Energizer: Christina and Justin story

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Energizer: Christina and Justin story

Postby MrsHahn » Thu Jul 20, 2006 10:11 pm

I wrote this last year and posted in fandomination.net. Anywho it's not real I swear. Hope you like it. (p.s. some sexual stuff in it you have been warned).

Energizer: Chapter 1-3
Disclaimer: I don’t own Justin or Christina. R&R.

The sound of feet patting softly against the carpet was the only sound to be heard. He couldn’t sleep for what seemed like the second week in a row. Deep blue eyes searched the darkness of his room for the door connecting his hotel room with the adjacent. Thinking about her was all he could seem to do. Maybe this tour wasn’t such a good idea after all.

He stood in front of the door for a good 10 minutes, fist raised to knock. Closing his eyes he sighed lowering his hand he waited. His eyes darted over the clock on the wall: 1:00 a.m. and like clock work the door opened. Dark black hair peeked out first then tan skin then blue eyes. “Couldn’t sleep again??”

Sighing he stepped inside her hotel room looking at her unmade bed. “Looks like I wasn’t the only one Aguilera.”

“On the contrary,” Christina said closing the door “I was sleeping I just passed out on the top of the covers. Sit.”

The covers were cool under Justin’s skin as he sat down. He watched her petite silhouette as she walked across the floor. Biting his lip he suddenly realized how toned her body was; a tight camisole and short set seemed to be painted on her body. He sighed again as he felt the weight of her body on the bed.

“What’s up?” pulling her hair up into a ponytail she looked up at Justin’s face.

“I couldn’t sleep I think I have insomnia.”

“But you are fine in the morning.”

“So.” His looked perplexed as he gazed down at her.

“Insomnia only has to do with how tired you are in the morning. I don’t ever see you falling asleep during the day which means that you do not have insomnia.”

“Okay Dr. Quinn Medicine woman. I still feel like trash”

Christina laughed at this but stopped when she saw just how haggard Justin really looked. “You should just try the spa or my masseuse. Don’t even say that I’m being posh she really is good; she’ll put you to sleep in minutes. I could call her right now.”

Justin’s hand reached up stopping her from placing this ludicrous phone call Christina sat back down and smiled a semi comforting smile. Putting his head in his hands he sighed for what seemed like the millionth time. He felt her hand on his bare shoulder his tank top tight across his chest.

“What can I do??”

Justin looked up at her biting his lips again, “I don’t know I’m just so…” Suddenly he felt his body moving towards her. His hand reaching for her face and his eyes getting heavy as he stared deeply into her big blue eyes.

“Are you okay?” she felt his hand on her cheek it was warm to the touch.

“I just need something . . . I-” his body moved even closer until he could feel the heat radiating from her body “. . . you I need please.”

Christina’s eyes closed as she felt his hands travel from her face down her sides. He wasn’t making any sense as he mumbled on. Was this even right what they were doing? All thoughts in her conscious came to a halt as she felt his lips on her neck. Moaning she felt herself moving down into the comforter.

Justin didn’t know what was coming over him but the desire that he was feeling was insatiable. He needed to get closer to her and he pressed himself against the length of her body, pushing her higher up on the bed so that her head was at rest on her pillow. His lips moved up to hers, but he stopped when he saw the look on her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Should we be doing this?”

“Don’t you want to Tina?” Justin looked down he watched her contemplate his question. He raised his torso up so that not all of his weight was on her.

“I just don’t want to do this because we are lonely. This has been a long tour so far and I don’t want this to be a comfort fu** Justin.” Christina sighed as she looked up at his face, he looked crushed.

“That’s not what this is Tina.”

“Are you sure? You are a young guy and they get horny from time to time.”

“And you don’t!” Justin laughed sharply.

“I know how to handle myself out here Justin,” Rolling her eyes she turned her face away from him.

“This isn’t just a fu** Christina. If it was just a fu** don’t you think that I could just pick any girl I want and have her come up here to me because I could, but I’m not going to do that.”

“Why?” she turned her eyes back to him; they were filled with tears. Why in the world was she crying? This was stupid of her to be crying over this.

“Do I have to spell it out for you?” Justin kissed her cheeks where the tears had escaped, “I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember. I was just stupid and afraid that you wouldn’t want me. This tour and being around you 24/7 made me realize what an idiot I’ve been and now I know that I can’t wait anymore. I need this . . . I need you right now.”


“Please,” he cut her off putting a kiss to her mouth his warm breath on her face, “just say that you want me too.”

Part II
Christina could feel his breath on her face and her eyes closed. This was a big decision that she couldn’t just walk away from. Soft lips invaded her body again and she moaned.

“Wait,” a weak breath was all she could let out “Justin wait. I can’t do this with you.”

The blood rushing to his face was quick. Embarrassment set in as he pulled up to an upright position. “I’m sorry Tina I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s been a long tour and this was a mistake. Damn it!”

