Orlando Bloom visits 'The Tonight Show' 8/29 transcript

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Orlando Bloom visits 'The Tonight Show' 8/29 transcript

Postby admin » Wed Aug 30, 2006 7:43 am

Jay: My first guest, very talented young actor from england. Some of his films include "lord of the rings," "pirates of the caribbean." He has a new movie called "ven." It's in selected theaters the 15th. See, I lo this because he does big movies, then he does ttle cool movies. This is one of those little cool movies. And it comes out, as I said, on the 15th. Please welcome orlando bloom.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Thank you, buddy. As the crowd goes wild.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Orlando: Nice to see you, everyone. Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you very much. That's a welcome. You get this every night, right?

Jay: No, I don't get it every night. The monologue is what I get every night. They're all here to see you tonight. Hey, congratulations on "pirates 2." It's, like, the biggest movie of the year.

Orlando: I know. It's amazing, isn't it?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now, you know what's interesting? I want to ask you about something, because I read where you guys were constantly delayed by rain.

Orlando: Yeah, we were. We were shooting in hurricane alley in the middle of hurricane season.

Jay: But it was raining in the movie most of the time.

Orlando: I know. What a nightmare. I was like -- I was wet the whole way through the movie. And that was a nice leather coat I was wearing, and I was chafing. It was miserable.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: You were chafing?

Orlando: It was sexy as hell, but it was so uncomfortable.

Orlando: Y: So would they just wait till it rains and then you shoot?

Orlando: They had this rain machine.

Jay: So it's raining and they had a rain machine?

Orlando: Yeah, it's raining and they go figure. It's consistency, you know what it's all about the consistency of the drops. They're that cold. It was freezing and wet and horrible. And you know, I'd like to say, you know, "I'm a butch guy and I can handle that," but really, it was like, "it's time for bed."

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Really? Now, you filmed this in the caribbean.

Orlando: Yeah.

Jay: Did you surf there? I know you're a surfer.

Orlando: Yea man.

Jay: Are you the first english surfer, by the way?

Orlando: I learned to surf in new zealand, funnily enough, on "rings." But no, I didn't actually surf when we were down there. I did a lot of surfing when we were shooting "troy," ough, because we were in cabo. Which o well, I sort of had this -- has anyone ever stood on a sea urchin or had ever come across a sea urchin? You know what they are?

Jay: Oh, yeah.

Orlando: Man.

Jay: Why would you stand on a sea urchin?

Orlando: I didn't intentionally stand on a sea urchin, jay. Don't be crazy.

Jay: Well, you're english. I don't know. There are no sea urchins in enand. Let's try that!" No, I literally -- I was just surfing, and the tide had gone down a bit, and I wiped off on the board, a menos paddling my way up to the top, and I just put my foot down right on a rock, and there was a sea urchin. It had, like, 25 of those things in my foot. My girlfriend peed on it. Apparently, you're supposed to pee on it. It doesn't do -- anything. Believe me.

Jay: Hang on, hang on. Back up, back up.

Orlando: Did absolutely nothing for my foot.

Jay: Wait, back up. You stepped on a sea urchin --

Orlando: Just so she could pee on my foot.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Really?

Orlando: It was all premeditated.

Jay: Why would she pee on your foot?

Orlando: Apparently, I think it's when anything from the ocean gets you. 'Cause if it's a stingray, you pee on them. If it's a sea urchin, you pee on them. I mean, if you see a shark, you should just pee on it. It will probably leave you alone.

[ Laughter ] I don't know.

Jay: So let's say you go out to a nice japanese restaurant. You have sushi.

Orlando: You pee on it.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: No, no. So how does kate -- did you say, "kate, come over here?" Are you outside?

Orlando: I was in so much pain, jay, I can't even tell you. There's nerve endings in the bottom of your foot. It's a very, very painful place to get -- I don't know if anyone's ever -- you know, if you tread on a piece of broken that is. But this was, like, 20 of them, and they were deep, man. And you try and pull them out, and they keep breaking off. You know, they just keep breaking off. They kind of crumble. So I ended up stumbling around the place with this for a week, and I wasn't shooting "troy" at shooting "troy," but I wasn't actually filming that week. But I ended up flying back to L.A. And having surgery. They iced me open three times to get them out, man.

