Orlando Bloom visits 'The Tonight Show' transcript 5/15

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Orlando Bloom visits 'The Tonight Show' transcript 5/15

Postby admin » Wed May 16, 2007 10:39 am

All right. My first guest, a huge international star and more importantly, a very nice guy. He's in "pirates of the caribbean: At worlds end." It's expected to bthe biggest film of the s about any summer. It opens may 25th. Please welcome orlando bloom!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Good to see you my friend.

>> Jay, how are you? Good to see you!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Oh! "Pirates of the caribbean 3," you know, I've been thinking about this, you've been will turner for, like, almost half of your professional life.

>> Most of my adult life.

>> Jay: You know what, it's true, though.

>> It is, yes.

>> Jay: How many years you have invested in these "pirate" movies all together?

>> Let me see. I probably started when I was about 24 and I'm now 30, so yeah. I guess it's been a few years.

>> Jay: Wow, okay. Wow, all right. All right. Now, when you signed on to do this film -- we got -- we got this pirate movie and it takes place in the caribbean.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Did -- any idea it would be this? What did you think?

>> You know, I had -- I had no idea. I mean, when we started it, it a film in australia with geoffrey rush, and he said to me, this is a great script. And he signed up to do it.

Jay: Yeah.

>> And I was like, oh, my god, you know, geoffrey's opinion is massive.

>> Jay: Sure.

>> So I was like, great. And I -- and then johnny signed up.Pp.

>> Jay: Right, right.

>> You know, as we all are.

[ Cheers and applause ] So it was -- yeah. So it was -- iwas just -- it was amazing. And then3 f1 were making a movie about a a disney ride.

>> Jay: Right.

[ Lahter ]

>> And it turned into -- the very cool thing about it, is I think that the audience has really -- the fans have really tak ownership of this movie. That's the way it feels to me.

>> Jay: Right, right.

>> 'S like, people have really gone -- you know, they haven't dumbed up the script for the audience. You go, "okay, so what are murtogg and mullroy doing at this point?" Or what about pintel and ragetti? Some of the -- you know, and a little moment to shine, which is what's very cool about it.

>> Jay: Now would you do a "four" is there talk of a o cf1 o

>> Jay: "Ten" -- "ten" would be good.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Yeah, you know? I'm -- I'm going to come out -- I'm going to come out with a out in a wheel chair.

[ Laughter ] And we will be like this. That'd be hilarious.

>> Jay: Now before, we've talked about your mom. I know you and your mom are very close.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Now does she come visit you on the set? Or is that -- are you one of it makes me nervous."

>> No, she insists on coming.

>> Jay: Does it make you nervous?

>> You know what it is I'm learning is, it's really good to communicate to your mother.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> And I'm -- it's a really good thing to tell her everything. And that way --

[ Audience aws ] She won't guess everything. And like read stuff and go, "oh, that's what you are doing tomorrow or "this is what you were doing yesterday." Or whatever.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

>> She tends to read stuff and think it's all happening. And I'm like, "no,o cf1 o it's not true."

>> Jay: Really? I mean, does she buy the tabloids and go, "oh, look, I had no idea my son was adopted." I think she just --

>> Jay: That's what my mother does. You know, I would be in the -- job, there'd be all of these "I didn'T." "Well, it's in the paper." "I didn't do it." "Well, it must be true. Why would it be in the paper?"

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah.

>> And with the internet as well. It like, what do you do? I mean, she just looks at that --

>> Jay: Now, I know your mom -- I think you told me this before, isn't your mom like a a e aficianado?

>> Yeah, she is. It's funny. She's -- I get -- the first thing she did when she came on set the first time, she was and so she got a picture with johnny. "And how about an autograph?" So, okay. So we get her an autograph. And she's go this wall ootos en la casa. And right bang in the center is this beautiful one of johnny. I'm sort of off to the side.

[ Laughter ] And there's johnny.

>> It's true. It's like, I'm like, oh, no.

>> Jay: Is there something creepy about watching your mom go nuts over johnny depp?

>> Yeah, there really is.

>> Jay: You go, "mom. Mom, would you not do that, please?"

>> "Stop that!" It's just not cool.

