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sorry, missed the beginning.

Jay: Oh, well, well --

>> And he was like, "you keep trying to mess up that hair. It's not working." That's a quote.

>> Jay: So now you're back -- you're back to work on "charmed."

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: On the show, okay.

>> And you have these trained pigs on, which reminded me of when we did the season premiere this year. It was about three months ago. And we had a trained dog --

>> Jay: Right.

>> -- That was paige, rose mcgowan's character, gets a job walking dogs, as a dog walker. And so we're doing this scene, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the dog is in the scene, and I hear the trainer off to the side go, "hump her, harley! Hump her! Hump her!" And this dog takes a running leap to rose mcgowan's leg and just starts humping and humping.

[ Laughter ] And humping. And rose kicks this --

>> Jay: I'm sorry. How did the dog do it again?

[ Laughter ] I'm sorry, I was --

[ Cheers and applause ] You know, I missed it. I was -- you know something? I was -- I was looking over there. I missed that part. Yeah, okay.

>> The best part was -- is that rose kicked the dog off, and the dog was still humping the air.

[ Light laughter ] Like -- like with his face on. It was a bulldog. And then because --

>> Jay: I know the feeling.

[ Laughter ] Every guy knows that face. Yeah, yeah. Don't think you have to explain the face, yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> You know that face.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> That face. And because it's "charmed," and nothing is as it seems, the dog actually turns into a man, played by joe millionaire.

>> Jay: Oh, wow.

>> Played the humping dog.

>> Jay: Wow. I could see that, actually. Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> Good casting, right?

>> Jay: Now didn't you just get a new dog? You had a new, little --

>> I did. I have a new little chihuahua. She's like a pound. Her name's lucy. My boyfriend gave her to me three days ago. And she's --

>> Jay: Oh, so it's brand-new, oh.

>> Yeah, it's brand-new.

>> Jay: So you have a new boyfriend?

>> I do have a new boyfriend.

>> Jay: Now who's your new boyfriend?

>> I don't want to talk about it, 'cause I'm afraid I'm gonna jinx it, 'cause it's going so well.

>> Jay: What would be jinxed about it?

>> I don't know. He could end up in a strip club or something.

[ Audience ohs ]

>> Jay: Is he in show business?

>> He is. He's an actor. Yes, and you know his name. I know you know his name.

>> Jay: Does he have an actory name?

>> I don't think so, but I know you do.

>> Jay: Tell me his name, and I'll tell you if it's an actor name.

[ Light laughter ]

>> His name is eric dane.

>> Jay: Eric dane. That's a male stripper name.

[ Laughter ]

>> And he's actually a colonel in the state of kentucky. So he's colonel dane.

>> Jay: Oh, he just told you that. He wanted to pick a state far away you couldn't check.

>> No, I've seen the card and everything.

>> Jay: Now, and he's an actor? He's on like -- he's on -- he's in like soaps and things, right?

>> No, he's actually on "charmed."

>> Jay: Oh, he's on -- oh, he's on "charmed" now. Okay.

>> Yeah, it's life imitating art, my boyfriend. And I don't want to talk about it anymore, 'cause this is what happens.

>> Jay: Oh, okay. And that's his real name, you know, my real name is lance bedrock. Did you know that?

[ Laughter ] All right, look, we'll take a little break.

>> Okay.

>> Jay: More after this. More with the humping alyssa milano right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with alyssa milano. She was just telling about her boyfriend. What's -- great dane? Is that his name?

[ Light laughter ] Oh, eric dane. Now this has only been going on a short time.

>> Yeah, we've been seeing each other for four months.

>> Jay: Oh, okay. 'Cause before, though, weren't you dating one of the kids from -- was it menudo? Oh, 'n sync, I'm sorry. Was it justin? Was it justin?

>> You're bad.

>> Jay: Did I see you with justin timberlake?

>> Yeah, for a -- for a little, very short amount of time.

>> Jay: Oh.

>> Before there was demi and ashton, there was alyssa and justin.

>> Jay: Oh, now -- so how long did that last?

>> It lasted, like, four months.

>> Jay: Oh, well, that's pretty long.

>> Yeah, four months is my thing, apparently.