Jay: Ouch. Because one was left in. Stay away from sea urchins.

Jay: And don't stand on them.. unless you want people toee on you. Do you have lot of battle scars? Are you a guy who --

Orlando: Yeah, I sort of do because I've had a lot of those. But I hear you had -- didn't you --

Jay: Yes, I did.

Orlando: You had a motorbike --

Jay: Yeah, butobody here at the network knows I had -- oh, thank you very much.

[ Laughter ] Thank you very much.

Orlando: Is that an insurance issue?

Jay: Well, you've had some motorbike accidents. What do you have?

Orlando: Let's compare.

Jay: All right, let me see yours. The bone came out there, and it was sliced in the knee there.

Jay: No, mine is really too unattractive to show.

Orlando: Let's see it.

Jay: I went down last week.

[ Cheers and applause ] I went down last week, so my legs are all torn up.

Orlando: Oh, my god.

[ Audience oohs ]

Jay: I know. Ow! You're a sea urchin. Pee on him.

Orlando: Dude, I can't believe that. I pull out my -- actually, well, I did have surgery. That doesn't look like you've had to have surgery yet.

Jay: No. At nbc we don't have an hmo..

[ Laughter ] You have socialized -- "suck it up, leno." We'll take a break. More with orlando right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Orlando:> His baby was born in the bathroom.

Orlando: The baby is coming. Ok, the head's out?

Orlando: But scarier still --

Orlando: She's not breathing.

Orlando: So what does dad do?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with orlando bloom. "Haven" is the new movie. I know your primary residence is london. How are things there? Everything good?

Orlando: Yeah, man everything's good. I'm in construction at the house, but apart from that.

Jay: Okay. Your parents are still there.

Orlando: Uh-huh.

Jay: Now, what are they like? Do they ever visit L.A.? Have they come here?

Orlando: Yeah, my mom -- my mom comes occasionally, and my dad, yeah. They all love it because, obviously, the weather and lifestyle and everything.

Jay: Really?

Orlando: Yeah.

Jay: Do they have any, like -- is it what they thought? Do they have any fantasies like -- funny enough -- my dad had this dream. He wanted to, when he was a a kid, you know, younger than me now probably, he came to los angeles, and he wanted to hire a mustang. So he hired, like, the best mustang at the time -- convertible -- and took it out and was driving down sunset, and he got pulled over for speeding. He was driving too slowly.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Really?

Orlando: He was driving too slowly.

Jay: He wasn't on the wrong side of the road?

Orlando: It wasn't on the wrong side of the rode. He got pulled over because he was so nervous. Bless my dad.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: Now, did you watch american tv growing up?

Orlando: I did, yeah. I watched all the --

Jay: What were the hot shows? When you were a young man.

Orlando: You know, I loved "the fall guy," man. Lee majors was grt. I kind of wanted to be a stunt man, really. I wanted to be a stunt man, and then I realized that lee major was actually acting as if he was a stunt man, and maybe that was a bad idea.

Jay: Were you a "knight rider" -- did they have "knigh rider"?

Orlando: "Knight rider," yeah, of course. "Knight rider," "a-team" and all the rest of it. Because somewhere it was written about that I like "knight rider." Which, you know, I mean, I liked it, but not more than anybody else.

Jay: But you were 8.

Orlando: But I was 8, you know what I mean? And david hasselhoff comes up to me and goes, "hey, so I hear you like 'knight rider.' Well, we're going to make the movie, and I would love it if you would play my son." And I was like, "um, yeah, great, that would be awesome. I'd love that. Let's go talk to my manager. She's right over here." And she was like --

Jay: Was that your david hasselhoff impression?

Orlando: No, ion't do a very good impression. No, it wasn't that bad. Did you watch the "a-team"?

Orlando: I loved mr. T. Didn't you love mr. T? I think that's why I wear -- oh, look. Listen to that.

[ Voice booming through mic ] Hello..

[ Normal ] No, I think that's why I wear all this stuff around my neck.

>Jay: Really? Because of the influence as a& a young child.Orlando: With this american culture seeping into the U.K. And my brain infiltrating.&

Jay: Now, we were talking during the break. We haveomething in common. You're dyslexic as well.

