Orlando Bloom Visits 'the Late Show' 10/10

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Postby admin » Tue Oct 11, 2005 4:38 am

>> Dave: I see. Our first guest stars in a new motion picture entitled "elizabethtown" which opens on friday. Please welcome orlando bloom.

( Applause ) nice to see you again. Thanks for being here. Good to see you. Thank you very much for your time.

>> Great to be back.

>> Dave: Everything going well for you?

>> I'm not complaining.

>> Dave: Let's talk about this movie "elizabethtown." One difference between this movie and previous movie, the other ones are all fantasy movies in which you are in costume and a lot of special effects.

>> Yeah

>> Dave: In this one, more or less you play a normal american guy, anne i assume that you are, in fact, normal, but not an american guy. Isn't that right?

>> I like to think I'm not normal. But I neement american. That was one of the tasks was to try and get the accept just right. It was one of cameron's concerns at the beginning...

>> Dave: Cameron?

>> Cameron crowe.

>> Dave: And the people who live where you're from, great britain, is that it, do you make fun of the way americans speak the language?

>> You know, not so much. I think, you know, a lot of british look up to the confidence that america has, you know. If I could make the sort of movies I make in america in england, I'd probably be doing it at home, as well.

>> Dave: Let me rephrase the question.

( Laughter ) in terms of the language, do the british feel a sense of propriety about it and make fun of americans because of the way we talk? It seems like you guys overpronounce things.

>> That's true, we, do we do

>> Dave: And we underpronounce things.

>> And we say toe-ma-toe and you say toe-may-toe.

>> Dave: We know we're hated around the world, americans.

( Laughter ) but the brits just make fun of the way we tawrks like our accent, don't you? Don't you think, listen, that guy, who is that, a cowboy? Isn't that pretty much...

>> I've heard that, but, you know.

>> Dave: What does an american sound like to you? Is there any way we can hear what you hear?

>> Um, it's a lot lazier in the mouth. It's a lot more laid back and it's kind of casual. We overpronounce. We really articulate when we speak. We are kind of forward. You guys are much more casual and comfortable. It's a whole physicality thing. There's a much more kind of a sort of strut that goes with an american kind of accent. That's the physicality of it. The british seem to be a bit more kind of proper about the way they carry themselves.

>> Dave: Did you have someone working with you on your american accent for the film?

>> One of the greatest.

>> Dave: What's his nationality? Is he an american?

>> He sin deed.

( Laughter ) I have to say, i had an amazing time driving through america. It was beautiful.

>> Dave: You dove through america?

>> We go on a road trip and i saw parts of america probably lots of americans don't see. I felt very fortunate.

>> Dave: I would guess you probably know new york city and los angeles and maybe chicago or something, but this actually you get to see the interland.

>> The heartland. I was like, show me this heart. I want to see the heart of america. It really... people came out. They baked cookies. They made cakes. They brought us ice cream to the search. It was a real open-door policy. It was about community, family and friends.

>> Dave: What surprised you about the to pornography of the country as you travelled through?

>> Well, we were in everything from a beautul bridge that crossed the river in arkansas, it was this amazing yellow suspension bridge to just standing in front of a tree at oklahoma city, a survivor tree, or standing in front of the lorraine hotel in memphis. It was powerful. Just the landscape, droif back from scots bluff, nebraska to, L.A. Myself, just on my own with my dog. I was like, i was driving in a truck with my dog and coming up through the... thrgh colorado and the rockies were coming up fast. I was like, dude, these pioneers, I'm in a car. I'm like intimidated. And these guys really wanted to get to L.A.. so I have a whole new respect actually, and driving through the country, you know, because it's a huge country obviously. As a brit, it can be intimidating because it's not so big. You fly over it when you drive through it, you kind of feel like part of it in a way. You get a sense of it.

>> Dave: Absolutely. Have you ever driven up to into the san gabriel mountains and looked into the san fernando valley?

>> I can't say vi.

>> Dave: Very nice, very nice. Can't even do the joke. I say very nice. Anyway, let's get back to this this american accent thing.

>> Right.

( Laughter )

>> Dave: Let me hear your american guy. You're in the movie. Let me hear the accent.

>> Well, that's what you pay the $10 for.

>> Dave: To hear the accent?

>> That's my draw, man. That's my draw. All right, all right, all right.

( Applause ) there's an opening when we say, (in american accent,) there's a difference between a fator and a fiasco.

>> Dave: You're being american there?

>> Not very well.

>> Dave: You're in the middle of shooting "pirates of the caribbean ii and iii." How is a thing like that possible for heaven sakes? You do one and... did you two do two at once?

>> , No we did first one. Now we're doing two and three back to back.

>> Dave: Very confusing.

>> It is confusing. We're shooting down in the bahamas. It's kind of hurricane alli. We're dealing with some interesting weather problems. But it's the same thing that w people, the marvelous johnny depp.

>> Dave: How is johnny depp doing?

>> He's still cool as ever. He's a cool cat.

>> Dave: Do you guys get along? Do you frat earnize on and off the set?

>> We get along. He's somebody I've always admired. As a young boy I looked up to johnny as the guy who was doing interesting things. He kind of broke the mold. He was very good looking but he managed to do quirky, different roles. I'd like the try to keep doing that myself, like do smaller movies, as well.

>> Dave: Interestingly enough, he taught me how the shoplift.

( Laughter )

>> He did?

>> He's very good at pickpocketing. He's got incredible fingers.

>> Dave: Tremendous artist.

>> Something you can pass on to your son.

