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Postby georgyporgy » Mon Mar 04, 2002 9:56 am

Graham Norton Show 3/1/02
as transcribed by Arwenelf from the The One Ring Net Message Boards

The show is very outrageous and you need a sense of humor for it!

Graham Norton, throws on big grey wig. Lights dim, wind machine gets up, lights dim…..

GN- “I am Gandalf. One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them….for I have a magic ring….that’s what they tell me (laughs…wind machine blows wig…).Oh ****â€￾.
Gets back on track and carries on….
“I see Legooo….Leogolassie….oh the blond one with the bow and arrow, ladies and gentlemen, the star of LOTR and BHD……ORLANDO BLOOM….

Bloom walks in, music is Poison Arrow by ABC. Wearing black leather jacket, cream shirt and jeans. Sits in chair and Cybil Shepard drools over him!!!
He looks relaxed and smiling.

GN- No, you’re IT now!
OB- Am I?
GN- Well, you know what I mean, obviously Orlando, we knew who you were, but now, the new Leo di Caprio!!!
OB- Leo di Caprio????
GN- Seriously, no, I don’t know how many emails we got. We put out an email search, an internet search on your name and……29,000 results!!!!!!!
OB- (looks gobsmacked!!!) (laughs) NO, OHHHH!!!!!
GN- Yeees, apparently up to 50 fans an hour are joining the clubs for you. Is that weird?
OB- Yeah, that is weird cause I’m a technophobe. I don’t have an email, a computer. I just haven’t seen any of it!
(Looks amazed still)
GN- Just as well, I have!!!!

Laughter all round
OB- Oh great!!
GN- Are women kind of throwing themselves at you now?
OB- Well not really. I have long blond hair in the movie and I don’t think people really recognize me as yet.
Cybil Shepard – I didn’t!
GN-You look sooo different. (SHOWS PIC OF LEGOLAS) Did you have to look like that? Is that what Leggylooloo looks like?
OB- (laughs).Yeah, he, kind of….Leggylooloo…I like that
GN- What is his name?
OB- Don’t worry, Leggylooloo works great. Pointy eared bow twanger works too!! (LAUGHS)
GN- There you go!!!-You started off a very normal actor, and you’ve done all the regular things….

Both together….Guildhall, Casualty, National Youth Theatre….
GN- London’s Burning?
GN- Oh you didn’t do London’s Burning?
OB- NO, no (Shakes head)
GN- Ahhh, you haven’t lived
OB- Yeah, I know
GN- But you did do Midsummer Murders?
OB- Yeah, actually I got that gig straight out of, well, I got LOTR and the very next day I walked into the audition and I said…Well, I’ve just got LOTR and they said…well do you want to do Midsummer Murders and I was like…..yeah OK…..(Shrugs and smiles)
GN- Did you DIE????
OB- (Looks up, grimaces).Yeah, God, terribly…I died....
GN- (buts in) Oh tell all…..
OB- I got a pitchfork in the stomach (gargles and demonstrates) I did this awful death thing. It was terrible
CS- What show is this?
GN- (Jaw drops) It’s this village where the murder rate is higher than New York.
GN- Now, the other thing, very exciting-you have turned into merchandising! Here you are!
(Pulls out Legolas doll and exclaims) Isn’t that great…..What a doll (laughter)
OB- Oh yeah (smiles) I’m a doll!
GN- (is trying to open package now)
OB- You know, he’s only trying to get it open as he’s gonna ask me to play with myself!!
(Yes people it’s that kind of show and we love it)
GN- Do you know, it hadn’t even crossed my mind! (Smiles)
(Much laughter all round now)
GN- Hang on…….(Gets doll out)
OB- Isn’t that great (ref. to doll in GN hands) My kids are gonna be able to play with my doll!
OB- Nooo, but when I do….
GN- Not yet Cybil….(plays with doll)
OB- (goes into explaining how to play with Legolas figure and fires arrow)
GN- So sweet….you know how to play with your doll.
OB- (Laughs and throws doll in air)
CS- (Shoves doll down the front of her top. OB looks mortified and covers his face and looks away)
OB- (laughing now) I love it. Have you got a picture of that? That is fantastic, I gotta get this on video!

They then chat for nanosecond on his new film project with Heath Ledger. OB says he plays a character who is a bit of a ladies man. Film is Ned Kelly and he plays one of the mates.








***Thanks to Orlando Bloom Online & The Orlando Bloom Files***

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Postby Jenna » Mon Mar 04, 2002 1:48 pm

LOL, I loved the part when she put the doll down her shirt.

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Postby Wink » Wed Aug 21, 2002 8:36 pm

Graham Norton is a riot! He's sooo funny! I saw this on TV and I cringed for Orlando when Cybil put Legolas down her top.
It was hilarious though!

Kennedy, I saw the Johnny Vaughan show. He and Jason Isaacs appeared on the show to mainly talk about Black Hawk Down and also about Orlando being a pretty boy. Lol :D

If you want to see the clip, here's a link for you. on JV show

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Postby Helena » Sun Jan 12, 2003 11:48 am

That interview was a scream. I wish I could access his show here because that man is brilliant

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