Orlando: Yes, I am.

Jay: But I'm left-handed. You're right-handed.

Orlando: I know.

Jay: Which is -- I don't know if that's worse or better. You're dyslexic. I don't know if it's worse or better.

Orlando: I think it's better for you, right? If you're left-handed, it's better for you.

Jay: Right.

Orlando: You f1 didn't you?

Orlando: Y: Not really.

Orlando: Well, I got a degree in acting.

Orlando: Jayoh, there you are.& Were you trouble in school?. Did you have the ability but did not apply yourself? You're not intelligent. You know what I mean? And I knew I wasn't dumb or stupid. But I just -it was sort of a a harder -- the learning process was harder. And it was actually described to me really well by a school teacher. Cf1 oif you imagine that you are -- if you're not dyslexic, you have a window to your brain, and let's say the window to your brain is this big. You can see all the vocabulary and stuff in your mind, so if you wanted to spell a word or whatever, you look into your brain and you pull that word out. If you're dyslexicyou have all that information, but the & kind have to move it around to get the information. So it's not that you don't have the intellect. It's just that it's a bit more of a struggle.

Jay: What if your window's, like, really diy?

[ Laughter ]

Orlando: Well, you could say if you're dyslexic it's a bit

Jay: Tell us about "haven." I was just saying this is what I like most about english & actors is they like the work. Low-budget --

Orlando: I loved making this movie.

Jay: Tell us about it.

Orlando: It was excellent to be pa of an independent film. I don't know about you, but I love to go see independent movies.

Jay: Right. Anything over $10 million -- under $10 million, you have to

Orlando: Yeah, you have to be in the moment. We're literally carrying lights across the street. It was a real family affair. Do you know what I mean? It was like we shot it -- I was like -- I called my manager the first night. I was like, "I've got eight sceshy o sword moves, and I'm done.? You know what I mean?

[ Light lauter ]

Jay: "A few flashy sword


[ Laughter ]

Orlando: But this is a movie wch is so dear to my heart. Because, you know, I met this guy -- frank E. Flowers is the director. He was 24 years old when he directed this movie. I mean, that's a feat in itself.

Jay: Sure.

Orlando: And it's really -- I play a a guy from the wrong side of the tracks in love with a rich black girl from the island. You know, it's a gritty little love story.

Jay: What island, jamaica?

Orlando: It's set in the cayman islands. First movie ever shot in the the cayman islands. Cayman islands is a tax haven. There's a lot of ex-pats there. The thing about it for the caymanian people is that the & banks will give them money to buy a car, but they don't give them enough money to buy land, and anyway the land has shot up in pri because it's a luxury holiday location. And the funny thing is that what this film really does is -- when you gon location or go on holiday, you flick through a holiday brochure and you see, you know, like, "oh, . That looks like a cool beach," or wherever. You go, "great, I'll go there." You arrive at this place. You sit by the pool. You sip your drinks, or you go really don't ever see the underbelly of that place.

Jay: The real island.

Orlando: The real island. And this is e real island. This is the real underbelly. It's kind of gritty. Some people have said it's a a bit too hardcore.

Jay: Let's see. Now, what's happening in this scene?

Orlando: It deals with real teen issues. It deals with a lot of stuff. This is -- I've just taken the first night of my girlfriend's womanhood.

Jay: Ah.

Orlando: That was well put, wasn't it? When they talk about such things. Let's take a look.

Orlando: Real men. British men.

[ Knocking ]

Orlando: Open the door. There's somebody in there. What's going on?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: He gets away.

Orlando: I tell you what. I tell you, one thing about this film which I love is it's the first film for me where I'm not -- I haven't got a sword and sandals. I'm not in a costume. And it's closer to me than any of the others, really, because it's sort of --

Jay: Well, cool, it opens on the 15th.

Orlando: The 15th of september.

Jay: Orlando, I know you gotta run. Thank you, mate.

Orlando: I want to give you this.

Jay: What've you got there?

Orlando: "Haven."

Jay: Oh, thank you buddy. Oh, "haven." Thanks. Thank you very much. Be right back with carrot top right after this.

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