she ran it. She called a meeting the day I did finally leave. She told me she’d done it. GOD I was so f***ing pissed at her; I almost whacked her one….â€￾

He smiled.

“Id have paid to see that!â€￾

“Wish I had! But anyway, she just sat there all smug then she offered me £100-000 “severanceâ€￾


“I know, I think in her own way it was her guilt she was paying for. She and I had been close at one point when her marriage broke up…but then it just changed…â€￾

“Did you take the money?â€￾

“You’re sitting in it!â€￾ I smiled “I invested it to this as well as the other 100 grand I had in waiting. Id always wanted a place here…and her guilt money helped me I guess. And other than that I just needed to get away from London for a little bit. I feel like I was becoming a little too cynical!â€￾

See now the thing is, I should have been feeling weird. I should have been feeling a lot of things when he was around me like this – guilt being one of them.

Only this time it was different. He KNEW all about me now. I wasn’t hiding anything from him.

It felt so good to not have to alter my stories, or my friends, or things id done just to suit my identity.

I just me, for the first time ever with him.

It felt fan - bloody – tastic.

“Anita, just how big is this place?â€￾ he looked around the living room for starters.

“It’s pretty big. Do you want a tour? Ive been dying to show this place off. But since my friends don’t arrived for another two weeks, im afraid im stuck with just me and the cat from next door.â€￾


“Well you’ve already seen the living room, its late 18th century design, I think it was once owned and farmed by the town lord.â€￾

“You know your history don’t you?â€￾ he smiled as we made our way up the staircase.

“Im not a geek, I just did my research that's all…. This is the first of two bathrooms. This one was the original, the second down stairs was put in a few decades ago, and thisâ€￾ I approached the first of three bedrooms.

“Is the first bedroom.â€￾ I offered him, opening the door wide so he could see the view.

“Wow! This place has an amazing…what is that?â€￾

“Its just local landscape…but it’s been crafted this last few years. Pretty?â€￾

“Amazing…â€￾ he stood, hands in pockets again, just looking around the room…talk about awkward.

The air was getting tipped with a slight nerve when I just decided to break the silence. “Ok, moving on…â€￾ I walked out of the room before him, as I tried to take a breath.

See the thing was, I still wasn’t quite over the whole “kissing in the kitchenâ€￾ thing, infact I was just being weird – playing hard to get, and then it all went to hell. Because he was still as hot as ever, if not hotter since id really seen and felt what he looked like naked, and id already had him – therefore I knew what I was missing. So it was all very wearing on my hormones, being this close to him, him smelling so nice –as always, and me? Well I was just being my usual horny self and was having a difficult time not jumping him.

Having been through the other bedroom and the other bathroom the only other place left was what I considered MY room.

See, I just didn’t think that was the best idea given my circumstance.

“So whats in here?â€￾ mr peppy-i- wanna –see – everything added coming to my door.

“Oh, that? That’s just…Nothing I think we should go down stairs…â€￾ I turned to move away.

“Anita, is this your bedroom sweetheart?â€￾

No, he didn’t just call me that.

“W- Well, its…I…â€￾

“Cant I see inside?â€￾

“No, it’s a mess and its just not the best of ideas lets go down stairs.â€￾

“I don’t mind mess…â€￾ he reached for the handle.

“NO!â€￾ I stepped in front of him.

“Really, its not…that interesting. Really just boring old…â€￾ I was turning red and I hadn’t even done anything wrong.

“Why wont you let me see inside this room, but ALL the others were okay?â€￾

Because if I let you in this room it’s going to take all my will power not to rip your expensive clothes off. That's why Mr Timberlake.

“Because im hungry now and I want to eat…â€￾

Pathetic, I know I am, no need to judge.

He placed his hand over mine, which still gripped onto the handle of the door. As he did his face inched closer and closer to mine.

My knees felt weak, as he gave me “the lookâ€￾, you know the look every man gives a girl when he wants to know if it’s okay or not to kiss you? Yes, that look.

&nb sp; *****

With his hot breath on her face, she felt ever shiver that went from her finger tips right down to her spine and below. He had that big of an effect on her, so much so that she had to lean against the doorframe in order to stay upright.

He wasn’t without felling either, the same shivers he knew she felt, he felt them too. There was no denying the fact that he wanted her? It was always a factor with him, he always wanted her, no matter what she had done or said the same fact remained.

She was his.

No matter if she knew it or not, but she was.

She had felt for him, and fell for him all at once. She never allowed herself to admit it, until that night.

That night when he had her back against her bedroom door, those amazingly captivating baby blue eyes, just staring right into her soul.

She was falling in love with him….

She let him kiss her, she let him in.

He gently took her hand from the handle of the door, and took it in his own, as he bent down to reach her height. He gently let his lips touch hers, not with force or passionate want, but with just the intent – of touch.

It was all he thought about, those nights when he would dream about her. All he wanted to do was touch her lips, and want her to want him to touch her.

He had that now, and it all seemed like such a long time ago.

Finally she moved to open the room door, as they both stumbled inside backwards. Both unwilling to let each other go.

“I knew id get to see in here eventually!â€￾ he smiled as he walked with her. Not noticing anything except her roaring open fire….In her bedroom?

“It’s an old house remember? This sort of thing was a must in the 1800's….â€￾ She smiled still sprouting off facts.


“What?â€￾ he moved to her, slipping his hands under her shirt.

“Shhh….â€￾ He kissed her again, this time only breaking away to pull her top over her head. As she moved to reciprocate to him.


“Humm?â€￾ he didn’t respond to her, instead he worked on the soft trail of kisses he was planting on her neck.

“Uh, sh** I forgot what I was going to say.â€￾

“Goodâ€￾ he smirked. She was breathless and all he was doing was kissing her. She didn’t want to rush things because at this rate, things for HER would be done and dusted very soon.

She had to slow herself down.

So she stepped back.Nothing but the flickering light from the fire illuminating them both.

“Whats wrong?â€￾ he asked, standing there topless, ruby glow covering him from the flames of the fire.

“Nothin…â€￾ she took her breath. “Nothing...â€￾ and smiled allowing him to embrace her again.

As she slid her hands south of his neck that she had her arms wrapped right around.

His jeans were the tight fitting ones; the ones that made it actually look like he HAD an arse.

He didn’t.

But she proceeded to slip her fingers underneath the waist band, feeling his hot torso beneath them. As she unbuttoned them, taking the zipper in her hands then too. Pulling it south to allow him freedom from the restriction of the denim.

As she got back to her normal height again, he was just staring at her, fully turned on and with those dark eyes…it made it impossible not to want to jump his bones.

As he shed her skirt that covered her bottom half he took her completely in his arms – taking her to the bed.

The usual haze of events took over as the rest of each of their garments was discarded. With each loving kiss, touch, graze they worked each up, and brought each other right back down again. From the heights of passion, to the relaxing atmosphere of simply each other.