( Laughter )

>> Dave: So do you... when you're doing two movies simultaneous, honest to god, how do you keep... like 12:00 to 1:00 on tuesday you're shooting movie number, two and 4:00 until 5:00 on tuesday you're shooting movie number three.

>> None of us have received the script for the third movie yet, so we're doing it blind. We get pages, and for example, i got pages tonight far scene I'll be shooting the day after tomorrow in the bahamas in the third movie.

>> Dave: So the third movie may not be as good as the second movie?

>> Actually, no.

( Applause )

>> Dave: No, no, no, no.

>> Actually, it actually... there was a script, but the way they like to do it...

( laughter ) is polish as they go. We have two fantastic writers on set, to be fair, and they do a fantastic job of it. They are kind of perfectionists. We have a great script, but they're always changing. We have this second one going and the third one is... it's getting it better and tweaking it.

>> Dave: We don't have that problem here.

( Laughter ) you know who is nice is that kirsten dunst.

>> She's lovely, yes.

>> Dave: Let me ask a question. I know nothing about films, but you're like a hot, big-time movie star. You get to be in these big, high-profile movies with lovely young actresses. Now, to me that seems like there might be the possibility there, and i think it's happened in the past...

( laughter ) where the actor, the lead actor and the lead actress might, you know, socialize.

>> Right. Socialize. Define socialize?

>> Dave: You know what I'm driving. A I don't want to put words in your mouth and make you feel uncomfortable, but would that happen, let's just say, with you and anybody in a film like that?

>> No. No, no.

>> Dave: You expect... there are professional expectations that you adhere to?

>> Oh, yeah, absolutely. That's not kind of the way i have ever done business.

>> Dave: Say it's 3:00 A.M. And you're in a town...

( laughter ) who knows where you. Are the phone rings and it's kind of lonely. What are you doing? Laughter laughter

>> I'd say, mom, leave me alone. I'm trying to get some leap. I have to get up early in the morning. Ism

>> Dave:Y orks. We're going nowhere here. We'll be right back with orlando bloom.

>> Dave: Kirsten. Bloom is here, kees kee.S this movie, "elizabethtown," it's a fascinating fable. It's about a young man yourself,, in america who has a great opportunity and looks like he's destined for stardom the likes of which anyone has never seen before. Then it just doesn't work out and he has to find a real life for himself.

>> Absolutely. Your character works for a company sort of like nike, is that right?

>> That's correct.

>> Dave: What do you know about nike? Did you study them at all for the film?

>> , No i didn'T. I don't know a huge amount about nike. I know they makeome pretty good shoes, but I... we had a great young guy actually who used to work for nike and went off and did his own thing. He works for a company now called medium. They make great sneakers and shoes and stuff. He was kind of my go-to guy for a designer. Designers are very interesting, very particular. They'll wear a shirt with the buttons, but they'll have a different color thread through them. A lot of attention to detail. They wear really particular watches. They have like so...

>> Dave: That's a waste of time.

( Laughter ) really, when you get right down to it.

>> I know. But that's a designer for you.


>> Dave: Exactly.

>> I'm an actor.

>> Dave: You had the good fortune to have designed a shoe that should revolutionize the shoe industry.

>> That's the idea.

>> Dave: Then doesn't work out that way.

>> Doesn't lose out that way. He loses this company a billion dollars. And so he gets this phone call at the same time as losing a billion dollars to say he's got the deal with his father, the funeral arrangements of his father in kentucky.

>> Dave: You go back to kentucky. That's where you as a character and an actor begin to see america and life.

>> He meets this quirky, cool, cute girl on the plane, kirsten dunst.

>> Dave: Very love.

>> Very lovely. Yep.

>> Dave: She is.

( Laughter )

>> She is. She's fantastic in this movie. And anyway, he meets the girl on the plane. He gets home and it's really kind of when... you know you haven't seen family for a long time youth. Been obsessed with your career. The momentary happiness you get from that new watch or car or trying to get enough money to make a life for yourself. He's really smacked with real life across the face. It's really a sto of a guy who learns to appreciate his own life. This girl takes him on this fantastic road trip. He learns to appreciate his family and come to terms with the loss of his father. It's all very funy. It sounds heavy, but it's funny because cameron does that well.

>> Dave: Here's a clip from the film. Do you know what this will be?

>> This clip. I was just told what this clip was. This clip is the phone conversation. We have this all-night phone conversation that starts with a three-way conversation. He's first on the phone with his sister and mom and the girlfriend who dumps him. Then he gets on the phone...

>> Dave: Suzanne sure random plays your mother.

>> The amazing suzanne sure random.

>> Dave: Let's look at "elizabethtown."

>> You called me.

>> Ellen, ellen, ellen, thank you for calling me back. I'm so happy you called. Can you just hold on for one second.

>> Hello?

>> You need to come home, drew.

>> I'll be right back.

>> Hello?

>> Drew.

>> Ellen, i called you about that silly good-bye. Could you hold on for just one second.

>> Yeah, but I'm on my way out the dinner.

>> Just hold a second.

>> I've got... call me later.

>> Don't go.

>> Okay.

>> Hello.

>> Hello, stranger.

>> Claire, hold on.

>> I just wanted to call you and thank you. So good-bye, thank you...

>> I'll hold.

>> Okay.

( Applause )

>> Dave: Lovely women in the film.

>> Lovely. Lovely women.

>> Dave: Opens on friday. "Elizabethtown." Orlando bloom, always a pleasure. Thank you very much for being here. There you go, folks.

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