Orlando Bloom visits 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' transcript 9/12

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Orlando Bloom visits 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' transcript 9/12

Postby admin » Wed Sep 13, 2006 2:48 am

>> Jimmy: Welcome back to the program. On the show tonight, emily deschanel from the show "bones" and music from lyfe jennings. You've seen our first guest in 11 movies that have grossed more than $2 billion around the world. That's three "lord of the rings," two "pirates of the caribbean" and one "blackhawk down." His new movie, called "haven," opens this friday. Please welcome the richest man in the world, orlando bloom.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jimmy: Thank you for coming. You can see there's -- normally, there's, like -- 90% guys here or something.

>> Very beautiful audience. Thank you.

>> Jimmy: Yeah. Let me tell you -- I'm being totally honest -- some of the women here have been waiting since 9:00 this morning. And they brought folding chairs with them. And you know that's serious. Yoknt' len brolir w .

,Ghimmy at about 11:00, their numbers D. T0eeit fo cir ,t became like0 y

the most punk wall group of stalkers I've ever seen.

[ Cheers and applause ] You really do.

>> Well, you know, i love them as much as they love me.

>> Jimmy: There's not a chance that that's true. Do you get this, like if you go to a laundromat? Are people waiting with folding chairs?

>> I'm always at the laundromat. Taking off my jeanS. Throwing them in the wash.

[ Screams ]

>> Jimmy: They like that sort ofyou. Honestly. And I know you're going to do the humble thing. Have you ever asked a girl out and she said no?

>> Yeah.

>> Jimmy: Really?

>> I'm lyG.

>> Jimmy: He's lying. He never has.

>> Let me think about it.

[ Bleep ] I can't remember.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jimmy: All right. At least that's honest. That's what i would have guessed, also.

>> Yeah. Exactly.

>> Jimmy: Well, true is true. It's not you being -- thinking you're something big or whatever. It's the truth. Women go crazy for you. And there's a couple weird guys out there, too.

[ Laughter ]

>> You should see dogs, as well. Dogs love me.

>> Jimmy: Is that right? Babies? Do they smile at you?

>> They tend to. And i freak out when they cry. Like what did i do?

>> Jimmy: All right. Let's get past that, if we can. I heard you just, for the first time ever, got a computer.

>> Yeah. I do.

>> Jimmy: When did you get it?

>> Yesterday.

>> Jimmy: Yesterday.

[ Laughter ] You've never owned a computer before.

>> No.

>> Jimmy: You don't need internet pornography.

>> I have the real thing.

>> Jimmy: There's no need for it. Are you not interested. You must be interested. You just bought one. What happened? Could you not afford one?

[ Laughter ]

>> I like the introduction. Richest man in the world. That was great. I never wanted to buy into it. To be honest, the idea of sitting down at the end of the day and having to answer a million e-mails -- and it goes wrong. Or you lose it. And it becomes this thing, where it has your music, your movies, and you life on it. What do you do when you lose it? People get ahold of me.

>> Jimmy: But you did buy one now?

>> I got a lot more music. No. It's -- i guess it's just going that way. What I'm going to try to do is limit the amount of people that have access to it. So that i only have to answer my mom. And i can do -- see pictures of my sister.

>> Jimmy: Did you sign up for an e-mail address?

>> Yeah. Apparently there's a myspace. Apparently there is a myspace thing. Apparently there's somebody acting like me on myspace.

>> Jimmy: Really?

>> I hope he's getting something from it.

>> Jimmy: Yeah. I'm sure he's -- yeah.

>> I'll get an e-mail account.

>> Jimmy: You don't have one yet?

>> No.

>> Jimmy: Will you get a printer?

>> What would i use a printer for.

>> Jimmy: You have to have a screen name. That's what you really need.

>> Right? Like a what?

>> Jimmy: They're usually numbers and letters combined. Like hunky brewster 9 #.

>> Mine will be the fold away girls.

>> Jimmy: Who are the fold-away girls?

>> Didn't you say they come at #:00 in the morning.

>> Jimmy: That would be great. There they are. You can hug them.

[ Cheers and applause ] Who wants a hug?

>> Jimmy: You realize what you've done is -- you've increased the number of women that are going to chase you around everywhere by 1 million-fold.

>> That was just a one-time thing.

>> Jimmy: There you go. Hopefully -- will you all go see the new movie?

[ Cheers and applause ] You don't have to bring your own chairs.

>> "Haven's" the first movie that's most like me in a way. It was written for me. The kid that directed it is this 24-year-old guy. He was born and raised in the cayman islands. The cayman islands is a multicultural type of place. A british kid like me can exist there. He wrote the role for me. And the young guy, falls in love with this rich black girl. The father doesn't want it to happen. And the older brother does something really awful to me. I get physically scarred. And it's all for love. It's a roam yes and jult kind of thing.

>> Jimmy: I think it's not a great idea to scar that face for the movie. That may -- is your face scarred through the whole film?

>> I wanted it to be really scarred. I wanted to lose an eye. That would take too much time. It's not going to be in the biggest cinemas.

>> Jimmy: You're a producer on the film?

>> Yeah.

>> Jimmy: Is this your first producing job?

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. I have to say. This kid directed the film called "swallow." It was a 20-minute film. It was so good. And i thought, he's 24. And he -- you know, we collaborated on the whole thing. I thought this is a great opportunity to do something with this guy.

>> Jimmy: Did he get nervous that his producer didn't have a laptop?

>> No. My assistant had one.

>> Jimmy: There you go. We have a clip from the film.

>> Cool.

>> Jimmy: Do you need to tell us what we're going to see?

>> I think you're going to see -- it's an intense, little moment. Basically, i have the scar on my face at this point. And my best friend who is this young kid, didn't alarm me when the parents came home. The reason the family hates me is because i take this girl's virginity. I'm the first guy -- i take her wombhood. It's the first night. She turns legal. We make out. And we have sex and stuff. And the parents come home from a fishing trip. My friend was supposed to wake me up. And he didn'T. I hate him now. I'm scarred and it's his fault.

>> Jimmy: From the new movie, "haven."

>> You should roll out tonight. Richard is having his birthday bash.

>> I'll catch you later.

>> You can't just expect to drop out of the world, man. It's just looks. You're still the same person. Oh, my god.

>> It's just looks. You want to try walking around like this.

>> Jimmy: There you go. Really grabbed his head there.

>> Well, i was going to go for a kid. And I thought --

>> Jimmy: You're headed off to the premiere right now?

>> I am, indeed.

>> Jimmy: Congratulations.

[ Cheers and applause ] Orlando bloom, everybody. "Haven" opens on friday

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