In the end isn’t that all that matter?</span>
:blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:

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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

YAAAY! They made up ... in the best kind of way. :whip: I was cracking up when Tomas knocked him out. I thought that he was her new boyfriend or something. I was getting worried. Just a concerned neighbour, though. :lol:

They better not regret this in the morning and they better stay together forever. :lol:

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<span style='font-family:Times'> :lol: blank post, dont know what to make of that hun?</span>

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new update for a new layout, god knows when ill get a chance to update again! SO please enjoy! :oops: :oops:

Something woke him; he wasn’t quite sure what it was. But he was now fully awake.

It was only 6:45.

She was still out to the world, just laying there looking completely at
ease – comfortable.

He remembered what had happened as vivid memory after vivid memory
floated through his head. He also remembered her just smiling, as she
took her place in his arms.

It felt right.

It was the most sleep he had gotten since she had left. When she did, he
just didn’t feel at ease enough to sleep. Not alone, not with anyone
else….the level of comfort he got when he was with her? It was beyond
description. He just felt, so at ease with not only himself, but with
everyone and everything.

It was a nice feeling of contentment.

He was almost surprised that all his deep loud thinking didn’t wake her,
but it didn’t. She was still out cold.

A strand of her highlighted hair fell about her face, as she lightly took her


He loved her.

He realised it then. That's why he’d taken it so hard when she lied. His
mother was right (as always) she was right when she said I was falling for
her, I was…I did. I just didn’t exactly catch on.

But he was sill so uncertain of so many things concerning her? Whether or
not he loved her the lives they both led were very different. She was

based here year around. He was in different parts of the world almost
every month.

It wasn’t an environment that was giving to a new relationship that clearly
would need work to succeed.

He wasn’t even sure if that's what she wanted. It was something that he

had unconsciously yearned for, for the longest time. But he wasn’t sure if
she shared his thoughts.

Perhaps she did and they could embark together on a step by step
relationship that would ultimately lead them both to happiness, but then
again maybe she didn’t? What then?

“Morning….” He heard as a hand touched his cheek, snapping him out of
his daze.

“Hi…you slept well?”

“I did…” she smiled sappily “you?”

“Better than I had in a long time…thank you.”

She scooted herself up onto her stack of pillows, so that she was sitting
up right. “Justin? Are you going to get in trouble?”

“For what?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work or something?” her distinctly British
accent took over his ears again

“Naw, on set issues. They’ve had to postpone for a few days till they get
things up and running again.”

“Jinxed, I think so…” at that we just looked at each other….not for nothing
in particular, but just to…look.

“I missed you Justin.” She admitted biting her lip, “I just missed you.”

“Aw…baby” I mocked, I knew it was hard for her to be as she called
it “sappy” but she always took the piss outta me for it.

“You’re an arse you know that!!” she hit me and went to get out of the


“No, No…im sorry… you were saying…” I tried to pull her in again but she
wasn’t having any of it.

“NO! The moments gone now, you Wanker!” She grabbed her jeans and
slipped them on, as well as a tank top. Underwear less.


“Aw come on you know I was only “taking the piss!” I added in her
accent. Badly I may add.

“Nope…sorry it’s done…you ruined my mood.” She waved her hand and
made her way out of the room. I knew by the grin she was fighting that
she wasn’t serious. Thank god.

About five minutes later, as I exited her bathroom I smelt the wonderful

enticing smell of bacon.

I was starving, so I decided to follow my nose.
“Something sure smells good.”

She looked over her shoulder. “That would be me, but im also making us
some breakfast. You hungry?”

“I am now….what you making?”

“Sausages, bacon, eggs….basically whatever the fu** was in the fridge,
im starving too.”

“Sounds good….” I backed up behind her placing one singular kiss on her
neck. “I missed you too…for real.”

“Good.” She sounded bumping past me with her ass. “Coffee? Tea?”

“Coffee, please…”

As I sat at her family sized table, just looking at her, as she served up
the grease feast on the two plates she has set out. She was smiling. This
wasn’t a smile I remember seeing from her. This one made its way all the
way to her eyes, making them sparkle.

I felt somewhat proud at the thought that maybe I had something to do
with that smile being attached to her pretty face.

“What?” she asked gazing curiously as she handed me my plate. Followed
by my coffee.

“Nothin’” I grinned, I just couldn’t help myself. “I just didn’t know this side

of you…hot, sexy….and a lil nifty with a skillet! I could not be more turned

She laughed “so the old tale ‘a way to a mans heart….’ That’s true in your
case is it Justin?”

“Yes ma’am.” I nodded accordingly and dug into my toast and eggs first.

There was a small, comfortable silence as we both ate. It seemed the
only time either of us were quite was when we were either eating or

I liked that we didn’t feel the need to fill every silence. Even then, in the
beginning, well the do over if you will. That’s how I looked at it at least.

Then out of nowhere, she let loose one solitary giggle.

“What was that for?” I asked mid munch.

“Nothing…it’s just…” she fought the smile “this should be an awkward time
shouldn’t it? I mean you and I? We just….well it’s kind of really fu**

up? You know?”

“No, I don’t? Whats ‘fu** up’ about it Nita?” she blushed, even though
she tried to make it look like she wasn’t bothered.

“We just spend the night….we…you know, and now? I mean things
SHOULDN’T’T be this…comfortable, should they? I mean we’re not a
couple we’re not…anything really.” She talked so fast it almost made his

head spin, but damn, she was right. I guess I did get too caught up in the

Don’t tell anyone I just used that word.

I put down my coffee mug and reached out for her hand. “Well, let’s fix
that right now shall we?”

I knew by the shocked look on her face and the hesitancy of the way she
took my hand that she was slowly freaking out.

“Justin I….”

“No…Okay we had sex…a LOT last night.” She smiled and then she
blushed. It was too cute. “But clearly we have a past that isn’t just going
to go away. Nor would I want it to….”

“You wouldn’t?”

I giggled then, “No in case you hadn’t noticed we did a lot of good sh**
then too…some of that stuff I don’t ever want to forget.”


“So basically it’s the what now thing right?” she nodded.

“Right, well I think im gonna leave that up to you….”

She squinted “god, why?”

“Because I trust you….”


Wait did he just say what I think he said….he trusts me?

Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph…

“You do?”

“Of course I do. Your not hiding anything are you? I mean no murderers
or metal family members intent on hunting me down for treating you so


I laughed out loud caressing his hand. “No absolutely not…you know all
my dirty little secrets.”

He raised his eyebrow in that suggestively sexy way he does “No, I don’t
know ALL of those…but ill get there eventually. I promise!”

Dontgetgiddy, dontgetgiddy….

“Anita you’re here for a month right?”

“Well…the plan was to come here, leave London and regroup before I um
started working again….but that was mainly an excuse for me to lie here
and eat myself into a oblivion, till I got over you…now? Well ive gotten
under you more than anything else…” I added smiling wickedly.