Christina sat up as well not sure of what to say. “Justin you have to understand that once we do this it will be strange for the rest of this tour. Our relationship will be different.”

“I know that and I want to take that risk. We wont regret this I know you want this as much as I.”

Turning her head away from pleading eyes she sighed. Weighing her options she knew that there weren’t many. Sleep with Justin, possible have the best sex of her life; screw up a pretty decent friendship. Don’t sleep with him, deal with the tension of the tour, and spend unlimited hours with Energizer batteries.

As visions of the Energizer bunny danced in her head she could feel soft lips on her neck again. Suddenly a vision of an SUV crushing that stupid pink bunny made her laugh.

“What? Are you laughing at me?” Justin hands proceeded to tickle her sides as she laughed even harder.

“Whoa someone’s a serious megalomaniac here,” with all the force she had Christina pushed Justin’s body down on the bed and straddled his hips “And very excited.”

Justin had to control himself as the pressure of her full weight settled on his lower half. Groaning he found it hard to stay still. “You’re killing me here girl.”

Laughing coyly Christina leaned down to kiss Justin’s neck. His skin was softer than she imagined. Her tiny hands made circles on the soft cotton of his tank top all the way down to his waist band. Strong arms encircled her waist pulling her close.

“After much deliberating I’ve decided that this better be the best sex of my life or we are through Justin Randall,” In saying this she shifted and could suddenly feel the pressure of him between her legs.

“Kiss me,” his voice suddenly husky as he whispered to her.

Not being the one usually taking orders she stepped out of her controlling ways this one time. Her lips touched his and almost immediately his tongue invaded her mouth. She could feel is urgency by the way his muscles tensed under her touch.

“You taste so good,” Justin moaned as Christina’s hands reached under his tank top only then did he break the kiss so she could discard him of his top. “It’s my turn baby.”

Justin’s hands reached up the back of her top feeling the soft skin underneath. Pulling the camisole over her head a few wavy strands of hair fell out of her ponytail and she giggled softly as his lips latched on to her nipple ring. His other hand gently played with her other breast.

“I like that,” her voice called out seductively. Grinding her hips into his’ she felt the pressure in his pants increase, “I see someone else likes this too. Maybe I’ll just have to take a peek.”

Turning her attention to the drawstring of his pajama pants she followed the V of his chest down to his waist. Pulling on them gently her eyes widened as she looked up at him surprised.

“What?” glassy dark blues looked back at her as a cocky smile “A guy likes to have his business free every once and a while.”

“I can see that,” looking down at his erect manhood she smiled. Her hands seemed to be on two different paths. One hand softly massaged his balls while the other played with his tip. “Do you like that??”

Justin’s hips began to twist under her but he seemed to lose control when he felt her mouth envelop him. Having to bit his tongue in order to keep from screaming out he tried to maintain control. “Please…god girl…”

At this her force increased and she could feel his hands pulling out her ponytail. His hands all but pushed her head down and realizing this she pulled back. “Are you trying to choke me?!”

“Sorry,” Justin quickly turned her over positioning himself just above her belly button, “my turn.” Slipping her shorts off he tossed them somewhere behind him and smiled at her. “I guess it’s time to find out if the rumors are true.”

“What rumors??” She looked at him curiously as he kissed her abdomen.

“How much metal you keep down there baby,” Justin laughed more to himself than her. Kissing her belly button he followed down her taut stomach to her center. His tongue entered her darting in and out and when felt her walls tighten this he took as a sign that she was ready.

Pulling back up he positioned himself between her hips he looked down at her quickly kissing her he began to guide himself in.

“Wait,” Christina pulled her hips back stopping him. Her eyes met his confused ones and she continued. “Do you have anything?”

“What,” he was panting by now barely able to keep in his excitement.

“Do you have anything?” she repeated louder this time.

“I’m clean Tina,” Justin kissed her again but she pulled back.

“I know you are but the last thing we need is a Timberlake baby to explain.” Christina smiled at his disgruntled look.

Sighing loudly he shook his head. “That’s what I thought Timberlake. Check the draw to the right.”

Justin did as he was told and less than a minute later threw the condom wrapper on the floor. Kissing her mounds again he played with her nipple ring and then pressed his tongue into her mouth. Her legs wrapping around his waist signaled to him that he could enter.

Sitting inside her tightness for a second he slowly began to rock his hips; at this of course she became tighter around him causing him to thrust harder.

“Justin…Justin…” she tried not to scream but was finding it hard. Twisting a little she turned so that she was on top of him looking into his eyes. Desire was all that she could see and she smiled. Nothing was hotter than a man wanting her.

