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February 28, 2002 - Orlando Bloom has reacted to news of his huge internet popularity telling IMDB,"I'm a complete technophobe, which is why I don't have e-mail, but now my mum wants me to start my own website." So maybe we'll see an official website soon?

February 27, 2002 - IMDBPro.com reports Orlando Bloom has been one their most sought-after people in their database since The Fellowship Of The Rings opened in America, and he has held the number one slot for the last eight consecutive weeks.

February 27, 2002 - Thanks georgyporgy. The Swedish Cosmo interview with Orlando Bloom from their February 2002 issue is on the message board. In it, Orlando tells of his preference for "Blondes. I like nice, sweet girls." Read more.

February 19, 2002 - Thanks dw2. "Orlando will be a presenter at the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) Awards on Sunday, February 24. don't know what time...on BBC1. i've heard the show is supposed to be shown on E!, but i'm still checking on it."

February 17, 2002 - Orlando Bloom is featured in this week's Star as they profiled the Black Hawk Down star's parallel fall in real life. Orlando explained, "I mentioned I had broken my back when I was up for the part. I think it was good timing that I happened to be there and I had that experience. I was lucky." Details on his fall were that he was trying to get onto a friend's terrace lancing but landed on a drainpipe which gave way. The fall knocked him unconcious and crushed one vertebra and fractured three others.

February 16, 2002 - WireImage.com has photos of Orlando Bloom from the Empire Magazine Film Awards in London on February 5. Check out the pictures here.

February 16, 2002 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports the guys from Lord of the Rings were spotted hanging at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica getting "quite chummy with one another."