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Postby Helena » Thu Jan 09, 2003 7:24 pm

Confirming TV Hits interview with Orlando where he denied making the movie his best friend and supposed co star also denied making the movie

Deed Poll: Andre Schneider has said the following in his Yahoo Newsgroup about the movie, confirming Orlando Bloom's comments to some degree: "My management (and later I personally) has received tons of letters and E-mails about this one, because some freaks have made up some interviews that neither Orlando Bloom nor I *ever* gave! Someone told me that there are even made-up reviews of that movie available on the internet. How can someone write a review of anything that has never been shown?? Fact is: We did start working on a project called "Deed Poll", but we had to stop after four days due to several problems (financial problems as well as personal and others). We were being told that one day we'll finish it, but we never did. They have some material (of approx. 15 minutes, I guess), but I assume they did not edit it. I tried to get a tape of the unedited material (esp. for my family), but I couldn't get one. Some production assistant meant, they wanted to screen. it somewhere, but I pretty much guess that that was another rumour. (Why would they want to screen an unfinished movie?. As for the cast: Orlando Bloom was on the set for *one day*". Thanks to 'Melissa'.

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