Their bodies seemed to have a mind of their own and Justin too found himself breathing her name off his lips. It sounded good like this and the sweat was glistening off of her face; eagerly he licked it up. Kissing her forcefully he felt the heat start from his center spreading throughout his body. The pressure on his hips caused his body to shake but she kept grinding her hips against him waiting for her release as well.
As their breathing returned back to normal Christina molded her self into Justin’s body their legs twisted into the sheets.

“How about round two?” Justin said already moving his fingers in between her legs.

Christina laughed as she pulled at his hand, “One time is good okay baby we both have shows tomorrow.”

Sighing Justin gave up is active crusade and nestled his head in the crook of her neck drifting to sleep as she played with his hair.

Part III
Justin’s eyes cracked open. He looked around questionably for a second as he took in his surroundings. Looking down at the petite frame he smiled. She looked so innocent her dark hair falling behind her and her mouth slightly ajar. Deciding that a good morning kiss was what she needed as her own personal wake up call he leaned down slowly.

A vibrating noise brought him out of his fantasy. Thoughts playing through his head about what kind of contraptions she kept started to get him excited. But, it didn’t take long for him to realize that it was a cell phone that was ringing. He hadn’t brought his cell phone looking and up he noticed that it was Christina’s that was ringing. Moving slowly he pulled himself out of bed and watched Christina instinctively snuggle into the cover feeling the absence of his warmth.

Padding around to the side table he looked down that the number just to be nosey. His breath caught in his throat as he saw the name on the receiver. “Jordan?” he questioned to himself looking back down to see the vibrating had stopped.

Looking over at Christina he noticed that her eyes were starting to open. “Justin where are you?”

“I’m right here baby I just-” Justin stopped when he heard her phone vibrating again.

“Is that my phone,” yawning she got up not covering herself. She saw Justin turn away and she smiled. Not even peering at the number she picked up. "Hello?"

Justin could only get her part of the conversation but slowly felt himself get sicker as it progressed.

“I miss you too baby,” Christina questionably eyed Justin as she watched him retrieve his clothes putting them on. “I know this tour is almost over. God I miss you I can’t wait to get home.”

Getting up from the bed, she grabbed onto Justin’s wrist preventing him from heading back into his room. “I know I know. I love you too. See you in Philadelphia. Bye baby.”

Shaking his head Justin found himself trying to keep his anger in check as she hung up her phone. Suddenly he could hear her words coming out of his mouth almost verbatim. “I just don’t want to do this because we are lonely. This has been a long tour so far and I don’t want this to be a comfort fu**. Well I guess I am the only one who’s lonely now aren’t I. I knew this was a bad idea, but I just had to do it anyway.”

“Justin you have to understand-” Christina started playing with her hands as soon as Justin pulled his arm away

“What could their possibly be to understand?? You have a boyfriend which you neglected to tell me about when I practically poured my fu** heart out like some little bitch last night.” Justin ran his hands over his face turning away from her.

Sighing Christina sat herself down on the bed. “I’m not trying to preach from the pulpit of morality because I know what I did was wrong in not telling you about Jordan. He and I aren’t really that serious and he knows that I like to see other people. He knew that something could happen between you and I out here and he understands that.”

“Well then maybe you shouldn’t be preaching,” Justin heard his accent come out which only meant that he was extremely upset. He watched her naked form walk across the floor and into the bathroom.

“Aren’t you happy?” Christina called out from the bathroom coming out with an oversized t-shirt on; the hem barely covering her privates.

“Why should I be happy?” despite his anger, Justin couldn’t stop staring at the nipple ring that was visible through her shirt.

“Because you got what you wanted. I played coy and chase, I listened to you night after night when you couldn’t sleep. I gave you the ultimate prize the night with me that you wanted,” Christina crossed the room slipping her hands down Justin’s draw string pants feeling his excitement.

“Stop,” Stepping back from her he continued, “You are right this has been what I’ve wanted for a long time. I wanted to be with you but Chris not like this, not with you having a boyfriend. The tour is almost over and after that we won’t even have to speak to each other.”


The knock on the door caught them both off guard, “This is your wake up call Maria.” The guards had used nicknames to try to conceal the stars as best as possible.

“So this is it?” Christina said looking up into his dark blue eyes.

“Maybe when you get your priorities straight about who is important in your life we’ll see.” Turning he headed back into his room just in time to respond to the knock on the door.

Watching the door close behind his figure Christina sat down on the bed. She couldn’t say that she’d been disappointed about the events that had transpired the night before. “I guess it is back to the Energizers.”

Lying down she dug under her pillow and was soon greeted by that old familiar buzz.

The End Fin. This is the only story that I’ve finished please flipping’ read and review. Thanks. Khanb32@msn.com

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Well, I liked it...

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I'm glad someone liked it

Postby MrsHahn » Wed Aug 30, 2006 12:03 am

As the byline says " ". I'm thinking of doing a sequel to it a year later when X and Justin meet up again.

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