He laughed as did I. I liked the air between us then, just sitting talking –

I realised then it was something that I missed when I got to know him the
first time, the honest factor in the whole thing. It was something I
yearned for even though I didn’t realise it at the time.

Being myself, straightforward – flaws and all. It was something I was
really looking forward too.



“um…well…look im gonna tell you that I think that…even though things
have happened again with us really, really quickly….i mean I show up and
then wham….you know?”


“Well” he sighed, standing up he looked really nervous “I mean I don’t
want you think that just because things happened with us…”

“Justin for god’s sake just say we shagged okay? It’s just us here you
know?” I added, hoping to get him out of his nervous funk.

“Okay, that we…had sex but I don’t want you to think that just because
THAT happened again so fast that I want to jump into this so fast?”

Am I the only one starting to get a headache from all this round about

“Justin, are you saying you don’t want to be with me again? Is that what
you’re saying?”

“NO” he looks like I just slapped him, but isn’t that what he meant?

“Then what do you mean? Im a little confused here?”

“I mean I don’t want to….”


“Yeah?” he was flushed, like I can’t even tell you. His sudden “freak out”
as he’d put it, striked me as cute but also very unnecessary.

“Please calm down, im not looking for a definition of what just happened
right now okay?”

“Your not?”

“No…I mean I like you – A LOT! And I think you like me too.”

“A LOT!” he added with animated eyebrows – so cute.

“a lot, so id like to think that we’d only be with each other from now
on….but if that's not something you can do for me then…”

“No, no I don’t want to be with anyone else Anita, your MORE than
enough…but isn’t that more or less a definition?” he smiled. “Are
we ‘exclusive’ now or something?”

“I dunno? Do you want us to be ‘exclusive' Mr Timberlake?” okay so the
conversation had taken a turn from serious to – sexy playful? Those
glances, his damn lips. It all got very flirty and a lot less heavy and
serious thank God.

He sipped the orange juice that id given him. And just sat back, with a smug look dancing across his pretty face.

“Maybe I do…maybe I don’t?”

“Really?” I mimicked his position. “Well don’t rush your decision now,
whatever you do don’t do that!”

“Oh don’t worry I wont.” He sipped again. His eye contact never once
faltering with mine. Its funny, I was never a woman that considers herself
in any shape or form “easy”. But ill tell you, one of those “come hither”
looks from him, and I was mush. It was pathetic really – a self confessed
feminist and here I was fantasizing and all I was given was a look.

“Anita?” God I loved the way his accent came out when he said my
name….wait my name…

“Yes?” all I really wanted at the minute – you know besides him on the

table? Was to find my brains again, id gone all silly and id been staring.
NOT a good thing when you’re trying to be “cool”.

“You were spaced off there for a second? Something up?”

I didn’t say anything; I just walked to his side of the table, and reached
for his hand.

I think that my intentions became clear when we reached the foot of the
stair case again.

That's when his smile deepened.

“Aw I see…you don’t like talkin no more…”

“Not right now anyway…” I added as I took him into my room again.

And I think you can guess where we went from there on in.


“What time are you being picked up?” she shouted from the shower that I
had just exited.

“The car’s coming at 4….I think?”

“Four…oh okay.”

As I dried myself off with one of her many pink bath towels, I looked
around her bedroom. We’d hardly left it, or her house in the two days that
id been there.

Now im not complaining don’t even think that. It was amazing, she was A-
mazing. Of course the past was weighing on her, I knew that. She still felt
insanely guilty over the whole “lying” thing.

But I was honestly over it, I knew one thing and one thing only – my life
was better with her in it, rather that out of it.
I was willing and able to fully get past any of the issues that she had with
that. But the only trouble is, I don’t think she's willing to let go of that guilt.

Since id shown up with just the clothes on my back, it was getting difficult
to stay – I was beginning to stink.

Thankfully she washed my sh** for me, and I showered any day old
ickyness away – with her. Of course.

“Your shirt and jeans are in the dryer, and um…” she came into my view
surrounded by a cloud of steam from the bathroom “your underwear’s in
there too I think.” She smiled “next time you come to visit, bring luggage
will ya?”

“Well, excuse me…I didn’t know id be staying, or “visiting” your highness.
Hell I didn’t even think you’d see me, let alone beg me to stay.”

“AHEM!” she coughed sarcastically, how anyone coughs sarcastic I don’t
know, but she did. “There was no begging you Wanker; the only begging
I remember was coming from YOU. Pop star, so shut it!”

“Or what?”

“Or….Ill never…kiss you again.”

“Liar!” I approached her wrapping myself around her, pulling her closer
until we were both towel to towel.

“Nope, I could manage it…I could hold out on you…”

“Never, you love my kisses too much!”

“Nope!” she smiled rolling her eyes “I think you’ll find that it’s MY kisses
that you love not the other way around. And besides, im a woman I have
much more self control than you.”

I had to laugh at her lapse memory “is that so?” she nodded. “Really?”
again she nodded, her wet hair falling into her eyes.

I blew it away, “then why oh WHY do I recall someone that looked an
awful lot like you DRAGGING me from the kitchen, up here yesterday and
announced that you had to have me….how’s that for self “control” ”

She blushed “I was a woman in heat, what can I say” she laughed out
loud. I liked her laugh, it was infectious.

“You better get dressed, isn’t your driver coming down for you now?” it
was only 3:45.

“Aw, we have 15 minutes….humm what can we do in 15 minutes….”

“NO!!” she pushed me away as she made a b-line for her jeans again

“Aww come on I won’t see you again for weeks…”

“2, and you know where I am if you get a break. I want to stay here. fix
it up a little…labour my love an all a that…Ill see you again in 2 weeks, so

much of me in fact that you’ll be wishing id leave you the hell alone.”

“Id never wish that. You know that.”

She smiled again, for the millionth time since id arrived and kissed me
once on the lips.

“Come on down stairs, Ill make you something before you leave.”

As the car pulled up with another “new” driver I grabbed my wallet from
her table as she led me to the door.

“You got everything?”

“This is all I came with Nita, so yup got it!” I smiled

“God, I hate this…” she sighed, looking from the floor to my eyes
finally. “I mean all this stupid sh**…then all this good stuff happens and

NOW they want you to work it’s really not fair.”

I had to laugh, I think this was her way of telling me she was gonna miss

“I know, but hey – it has to be done….i think?” I laughed again, more than
anything trying to elevate some of the tension.

“You sure you have to go? Cant you just say you got lost or kidnapped or
SOMETHING!!” she smiled then embracing me.

“No, but you could always come with me, stay with me till you had to start
this new job of yours.”

She rolled her eyes then “you make it sound so easy.”

“Isn’t it??”

“No, it really isn’t….Look you better go before I do change my mind and
end up kidnapping you myself.”

“Ooh, let’s not let go of that idea!” I smirked, and I think she got my drift.

“You’re dirty.”

“Oh and your not? Miss prim? Humm?”

