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Postby admin » Sat Jun 24, 2006 5:16 am

Jay: No, they don't call him that. His films include "black hawk down," "lord of the rings," of course. Starring with johnny depp in "pirates of the caribbean: Dead man's chest." This should be the biggest it's a terrific film. It opens on the 7th of july. Please welcome orlando bloom!

[ Screams and applause ]

Orlando: What a welcome.

Jay: Welcome. It's been a while. How you been? All right?

Orlando: Very good. Thanks for having me back.

Jay: Good to have you back. You're one of my favorite guys 'cause you ride motorcycles. Are you still riding?

Orlando: They try and stop you, don't they? Not you, maybe, but me, they try to stop. But a friend of mine let me ride his bmw 1200k.

Jay: Isn't that an amazing bike?

Orlando: Oh, god. That thing is so fast.

Jay: I know. It's wonderful.

Orlando: Nil to 60 in like 2 1/2 seconds or something silly.

Jay: What's the fastest you've been on it?

Orlando: I tried to do aught to 60 in 2 1/2 -- no, to be honest, I drove it around town, so I didn't take it up --Jay: Exactly.

Orlando: It was nice, though.

Jay: As you remember, you're somewhat accident-prone.

Orlando: Yeah. I've had a few accidents.

Jay: How many bones have you broken, would you say, over the years?

Orlando: You know, I never counted, but I broke my nose, I cracked my skull a couple of times, I've broken my legs -- both of them -- my back, my arm, my wrist.

Jay: What, do you gamble?

Orlando: I just didn't have a healthy appreciation for my life as a a kid. I always s the first kid off the wall, first kid, like, diving into the pool and whatever. It was silly.

Jay: What's your best or worst broken bone story? Is there one?

Orlando: My back was pretty bad. It was pretty nasty. I fell three floors.

Jay: That's right. I do remember that. You fell three floors.

Orlando: Yeah. That's the one that stopped me and -- I just realized that this is my body, and I don't want to hurt it anymore because I'm gonna grow old with it, hopefully, with any luck.

Jay: So did you come to this realization by the time you hit the second story?

[ Laughter ]

Orlando: It was kind of like waking up in hospital and going, "you know what? I really want to be able to walk out of here." So I got lucky.

Jay: And how did you crack your skull? How did that happen?

Orlando: You won't believe it, but I was a kid, and I fell off a a stool. I was a baby. Actually, it was bad. My mom was also picking up wood one time, you know, bending down in the garden and like hit & me on the back of the head on a tree, which is slightly outrageous, isn't it?

Jay: She was like the britney spears of her day.

Orlando: Exactly.

[ Laughter ]

Orlando: Yes, she really was.

Jay: I was reading your biography. I know you went to some great acting school in england.

Orlando: The guildhall. The guildhall school of music and drama. Lovely.&

Jay: Did you go there as a a high school student?

Orlando: No, it was after I did my "a" levels, so I was about 19, 20, and I did three years of training there, which was kind of what inspired me. It was the best education I ever had, really, 'cause I wasn't very good in school. I mean, I got all my exams, but I had to work really hard for . Them. And actually learning about acting, learning about shakespeare and brecht and all the great methods was, like, for the first time inspiring. So that was good.

Jay: I heard you took a a circus class. I never heard of that. What is a circus class?

Orlando: Well, you know, you learn movement, voice, and everything else. And circus was one of the classes that we'd do. And you learned to do acrobatic acts and whatever, backflips and things like that. Things that sort of, you know, may come in handy -- on the dance floor, if nowhere else, right?

Jay: Yeah. All right. You don't try to see how many people you can cram in a mini cooper? It's not one of those?

Orlando: There was this one thing, actually. You had to entertain the class. So it was kind of like, "what can you do?" Basically, they were going to start walking out if you didn't entertain them in time. So we had this thing. You know, people would get up there and start undressing or something and you'd be like, "how far are they going to take it?" You know what I mean? And I was in the gym, and I pulled down one of the ropes so I said, "right, I'm going to climb up this rope and I'm going to come down it upside-down with one arm." And I just took a long te climbing up, and when I got to the top I was like, "okay, see you," and dropped. But I managed to hold them all in the room 'cause I was, like, building it up. It's like the gag where yo build it up. And you're like, "I'm gonna do this! I'm gonna do this! Ready? I'm preparing to turn upside cf1 o down." And by that time, they'd all gone.

Jay: Yeah, I think women call that "foreplay."

[ Laughter ]

Orlando: Yeah, exacf1

Jay: Did you ever want to be a clown? Dd you train to be a clown?

Orlando: No. To be honest, there is, like, some cool russian circus stuff. The cirque du soleil. I mean, all that stuff.

Jay: I'm not a big fan of the -- whoo-hoo! -- You know, water squirting.

Orlando: I didn't get that either. But I like kind of the acrobatic kind of circus stuff.

Jay: Did you do the whole acting exercise thing where you do the -- I remember taking an acting class, and I was terrible at it. Horrible.

Orlando: Did you really?

Jay: Don't look so stunned.

Orlando: You?

Jay: Well, you know, it was and the idea was, "okay, now you're gonna be a duck." I don't want to be a duck." What movie is gonna cast me?

Orlando: I had be a lizard. Dudes, it was hilarious. In the first year you study animals. And actually animals are a a great way into a character. Many of the great actors will tell you that they study an animal to find the physicality, and they use that thought process. So there is a real foundation for it. But I wanted to be something sexy, like a lion or a tiger or maybe an ape. And I got lizard. And the idea was that it would, you know, keep me still. 'Cause I used to -- I fidget quite a lot now anyway. But I was much more so then, and the idea was stillness.