>> Jay: Now, keith richards makes a cameo.

>> He does.

>> Jay: Now how is that? I have met him. We do jokes about him all

>> Jay: But he's actually a a very nice guy. How was he -- was he --

>> Honestly, I wasn't on set. I can't -- I'm sorry to not

>> Yeah, I wasn't working that day. And I just thought he's probably going to be hounded by so many people.

>> Jay: Right. Stories. And he sounded like, you know, just a rock and roll star.

>> Jay: What didou hear? What is the story? He had a good time.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Well, he always has a a good time.

>> Yeah, absolute.

>> Jay: Now I understand these "pirates" posters

>> Right.

>> Jay: Especially yours. Now why do you think that is?

[ Cheers and applause ] Oh! I think -- I think my mom has got somebody out there.

[ Laughter ] She's paying them off.

>> There's one. She's got a stack of them and I have to go home and sign them.

>> Jay: Righ

>> And send them T.

>> Jay: Well, I mean, everything about the movie doesn't it? It's just -- pp>> Yeah. Yeah, it's funny. It really becomes like that. It's odd. I managed to get my sword which was -- actually, probably, I shouldn't have told you that.

[ Laughter ] But yeah, it was -- well, it was, kind of, a big deal. I was like, I really want my you know?

>> Jay: Right?

>> My sword from -- I got my bow and arrow from "lord and the rings."

>> Jay: Right.

>> I got my sword from "kingdom of heaven." I'd like to have my sword from

>> Jay: And you must be a very good sword fighter now, by this point. 'Cause you must have to put

>> I'm a madman to sleep with.

>> Jay: Are you a good sword fighter? Do you think you can take on a a professional sword fighter? Spend sword fighting

>> I start going -- action. I turn that around and use it as a club. I'd ent a lot of time. Things. And this -- I mean, I was like, am I an actor or stunt man?

>> Ja yeah.

>> I'm not entire's obviously -- in the first vie, he's like, oh, you're a great swordsman.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> So he's got the whole thing. I have to get -- I just wanted

>&gtJay: About that, 'cause I know early on, didn't you break your back when you were a kid?

>> I did, yeah.

>> Jay: You told me that.

>> Uh-huh.

>> Jay: I mean, does it stil-- do you still have pain there? I mean, were you doing all of the --

>> Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it'sntengo trabajar enlo. I keep doing things to keep it limber and stuff.

>> Jay: Yeah? Ay.

>> I use it as a good excuse to keep, you know, moving and back than most pple later on.

>> Jay: Yeah?

>> That's what I keep telling myself. Positive thinking, right?

>> Jay: Yeah, right. Look, we'll take ] O ,

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with orlando bloom. Now, we were -- we were talking during the break, and I asked you, I said, do you feel like this gets too big, like too crazy? And you said you want to do some other things. What do you want to do?

>> Yeah, I'm looking at doing some stage here in london, actually. It'll be great. I went to drama school for three years. That's where I got my training. And I always -- so I'm -- you know, I mean, that's what we were talking about -- like, having a live audience there. It's gonna be really terrifying, I think.

>> Jay: Now, why would it be terrifying? What's scary?

>> Well, I don't know. I just haven't done it for so long. You know, it's like when you're -- you know, when you're on camera, it's like things get cut and edited and, you know, put together. But that's -- it's that -- I think it will give me a lot of confidence to, kind of, come back to the --

>> Jay: Like, when you're on stage as an actor -- like, I know somf1 of look at faces, but you try not to make eye contact, 'cause it throws yooff. Is it the same thing when doing "hamlet" or something?

>> Yeah, you seriously have the lights so bright, though. In stand-up, I guess, it's like faces, but you know, on stage, the lights are so bright. But I mean, literally, I haven't been on stage for ten years, since I left drama school.

>> Jay: Oh, it's much worse now. 'Cause this is what you get now. This is what you get in the theater now. "Yeah, I'm watching him now! He's good!"

[ Laughter ]

>> Yea exactly.

>> Jay: "Yeah, I'm really enjoying the show! Yeah! It's good! I'll call you later!"

[ Laughter ]

>> Exactly.

>> Jay: You actually see people on the phone, and f1 most --

>> And there's a video camera.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> And it's just a little red light.