“Whatever!!” she mocked my accent, “Now, seriously go” she kissed me
just once and practically threw me out the door.

“See you in 2 weeks ms king.”

“G’bye Justin….ill call the hotel…or you know you could….call me.” she

“I will, bye.” It yanked at my heart when I had to get into the car, and it

tugged even harder when it drove down her drive way.

I just didn’t want to leave her.

I didn’t want him to leave. I really didn’t. But as soon as he did I got on

my mobile – to Rachel. The three times she’d called, he’d always be in
the room so I couldn’t really talk without his head getting so big I was
sure we’d have trouble getting it in the door.

“So are you two a couple now or what?” she said with a mouthful of food.

“Umm, I don’t know”

“You don’t know? He spent two full days shagging your brains out and
you ‘don’t know?’ for god sakes, did you ever talk?”

She had her charm didn’t she?

“Of course we talked, Jesus we did more than each other you know.”

“Doesn’t sound like it.” She n*****, “and besides he is incredibly
shagable so I don’t bloody blame ya! I mean the last thing id want to be
doin with him – is talkin, you know?”

“RACH! Come on, this is serious, why did you tell him where I was in the
first place?”

“Why aren’t you glad?”

“No, I am…” I couldn’t help but smile “but it shocked the sh** out of me!!
Seeing him at my door!”

She laughed so loud at that “I knew it would, that's why I didn’t phone
you. But come on, he shows up, he looked so sorry, pitiful really. He
clearly needed to see you, and I knew you were miserable without him.
And he looked worse than you…sooo…I don’t know I did my charitable
thing and pointed his sadness in the direction of yours, and hey…your both happy now! So say thank you Rachel for being this AMAZING friend, that just got your sorry arse laid for two days with lover boy.”

I smiled “thank you Rachel.”

“Good. SO, are you going to see him again?”

“I think so…”

She “EEEEEE’D” in excitement. “fu**…can you picture your Ex’s faces
when they see you with him! OR can’t you just see Fi from your office
spitting nails when she sees…”

“Rachel I still don’t want to be in the spot light.”


“I mean I have a job to do now, I don’t even know if it’ll take off or not.
But the last thing I need is to be known as “that girl that's doing Justin
bloody Timberlake.” That's not what I want.”

Her excitement seemed to lessen considerably then “ooh, so you two are
just going to hide the fact your in love?”

I never said love…did I?

“What? Rachel, im not in love with him…for god sakes we just agreed to
see each other, it’s hardly “love” now is it.”

“Isn’t it?” she asked coyly.

“What are you getting at? Im not in love with him, I mean I hardly know

“You known him for two months”

“No, I was with him for one, and in that time he didn’t know me at all…”

“But you knew him…”


“So….you love him.”

“NO I DON’T! I argued. And she just laughed at me. “What? Whats so
funny you mad woman?”

“Im sorry Nita, but you clearly have something in the love department for

this man; I can hear it in your voice for god sakes. And don’t get me
wrong, im glad.”

I didn’t say anything.

“See!!! I was right…oh god this is class, your gonna get married and have
lots of cute sarcastic babies…” she rambled “can’t you just see them, aw I
mean how cute!”



“We’re not getting married we’re not having bloody kids and we’re NOT in

She didn’t say anything so I continued “Okay?” I finally took a breath, id
gotten so worked up it was unreal.

The way she described everything it just made me feel so…rushed.

"Jesus, okay Ill stop! But listen, I am really happy that your happy...I just
wanted to tell you that!"

"Thanks...really means a lot that I have your support in all this...whatever
it turns into...Its good to know"

Getting back into London and getting used to the noise, the chaos again…
it was split.

In one way I was glad to be back, glad to get back to work…on another…I

missed her something fierce.

I disappeared, MIA for those few days, and it was heaven.

It was decidedly less so though when I did get back, to scowls and telling
off from my security.

Apparently I wasn’t old enough to know what to do alone no more, how
insane is that. I sign their hefty pay cheques, and they’re telling ME what

to do. It’s a fu** up system is what it is.

“Justin we didn’t know where you were man? Anything could have
happened and how’d have gotten the blame? US that's who….dude your
mom called, I mean we lied!” the 300 lb black man conveyed to me with
more emotion than a hysterical six year old.

“If she’d called a second time I mean what was we supposed to tell her?”

he raised his arms for effect. But I was tired and hungry.

“Tell her im a 25 year old man, who’s more that capable of lookin’ after
his own ass every once in a while….” I slammed my door. I had to be on
set early the next day, and I was looking forward to getting it over and
done with. I had a max of 5 more scenes, and that was it. We were done.

Praise Jesus!

I rang her as soon as I was alone. No one knew…except her friend, that
she and I were doing our thing again.

“They told you off? Aren’t you the one that's meant to be their boss?”

“Yeah…” I stretched out on my bed “ I am but I know they’re just lookin’
out for me so its kinda hard to tell them off for just doing their job too…
you know”

“Ahuh…Listen ill call you back, I think that's tom at the door.”

“Broke my nose tom?”

She sighed

“He didn’t break it you drama queen….hes a nice man okay? Let it go. Ill
call you right back.”

She clicked off, and I wasn’t sure what it was surging through me at that
second. But I didn’t like the idea of her being alone with a guy, that guy in
particular. It wasn’t that he was shady, im sure she was right, he was
nice…for a psycho serial killer…

So I called her right back.

He was being cute; I knew this because he rang a nano second after id
hung up to answer the door. Id barely let Tom in when my mobile rang

again. “Yes?”

“He there?”


“Is he making the moves on you yet? I think he will…he has that whole British bumbling Hugh Grant thing goin’ on…”


“What im serious, that dude cleans up at the box office, woman love that
idiot sh**.”

“Clearly the reason you’ve gotten laid so much” she smirked and I heard
his voice in the back ground.

“Tell him to leave, I don’t like you being there alone with him….he could

be anything, killer, rapist…or worse” I wasn’t sure what was worse than
that, but I was sure it was TOM.

“your reaching, and your insane…and im hanging up…call me when your
brain is functioning again…” she paused “wait that may never happen…
just call me later…much later…”

She clicked off again. Down side of having a girlfriend that was smarter
than you, was that…well she was smarter than you….

The next call I made was to my mother. She would be the only person
that id divulge my new status with Anita. She was the only one that
wouldn’t out right judge me, and if she did, she’d do it when she hung up.


“Honey, where were you? I’ve been leaving all kinds of messages.”

“I know, im sorry, i’ve been away…well just around really.”

“Oh? Work?”

“Nah, it’s ummm…well I went to Anita.”

“Oh….well…how’d it go?” she sounded as apprehensive as I felt.

“Well, really well…I guess…I mean I apologised and realised that I was a
complete bastard…she took her share of the sh** too.”

“You made up didn’t you?!”

“How’d you know?” I asked never knowing how she knew this sh**. She

just laughed.