>> Jay: Yeah, four months is about -- that's about right? Now how does that work? Just didn't -- didn't work out?

>> Yeah, it was a mutual thing.

>> Jay: A mutual thing.

>> But I'm still friends with him.

>> Jay: Oh, okay, well, that's --

>> Yeah. That's a good thing. He's a very sweet guy.

>> Jay: Well, and now you have a great dane.

>> Now I have a great dane and a chihuahua.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: Now I know you just got back. You did a uso tour, which I thought was very cool. You -- where'd you go? To kuwait and everything?

>> I did. I went to kuwait and baghdad and qatar.

>> Jay: Wow. Did you wear this?

>> It was an incredible -- something similar, yeah. Got to, you know, boost up the morale over there. And it was an incredible experience. I was actually in baghdad two months after the war ended, and it was just insane. We went with robert de niro and gary sinise and rebecca romijn-stamos.

>> Jay: Okay, now what do you talk with robert de niro on a 24-hour plane trip? 'Cause he doesn't talk a lot.

>> He doesn't talk much, does he?

>> Jay: No.

>> I heard he did the show and didn't talk much.

>> Jay: Yeah. "How's the movie?" "Good."

[ Light laughter ] I mean, he's a great guy, but he's not like a talker.

>> We were getting on the c-140, which is, you know, we were traveling with tommy franks, so it was like a big thing.

>> Jay: Right.

>> And the propellers were going, and there was wind, and it's 130 degrees and really dramatic. And de niro was hiding behind his little video camera. And at one point, his hat flew off of his head, down the, you know, the runway. And he actually went to go get it. And they were like, "no, no, no." They're like, "quick, tommy franks is on the plane, let's go."

>> Jay: "Get away from the propellers, mr. De niro." Yeah, that's not a good idea. Not a good idea.

>> Exactly.

>> Jay: Well, that was cool. That was very good that you did that.

>> I had an amazing time. And I have so much appreciation for them over there. And I want them back now.

>> Jay: Good, good. Very good. Now tell us about --

[ Applause ] -- Your movie with david spade, "dickie roberts." It got great reviews today. I'm glad for dave. He's a friend of ours. I'm glad the movie's --

>> It's a really funny movie. I saw it about a month ago. And I laughed throughout the whole thing. And I hope everybody loves it.

>> Jay: And what do you play in it? Girlfriend. It's about a --

>> Jay: Is that a stretch? How did that work?

[ Laughter ] No, I'm asking. Is that hard to do? I mean -- no. You're taking it wrong. I mean, you're a lovely, sweet person. It must be hard for you to act that way.Omon

[ Light gter that's what I meant. That's what I -- oh, shut up!

[ Laughter ] No, you are. You're a nice person. I mean, is it fun to play that kind of b****y person?

>> It was. It was really fun. And that's what I -- I think is so great about david, is he's he allows otr opbef1o funny, as l>: 'S about what?-Graciosa, tambien. Child star. And he wants a second chance, so he goes in for an audition with rob reiner. And rob says, "I would love to give you this role, but you are not a real person. You've had no childhood. How do you expect to play this role?" So dickie roberts decides that he's gonna go out and rent a family to relive his childhood, to be like a normal person. And the chaos ensues. And it's really a lot fun.

>> Jay: Okay, now we have a clip. This is a scene of you being b****y. Oh, you're only dating him for his money, right?

>> Yeah, this is a clip where I'm trying to win him back, because he's just about to make a huge comeback.

>> Jay: Boy, that works for me right there. All right, let's take a look.

>> So bad.

>> But first, let's loosen things up a bit. Light some candles. Drink some champagne.

>> Okay.

>> Okay. Do it.

>> Oh, me. Yeah.

>> The finest bubbly. Do you like that painting?

>> Huh?

[ Cork popping ]

>> Ow!

>> Oh! Gotcha! Got away from me. Ooh, this baby's wound up. In coming!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Very funny. Very funny. "Dickie roberts," it opens this friday. Alyssa, always a pleasure. Thank you, sweetheart.

>> Thank you so much.

>> Jay: Say hi to eric for me.

>> I will.

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thanks :X:X

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