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December 20, 2004 - Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com reports Orlando Bloom reportedly has been spotted attending a "commitment ceremony" at the UK based headquarters of a group called Soka Gakkai International. That has some experts concerned. Read more.

December 6, 2004 - The Sun reports that Orlando Bloom's girlfriend Kate Bosworth is moving to London to be near him.

November 29, 2004 - Orlando Bloom wasn't going to talk to the press at the premiere of 'Beyond The Sea' but couldn't resist stopping to praise his girlfriend. "I'm so proud of her - she's done an amazing job in this movie," Bloom told Radio 1. "I came here tonight just to support her. She's fantastic in this."

November 29, 2004 - Kevin Spacey's labour of love, 'Beyond The Sea' had its European premiere in London on Thursday (November 25), with the leads of the film, Spacey and American actress Kate Bosworth, followed by her actor-boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

November 8, 2004 - Orlando Bloom attended the premiere of the film 'Beyond The Sea', held at the CineramaDome in Los Angeles on Thursday (November 4). Check out pictures from RexFeatures, Abaca, FilmMagic, DailyCeleb,CelebrityPhoto, GettyImages, and WireImage (page1 / page2 / page3).

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