“Im your momma that's how I know…I can hear it in your voice, I take it,
it went better than you’re letting on??”

I smiled I couldn’t help it “yeah it did, really well…I think we’re together, I
mean she's still outta town an all, but yeah when she gets back I think
we’re gonna do this. For real this time, no more lies ’n sh**.”

“Well,when do I get to finally meet her?”

“Ma, come on im just getting this thing…whatever the hell it is, off to a
shaky second start, I don’t wanna add any pressure on her, or myself
just yet…”

“Im nice!” she protested.

“I know that, but SHE knows that I hold your opinion very high in my
book, I don’t wanna freak her out with the responsibility of meeting and
makin you like her, that's all…can we just see how it goes?”

“Sure, listen someone’s at the door, I think your dad forgot his keys
again, call me later okay?”


“Love you son.”

“Yeah, yeah, love ya too.”

After calling the only two women in my life at that point, I was wrecked.

I needed sleep, big time.


“Tom im really sorry about the other day I mean I shouldn’t have spoken
to you like that.”

“No, don’t be silly, im the one that punched out your boyfriend, I mean
Im the one that made the mistake…you know? Seriously im surprised you
even want to speak to me again after that.”

I handed him his cup of tea, well he fixed my main line phone line for me,
it was the least I could do.

“oh. Thank you.”

“So, Tom, do you have a someone? Wife, girlfriend? Boyfriend?” I
chanced. He just blushed and laughed “yes, ive got a fiancée. Her name
is Jules and we’ve been together now…oh about three years”

“Really? How come I haven’t seen her around?”

“She works a lot up in London, she comes and goes, and as do I when I
can…we make it work.”

“Cant be easy though…”

“No, its not…but what can you do…I like to farm, she likes to….lawyer…
don’t ask me why but she does.”

I smiled a lawyer and a farmer, not the likeliest of pairs I had to

admit. “Ive known her my entire life, and when I dropped out of med
school to take over my fathers business, she thought I was crazy…turns
out I make more than her now that I would have as a GP.”


“what about Justin? What does he do?”

I giggled at that, I think he may be the only person who didn’t know who
he was.

“He’s a singer slash actor slash godonlyknowswhat….but he's successful at
whatever he does so….”

“Have you two been together long?”

“No, no…not at all….this thing with us, it’s pretty new actually…really new
im so nervous about it.”


“I don’t really know. Well no that's a lie, I do know. See he's in the public
eye a lot, and I…well I don’t really want that to be honest….so yes that's
what im nervous about, so much so that this new job ive been offered
thats new too, and its really scaring me..."

“What made you want it in the first place?”

Good question.

“Change of scenery really, change of everything. I mean im nearing the
end of my twenties and I need a career for live, and I just can’t think of
one that ill still want to do when im 50.”

“What did you want in the beginning?”

Damn another good question.

“I never really had a set plan, or an aspiration as a child, you know? I
just went were the mood took me, even in school....then I found my
school newspaper, and I think it was the delving into peoples lives and
sharing my opinions with them - that’s what attracted me? Now? This PR gig is sweet money, lots of travelling - which I never really got to do before, and im still delving into peoples lives...."

"So? I think it sounds right up your street, I mean I know I really don’t
know you..." he looked down "but from what i’ve seen so far, you seem
like you could certainly handle something NEW right now, I wouldn’t

Maybe he was right, maybe for once things just might go my


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Postby whatchagot4meMRJT » Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:55 pm

:lol: I'm thinking they shouldn't go public with this just yet. As soon as the world knows is when it's going to be so hard to just be together and not have to worry who's hiding around every corner trying to get a photo. I want them to get a chance to be happy together!

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Postby laura » Fri Aug 18, 2006 1:35 pm

i know i know forever, but im sorry i lost track of all my fics! you know the drill!!!!!!!!! :D

As I slugged through the sudden burst of April showers that has hit the city all of a sudden after days of lovely sunshine, I realise the bottom of my trousers is now soaked thanks to the puddles i’ve managed NOT to avoid.

“Jesus, well that's 40 quid down the freakin’ puddle” as I shake off my
umbrella in the hotel reception I notice there is a new door man, I bid him
good morning and approach the desk.

“Hello, how can I help you?” She smiled in that fake “it’s my job to be
nice” way.

“Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if” I cleared my through at the shameful question I was about to ask “Mr Mickey mouse is still checked in
here? And if he’s in his suite?”

she looked at me as if I had two heads – cant really say I blame her….I
hated the way he chose alias’s and I hated asking, sure I could have
called but that would have negated the surprise.

“Are you joking?” she asked.

“No, unfortunately im really not, he should be in the presidential suite?”

She looked away and began typing in her little key board. Then she suddenly laughed “um yes miss he is, he's still here, and he appears to
be in, all his keys are at the desk.”

“Thank you.”

I walked my way through the uber swanky foyer one big bag in tow. Id

come back a few days early from the country, mainly because I missed
him, and mainly because I needed to really get ready for work.
The two security guards were at the door, one of them I
recognised “Eric right?” I approached, “I need to see Justin.”

He looked me up and down, “I remember you, your that reporter….I don’t
like you much I have to say.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, you’re a liar, and I don’t like liars miss.” He was like a million feet
tall, and the same in width, I could exactly slap him, but I sure as hell
wanted to.

“Okay, look, you don’t know me AT all and no matter what ive done, you

have no right to talk to me like that!”

He just rolled his eyes “Im sorry but you’re gonna have to leave.”

Doesn’t Justin talk to these people at all?

“Just get Justin out here will you?” I didn’t mean to be rude but MY GOD!!!

“No.” he replied rudely “leave, before we help you leave.”

Oh that was it, I reached in my purse for my mobile and searched for J’ it
rang, hell you could even hear it from inside the room.

Both men looked confused and the one I didn’t know ask the ass that I
did “how come she has his cell if she's that lying girl…”

Great, I had a nick name.

“J, hey it’s me…”

“Baby? I was just about to call you…How are you?”

PISSED OFF! “Im fine, but um, could you come out side your room for a
sec? I need you to see something.”

“My room? How did you know – wait where are you?”

“Just come out?”

At that I heard the click of the big black door, his head, and his phone still
attached to his ear.

“Hi!” I managed a smile “could you clear it with these two that im NOT
the devil in cashmere? They won’t let me in!”

he approached “the ass”, well if I could be nicknamed so could he. “dude,
you know her…why wouldn’t you let me know she was here.”

ha, he looked like he’d been told off “but…she's….i thought you two
had….that it was over? I don’t get it?”

“Well…” Justin smiled “we’re not, so next time, don’t go giving her the

third degree alright? Jesus Eric….”

He took my hand and took me into the room and closed the doors behind

“Im so sorry about that…” he laid down my bag at the door. “But what are
you doin? You never called!!” his smile never dissipated once.

