Orlando's Playing Cupid

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Postby Lydstar4 » Mon Sep 02, 2002 3:19 am

This is soo cute. Ok, if you didn't already know Heath Ledger has gotten together with Naomi Watts (she was in Ned Kelly too) after being friends for ages. But this is the cute part.
From NW magazine:
"Snippets about how the two (Heath and Naomi) got together are beginning to emerge. Fellow Ned Kelly star Orlando Bloom apparently played Cupid. Then, after successfully pairing Heath and Naomi, he acted as a decoy so they could cement their romance without public scrutiny.
'Orlando loved being a part of it,' says an insider.' He'd arrive at nightclubs with Heath knowing that, once inside the VIP room, he'd be dumped for Naomi.He thought it was a hoot.'

But seriously folks, this just doesn't sound like a guy who's taken. I don't reckon Orli has a girlfriend!!! :D

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