Jay: And how did you become the lizard? Can you show me what was the --?

Orlando: You want me to get down? No.

Jay: I'm curious. Was it something --?

Orlando: Basically, keeping very, very still.

Jay: Really?

Orlando: And moving so fast that people don't really realize you're doing it and then moving your head at sort of sharp angles.

Jay: Does the tongue come into play at all?

Orlando: Huh?

Jay: The tongue?

Orlando: Yeah.? You flip it.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: And that could still work today, actually. I heard something odd. Is is one of those things. I don't know if this is, like, a tabloid thing or it's real. The term they used in the tabloids was "swinophobe." You have a fear of pigs or pork or something. Is that true?

Orlando: No!

Jay: That's not true?

Orlando: I love pigs. They're cute. How could you not love a pig? We've all seen "babe," right?

Jay: And pork chops are delicious.

Orlando: Yeah, exactly.

Jay: So it's not true.

Orlando: No.

Jay: You see, we've cleared up one rumor.

Orlando:Ork chops and "babe." Doesn't that make you feel bad? You think of "babe" and then you think of pork chops.

Jay: Yeah, I feel bad.

[ Laughter ] Be right back. More with orlando right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Orlando:> How ready are you for bird flu? Inside the home of the most prepared family in america. Watch the next "inside edition."

TV Channel 4 Sat Jun 24 00:10:35 2006
They work out. They, you know, they -- they don't eat meat. They vej tarnian. They just, you know, keeping themselves in

TV Channel 5 Sat Jun 24 00:10:47 2006
[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: We'll make a call, we'll do it.

Orlando: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Jay: But, don't tell the studio we're going motorcycle racing.

Orlando: Yeah, I won'T. We'll keep that our little secret.

Jay: Oh, hey, we're back, ladies and gentlemen. "Pirates of the caribbean: Dead man's chest." Now tell us what it's about. Boy, this -- I don't know how much this movie cost. But boy, it's all on the screen.

Orlando: Yeah.

Jay:T really looks -- it's a beautiful looking movie.

Orlando: It is beautiful. I mean, I think it probably cost a lot more than it should have because we were shooting in hurricane season, down hurricane alley, whh was kind of insane. And we got -- we got stranded twice and, you know, evacuated. It was pretty full-on. But it'sn amazing -- it's an amazing -- I couldn't believe it.I saw it the other morning and I was with my cousin, and I just turned to him and said, "I cannot believe that I'm a part of this movie." Havingad the great good fortune to be a p como "lord of the rings" and now th. You know, who knew the first one was going to be such a huge success? And sudden they decided to and thankfully great writers and gore and johnny and everyone was all psyched.

Jay: Now, did you brush up on your

Orlando: A bit of that.

Orlando: Jayare you good at that anyway?

Orlando: Yeah, it's not like it's a a hobby, but I've done it so ch it might as well be. I mean, throw me back a few hundred years and I'd be a a fantastic pirate, or probably swordsman. You have an action figure.

Orlando: No.

[ Groaning ]

[ Laughteryou or josh lucas. I can't figure out who --

[ Laughter ] You know it's so funny --

Jay: My favorite part is this part. Look, just like real life. You can squeeze your legs, see the swd goes --

[ Laughter ]

Orlando: Yeah, I love it. You know what's really funny, as well.

Jay: Oh, really?

Orlando: Oh, look at tt.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] And you know what's real funny? It has a tail!

Jay: Thank you very much. Isn't that -- yoknow, you got someone on my staff fired. But, thank you very much.

[ Laughter ]

Orlando: We can have a little fight. We can have a little fight -- yeah, exactly, mine's got --

Jay: Obviously, but I just like the handcuffs.

Orlando: The other one's even worse, man. One looked like a little -- you know.

Jay: Didn't you have one for "lord of the rings" as well?

Orlando: Yeah. Those ones were pretty impressive, actually. 'Cause pete, pete jackson is a a real freak for that stuff. He's got collections of all cf1 o those things. But, yeah.

[ Laughter ] I tell you what. I did a talk show in london with cybil shepherd. And we had the legless doll. And it's the same deal. I mean, it must be something about the leg. You squeeze the legs, the arm does the pulling action. She put it between her cleavage on camera and did this action. And the doll was doing this action..

[ Laughter ]

Jay: That doesn't sound like cybil at all. Yes, actually, that's why she was sent to england.

Orlando: It's disgusting.

Jay: We made her leave the country. So she's apparently in england, she's working her way across.

Orlando: She's amazing. B, I just was like, "what do you do with that?". Do you know what I mean?& What do you say?

Jay: Now, we have a clip. Oo you know what this scene is we're going to see?

Orlando: I think -- I think I'm hanging off a spit. I'm about to be spit-roasted --

Jay: And wait till you see how realistic this looks. It's unbelievable. Let's take a look here.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Orlando: I don't know, that's what everyone wants to see.

Jay: No, no. Here we go. Now this is a scene where you're on the island.

Orlando: Right.

Jay: I love this scene. This is -- watch this. I don't want to give it away. Let's take a look. "Pirates of the --"

Orlando: A familiar face.

[ Parrot caws ]

Orlando: Don't eat me.

Orlando: I'm not going to eat you.

Orlando: Don't eat me. No. Don't eat me.

[ Parrot caws ]

[ Drum beats ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Great job. "Dead man's chest." "Pirates of the caribbean." Orlando, thank you, buddy.

Orlando: Thank you.

Jay: Congratulations on the film. We'll be right back with tammy pescatelli, right after this.

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