“I just wanted to surprise you, and I think – despite the rudeness of the
security, I managed that…”

“What he say? Was he a bastard, cause if he was then ill – “

I stopped him “forget it, it’ll take more than the mountain of Eric to get to
me, im fine and he's not that bad, I know he's just looking out for you…It
is his job right?

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be civil?”

“He didn’t know we were “we” again, so let’s just let it go?” I walked over

and kissed him.
Id missed that.

“Consider this the best surprise ive gotten in a LONG while.” He grinned
showing me those million dollar grills of his that he swore he's never had
bleached…don’t know weather or not I believe him on that one….

“Mmmm, so how was your week and a half without me?”

“I wrapped the movie, which is good and bad….Good because I get a real

break – no scripts no lines, no Nothin’….”

“And bad?” he looped his hands in mine as we approached his big cream
leather sofa that sat in front of a flat widescreen, that flashed up some
basketball game or another?

“Bad…” he sighed “because that means im under contract to go back to

the states and record again…which means leaving you…”
Bombshell, I hadn’t thought of that.

sh**, now I felt…well…Like sh**.

“Oh….” I moved to the window away from him.
“Nita, it’s not like that, its not that I want to, it’s just….well I kinda have
to? I really wish I didn’t…”

“No, I understand, it’s your job…and it needs to be done….”

“But your sad now? Look I can hear it in your voice?” he walked over to
me “im sorry…”

“don’t be, its just…well I went from never thinking id see you again, to

seeing you…all of you, and then to go to the not seeing you part….”

“I know, it sucks….But hey…” he reached for my chin, making me face
him “I only write and record really a maximum of….maybe six weeks, if
all goes well and its not really that long is it? And you’ll be busy too, your
new job…making new friends, making new enemies?” he laughed and I
knew it was for my sake.

“But look, that's not for another two weeks, so…can’t we just enjoy being
us while we’re both in the same room??” he persuaded.

And yes I think he was right, I needed to take full advantage while I could.

As it approached six, the rain was in full swing and showing no signs of
letting up any time soon.

I saw her standing at the window in one of my complimentary bathrobes “what are you doing?” I asked finally as she didn’t move.

“Nothin, just looking…enjoying the view.”

“Well, I can’t say my view is entirely bad either….But it would be a whole
lot better if you lost the terrycloth sweetheart.”

She looked at me then “its cold…”

“Not in here its not…” I pushed back my blankets again and urged her to
join me.

Thankfully she did. “There see, not cold at all….infact…” I attached her

neck again, something that always seemed to set her off in a fit of giggles.

“STOP!!!” she laughed and giggled again “okay really STOP! I need to say

I stopped, and looked directly at her “what?”

Her smile changed into a crafty grin and she flipped over on her stomach
tossing her hair out of the way “nothing, I just don’t want you to do that
again!!” she cackled

“I could do it if I wanted…”

“No…” she slapped both palms on my chest as she scrabbled on top of
me. “Justin…”


“I like you a whole lot” She said playfully as she tucked her hair behind
her eyes as she said it, balancing at the same time.

“Well, I like you a whole lot too…”

“It’s not just this” she motioned around the room “or this” she slid her
hand to “places” shall we say, as she smiled “but that you’re weird…”

“Im weird?”

hell no?

“yes, you are…I mean you live this totally bizarre lifestyle, and I know
nothing about it really…Not really…what its like for you…that sort of thing.”

She was rambling.

“But you’re not as weird as some of the ego tripping “stars” ive met, and
I like that….”

“But im still weird?”

“Oh yes, but then again so am i…so it’s all okay.”

See, there were times she was as tough to get to the centre of as any

solid rock in the mountain, a real hard ass business woman type…but then

there were times like theses and she was just herself, a 20 something girl
who just liked the attention of someone she wanted.


“Yes?” she rested herself against my chest now

“When im with you, when we’re talking or just sitting…. Well I feel like…
even though its been a really short time, I feel like you’ve really had an
affect on me.”

“aww.” She said not moving

“And that when im with you I feel like I don’t have to be what people want
me to be, I can just be me? And the me I was for a long time, was a guy

that if im honest, I didn’t really like all that much.” She got up to face me
again, this time – concerned.

“But that guy disappears when you’re around, and I like that. What im
trying to say….sounding like a complete idiot here…” I laughed

nervously “is that im attached to you, and I don’t want that attachment to

go away….with you for the first time with any woman, ive allowed myself
to feel my feelings, to change maybe from a person who lives to work to
a person who just works to live - a real person… ” I think that made
sense? Maybe not, but she was smiling, so I think she understood.

She kissed me on the cheek, “Justin, im so glad that I could be the one to
help you, in any way…Im really pleased, and honoured that it’s me you’ve

chosen to be open with, thank you.”

She looked away for a second and then shifted to the empty spot in the
bed beside me “in a way I think you’ve done the same for me, before you
I was just me and my job and all about pleasing my boss’s…. I was so
isolated and alone for such a long time, that I think id almost forgotten

what emotions for another person actually felt like, Justin…I don’t want to
scare you….but I think im falling in love with you…” she blurted, then her
eyes widened. “Look Im not trying to rush anything here, and I
completely understand if you don’t reciprocate –“

“Anita? I think im falling too….”


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Postby laura » Fri Aug 18, 2006 1:40 pm

It’s a scorching hot mid July day, and there I was, sitting at my desk at my new office building. Over looking the river that ran right around the city, or at least for as far as I could see it run any way.

It’s been three months since Justin and I had our “falling for each other” conversation, and in those three months a hell of a lot has happened.
He left for LA, to start recording his album – which completely pissed me off because I just didn’t want him to leave, but he did, and every time he’d have something new, he’d sing it to me over the phone. Something that I loved and I felt so touched by some of the songs, the love songs I felt especially responsible for….

But it wasn’t all bad, every two weeks on the button he’d come see me. And believe me when I tell you that we took full advantage of those three days we’d have together.

They were wonderful. And the hotels of central London were well and truly christened! I hadn’t yet got the chance to repay the favour and make a trip or two state side for id been increasingly busy with my new Personal Relations job. At first it started off slow, as I predicted – no one knew me, therefore no one trusted me enough to represent them.
But after I got a few high profile parties under my belt I was beginning to get approached by people looking for representation, mostly reality TV fame seeking losers at first, but I didn’t mind. It was work, and it was experience, and that's what mattered.

Then Justin began sending and recommending me to his showbizzy pals, to which I was grateful. My boss just couldn’t understand how the members of the crème de la crème of Hollywood was asking questions about me and my techniques.

One such character, whom I won’t name – because that would make me a terrible PR sh**, asked me to keep his three mistresses away from his wife. Both actors, and the marriage had taken a turn for the worse when she won her Oscar, I simply had to keep his ho’s as Justin would call them under control while they played happy families.
It wasn’t a problem, he paid me handsomely and they all got what they wanted. The bitches go their money, and he got to keep his image.

Morally though it weighed on me, but that aspect was just one such in my job description.