>> Jay: Oh, they have the little ones.

>> Yeah.

>> I know it is. It's gonna be interesting.

>> Jay: Now, we were talking about -- you were talking about motorcycles during the break. See, all of thing the break.

>> I know. That's right.

>> Jay: Now, but in your contract -- I mean, you have these three movies, and they're allowed to cross the street alone." Or "you can't walk up a flight of stairs." I mean, don't they have all it's fny. I was -- well, in "lord of the rings," we were filming --e had one of our locations down in queenstown. And queenstown is like the there. And we'd had this letter before saying, you know, basically do nothing.

>> Jay: Right. Rafting, no -- and there's all this crazy stuff that you can do there. And there was this bungee jper at the top of the town, and he was just screaming my

>> Jay: Really?

>> And I'm crazy for that. So, and I'd broken my back, you and I was like -- so I went up think I could do this? And you know, I broke my back." And he goes, "well, I mean, what else have you been doing I'm making a movie, so I'm horse riding."

>> Jay: Like he's a doctor!

>> Yeah, right.

[ Laughter ] I usted es caballo you'll be fine!"

>> Jay: It's like if you ask the carnival guys if it's safe. "I broke my back." "

>> I'm like, right. Well, if you know something -- exactly. "Well, this is fantastic. So I'm in!"

>> Jay: Y don't call your

>> And I did it backwards my first time.

>> Yeah, terrifying.

>> Jay: And it was okay?

>> Yeah, I managed to get -- your own -- 'cause you don't have friends there to, like, gear you up. You know, you get, "woo-hoo! Come on, can you do it." And I'm like, "no, all right."

>> Jay: Now, that's what you should do. Now, I heard you just bought your first computer.

>> Yeah. What is --

[ Laughter ] See, I thought everybody your age had computers from, like,

>> I know. You know what the terrible and I'm not proud to admit it, but I still haven't really taken it out of the box.

>> Jay: Really?

[ Lauger ]

>> I'm slightly terrified of it, you know.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: So, why did you buy it? Why did you get it?

>> 'Cause I -- 'cause it'she first step to me taking it out of the box.

>> Jay: Taking it out of the box.

[ Laughter ] 'Cause I checked something online. And you're, like, the second

>> My mom, she likely did it.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Which is impressive, until you realize the first was paris hilton. Then you go --

[ Laughter ] "Oh, man. That's not so good."

>> Oh, man. Great.

>> Jay: Have you ever --

[ Laughter ] Do you google? Do you do that? Well, you've never done it, no.

>> No, never. I don'T. I really don'T.

>> Jay: Do you have someone who

>> I have -- no, and I really don't want to know, please. I'm like -- I mean, not, you up to me in my hometown. Goes, "I'm angel." I said, "you're who?" He said, "I'm angel." I'm, like -- "I'm four down on your myspace." "My what? My space? What space?"

[ Laughter ] I'm like -- "I'm angel, I'm four down onour myspace." He's got tattoos here and bleach blond hair. And I'm like, "dude, I don't know what that is.

[ Laughter ] But it's nice to meetou." He was really, really kind of freaky. So, I guess -- I guess there's somebody acting as me online somewhere. I just hope they're having a a lot of fun.

>> Jay: Well, there you E.

[ Laughter ] Now, let's show a clip from the "pirates." What's happening in this scene? Do you know what's happening here?

>> I think -- looks like it's, like, in the ship. Looks like there might be some fighting.

[ Laughter ] There's definitely -- there'll definitely be some sword fighting. Prably a few explosions. But this --

>> Jay: Oh, is this the romance -- so the romantic -- - romance and fighting.

>> Romance and figtting all in one. And fighting. Perfect date movie. Okay. Here we go.

>> Pereect date movie. There we go.

>> Jay: "Pirat

>> Elizabeth! Elizabeth? Will you marry me?

>> I don't think now's the best time!

>> Now may be the only time! I love you! I've made my choice. With you!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: All right! Well, there you go. Orlando bloom. "Pirates of the caribbean 3." Thank you, my friend. Thanks for staying to meet maria. You've gotta stay for maria. Be right back with 9-year-old maria lark.

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