I mostly loved helping promote clubs or dj’s or anything that didn’t involve me asking the question “are there pictures of you both in any compromising positions…say naked?”

Enough about that, and more about my honey…well as I said, he left to record and when that was done we spent three weeks just hanging around Britain, taking trips to Scotland, going down to Wales, all involving golf of course….then it was time for him to start promotion.
Which he did very well, and finished just a week ago.

The album release is in a few days and it just so happens his PR “ken the a**hole sunshine” was a semi big wig at my company.

Id met him on a few occasions, personally speaking of course and he flinched when Justin introduced me as his girlfriend (I blushed, but you already guessed that) he asked me all sorts of questions, questions Id asked clients when they were fishing for money.

Like I said he was an a**hole, till he found out I was on the way to becoming one of his kind, then he was all smiles, smiles because I wasn’t a gold digger.

Another person that wore the same concerned look was Mrs Lynn Harless.
When I met her on one of the Justin stops that he pulled whist recording, he brought her over too, we had slightly less “Christening” of hotels that trip….but she was nice, overly nice. Nice in the way you know Justin WARNED her strongly to be so. He was sweet, but it really wasn’t necessary.

I could tell he was nervous, when we came face to face. But we talked about everything over dinner at the Savoy, the weather, the war, the prices in Bond Street. But as soon as Justin went to the bathroom, her mask slipped.

She politely informed me that she knew ALL about me, and the lies id told her son, that id really hurt him when I did it, and it made her question me….

I was shocked but at least she was honest, she continued to say that she was never one to judge a book by its cover, and I told her that I was always someone who paid great attention to the covers of books; they gave the greatest hints as to what was inside.

I explained my situation and my reasons, which she accepted graciously. Thank god, is all I can say. I would have hated to have got on the wrong side of a woman like her, but she was warm underneath her desire to protect her one and only, and I respected that.
I vowed that he now knew all there was to know about me, and that I cared very much about him.

Her eyes immediately lost the icy-ness they had held before it. Now things are as awkwardly polite between any woman and the girl their son is screwing, so all is well.
“Anita, line one for you” I heard Anna call out as I had just replaced my handset after talking the ear of a new investor.

“Thanks…Anita James....” I rhymed

“Baby, hey…you busy?” I heard the familiar southern drawl come across
the line.

“Im just about done for today, whats your day shaping up like?”

“Better now actually…”

“Oh and why is that?”

I heard him laughing, “Look out your window.”

My window?

I walked over, and there he was six storeys down, standing in the middle
of the footpath waving like an idiot.

“What are you doing? Do you want to call attention to yourself…?” I

“No, I want to get your attention!”

“Well, you have it!!” I panicked “Now please come up here before the
damn sun newspaper arrives!!!”

I heard him laugh again, and hang up.

I knew he was on his way, and as he journeyed, I checked my make up,

checked I hadn’t acquired any bad smells, and just in case I slipped on a
little Chanel no. 5.

I saw his swagger 6ft frame stroll past all the girls answering the phones
in reception and each one of them looked up as he past them, with the
grin and the cheesy lines he was let in right away. He entered my small

office space with an even bigger smile.

“I have missed you so much!” he placed the bouquet of red roses on my
desk and came over to my side of the desk for a kiss.

“your not meant to be here for another four hours…” I pointed out smiling.

“I know, but I wanted to surprise you, so I got an earlier plane….why?
You not happy to see me?”

“NO! course I am. Its just, im at work and my boss is a bastard and plus I
wanted to be showered and nice for you, im in icky work clothes…”

He looked me over, “ that trouser suit isn’t Icky, I was with you when you

got it remember? And I don’t think you could call Donna Karen icky.” he
laughed, and yes he was right it was devine, cream amazing material that
looked damn good if I do say so myself.

“I know but you know what I mean.”

“I do, so ill go.”

“NO! I didn’t say that…” I went to kiss him again, but I noticed quite a line
of women had formed outside the office, all “walking past” more than

It was funny the effect he had on women wasn’t it?

“Wait, maybe you should go?”

He raised his eyebrows in shock. “well ghee, thanks.”

“No…” I pointed outside the door “ id rather welcome you, when we don’t
have such a crowd…you

know?” I winked. And he seemed happy that my intentions were as
immoral as his.

“Okay, I guess I could do that. Will I meet you at your apartment or at
the hotel?”

“Hotel, Rachel and her man are there at the minute.”

“She finally dumped a**hole huh?” he asked as he messed with my desk
and the items id lined up in a

very OCD fashion.

“well what did you expect, every time you saw her you made her promise
to dump him.” I giggled, I mean really, for weeks every time she’d enter
the room he’d ask her if she’d done it yet, she got so

nervous with seeing him if she hadn’t she avoided the house.

It was funny, she never usually gave a sh** what my boyfriends thought
of her, but I guess he mattered now.

“well im just saying, every time she’d call you, she’d be in tears and sh** -
that’s not a good place to


“thank you Oprah…Now go, before you get me sacked” I ordered. He just

“I plan on “sacking” you later anyways…”

“that’s NOT what that means here…”

“yeah, yeah…” he kissed me on the cheek. “see ya later.”

And with that he was gone. And I was counting the hours till I got out of here and into his arms.


Having not exactly gotten the welcome id been thinking about I decided it would be best if I went to
my hotel and slept off the jet lag and give her, her time to “get ready” as she puts it.

It makes no sense
to me why she cares so much, she gets changed, and dolled up and I just usually wreck it when we
end up doing what we do best. And that’s easy, it requires no clothes at all…so all the fuss she makes,
just makes no sense.

But then again she is a woman so, I guess that’s why it matters to her.

We had finally set some dates for a the European leg of the new tour. My managers and I decided to
take this one slower, so it would be a few countries then a rest then a few more, and so on and so on
till id covered my turf.

I really wanted Anita to come with me, and I had hoped she’d offer. But she didn’t, so id ask her.
Hopefully tonight.

And hopefully she’d say yes.

It approached six when I got back from the trip to the music store. I love music shopping in person,
nothing beats it. The walking around seeing everything from cds to vinyl and just picking it up. it’s
the one things I hate about the internet….that and it spreads sh** quicker than farmers in planting
season, but I hated that it takes that feeling away from music shopping.
Downloading was boring.

She arrived shortly after I did and we sat down to dinner and a little catch up conversation
And then I finally got round to asking.


“yeah?” she asked as we flipped through various channels before stopping on “living”

“you know how I go on tour in a few weeks? Well I was hoping you’d come with me?”

“On tour?”


“well, id love too, but isn’t that weird?”

“why weird?”

“Cause you’ll be working and stuff, wouldn’t I just get in your way?”

“NO!” I smiled “In fact you’d be my saving grace in a way, I hate touring and I hate it even more
alone…so?? You’d really be the more important thing there.”

“really?” she smiled finally.

“yeah! So what’ya say?”

“well…” she pondered “If I can swing it at work, then hell yes!” she kissed me again, she was a very
kissy girl, and I liked that.

It took me almost a full week to persuade my boss that I could organise from my laptop and that I wasn’t really needed in the office for at least two weeks, since most of my work was done over the phone any ways I said I could manage the same job whilst mobile. He didn’t buy it but I got my way, on the condition if I was needed I could make it back, and that most of the days might come out of my holiday time.
I hated my boss, but most of the time he was okay. The day I asked, was clearly not that day.
He gave me this speech on responsibilities and such, but the only responsibility I was worried about was the one packing his bags for France that night.

Needless to say with my slight victory I went home to pack with a spring in my step.
We flew from Heathrow and landed in Paris. I loved Paris, it was so romantic, and not in a cheesy way either, I found both it and Rome two of the most amazing cities, simply because it was so easy to get swept up in the culture of it all and to fall in love with both the cities and the person you shared it with.
Or maybe this is just me being over sentimental.

“you know something Nita?” Justin pepped up as we dawned our tourist caps and headed into the Vatican to look around, we’d managed three days in Paris without over doing the wine and cheese and then we moved on to Rome.
His shows were amazing, and seeing him live on stage - the view was amazing but knowing what he put into it, made it even more special for me.


“I’ve been in this city countless times, but I’ve never been here.”

I looked at him, “your joking?? How could you come to Rome and not-”

“Well, its just with the band it was always rushed we just shot in did gigs and went back to the hotel.”

“and when you where here the last time?”

He looked awkward “well I was with someone who didn’t really appreciate art, or culture
or…anything really”

The subject of Diaz never really came up, but sometimes I did wonder about them. They seemed so
different from each other, but then again I guess people say that about us too.


“Yeah…” he rolled his eyes and took my hand “but im glad its you I get to share this stuff with you
first…it makes it like ten times more special.”

There was that overly sappy American thing again, im sorry but I just wasn’t used to guys being

“well thanks…” I blushed.

“you don’t like that im so vocal about my feeling do you?” he ask smiling still.

“No, its not that I don’t like it, its just that im not really used to it. I mean my mum and dad - the
way they talked about love…well they didn’t really. Marriage was made out of necessity and such,
love never really factored into it.”

“Marriage huh?”

sh**, me and my mouth “No, not us and marriage I mean for them, its how it was…they got along
well, my dad had a job and he was deemed suitable…then they thought they couldn’t have kids, and oops there I come alone 15 years after they were married!”

“But you parents are in their fifties aren’t they? When did they get married?”

“My mum was 18 my dad was in his late twenties…it was the late fifties early sixties times were
different what can I say.”

He just shrugged and we moved from place to place separately.

Why was I bringing up marriage? Hell, I didn’t even think I wanted that for me. I never had. And my
parents why was I bringing them up? He hadn’t even met or spoke to either of them yet.

God someone just shut me up!

“What are you talking about, I can see that your pregnant, but you said you had a story for my paper here young lady, and unless you give me details I cant really help you.”

“I can’t say just now, but let’s just say he’s very, very well known, hes a superstar.”

“Details or no deal.” fi stood her ground

“Justin Timberlake. Okay? The father of my baby is Justin Timberlake okay?”

“What?” the wheels spun in her head “are you telling me the truth.”

“Yes, we met up at a nightclub one night, he was with a short guy - Trace his name was. Everyone
was practically begging for his attention but im the one that got it. He sweet talked me and I fell for
it. Hes such a player…”

“really?” the older woman questioned.

“yes, he says he was hurt and that I was the only one who could make it better or some sh** like that. I
knew he was full of sh** but he was a superstar and interested in me, so I just played along.”
“and then what?”

“we drank, a lot ill admit, but then…”


“we went back to his hotel, the Hilton in the city is where he was staying at the time, and we had

“that’s it? Sweetheart if you want me to splash this im going to need more than that little teaser. I
need real solid details, points of conversation, what it was like with him, what he said or didn’t say…

Now lets start from the beginning and ill see what I can offer you for this.
We’d been touring for a little over two weeks, and I have to admit having her along was nice. More than nice. When I saw her in the crowd during my shows, it helped. It calmed my nerves, yes I still get nerves. Hell right before I played Dublin for the first time I threw my guts up for a good half hour before I felt okay enough to go on.

But with Anita there to calm me, or even to just look in that way she does it just sends all my worries off of me. Plus having her to come home to, or to the hotel at least, makes it a little more homely.

What can I say I loved the girl.

“So you know ken?” I asked her

“Hes an a**hole just for the record.” she said with a mouthful of pasta.

“yes he is…but you’ve met him through work?”

“Ahuh, we had this conference thing ‘bout six months ago and I can tell you “sunshine” he aint”

I had to laugh at her, she had a way with words “well hes coming into town for some thing with
Affleck, and he wants to ‘review’ my publicity situation.”

“So he basically wants you to whore it up as far as the papers are concerned…”

“I forgot you read between the speak these days…but yeah so be prepared is all am saying.”

“Once he found out that I was your girlfriend he was sooo nice to me once he found out that I had a
job and wasn’t some gold digging bitch after your money, much like your mother in that aspect…”

Now it was my turn to speak with my mouthful “my mom wasn’t that bad.”

“Ahuh” she rolled her eyes “you know it’s a good job I love you, ‘cause your surrounded by nutters.”

“well it’s a good job I love you ‘cause you ARE a nutter!”

“Please, Justin I am the most sane of all the weirdo’s around you, I mean some of your dancers are
just plain crazy, I mean we’re talking jacko crazy, that penny girl? Jesus..”

“She’s fine she’s just a little temperamental, that’s all…”

“she cries all the time j? I think she’s knocked up”

“Penny? No…she’s not that stupid, I mean…” well she was dating Riley, and he was known to be a
little rough with all his ladies.

“well im just saying with the weeping and the constant “Im bloated” it all points to baby.”

“okay enough about her, please…Im tired, and dinner was amazing.” I finished up and grabbed both
our plates.

“Umm what the hell?” she followed me to the kitchen part of the hotel suite.


“you just flipped that’s what?”

“No I didn’t” I rinsed off the dishes and I attempted to smile.

“J there was a definite change of tone, I heard it, it was your pissed off tone and I want to know what
I did to piss you off!”

“baby, im not pissed off okay i’ve just had a long day and a difficult show and my back hurts, so I just
wanna take a nice hot bath and get into bed…okay?”

I embraced her for comfort. Sure all of the above was true but I also had a little something more
weighing on my mind.

“you sure that’s it?”

I kissed her again “I am…you wanna join me?” I offered with a hope she’s say no, I really just wanted
a second to take in what id been told in the phone call from Ken. I hadn’t been given time to react,
but there it was, spinning around in my brain.

That girl I thought id never see again, was pregnant, with my baby.

Holy fu** sh**.

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OH SNAP! That last line ... :o. You dropped a bomb on me, for sure.

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