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April 30, 2002 - The Enquirer includes the following 'dumb quote' from Pamela Anderson this week: "I don't think about anything too much... If I think too much, it kind of freaks me out!"

April 24, 2002 - The National Enquirer reports Kid Rock was about to dump his now fiance Pamela Anderson after he found out about her hepatitis C ordeal and didn't tell him. An insider revealed, "Just days before, Kid was raging at Pam for sleeping with him without revealing her medical condition. He had her sobbing with guilt, admitting she was too scared to let him know the truth." Just days after the heated exchange, Kid Rock decided he couldn't walk out on Pam during this time of need... and proposed! Read more.

April 21, 2002 - Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Review Journal asks in his Friday column: "Was that Kid Rock sitting at a bus stop on East Sahara while waiting for his new engagement ring to Pamela Anderson to be resized and engraved? Was his total tab $40,000 for the diamond sparkler?" 

April 20, 2002 - Splash had photos, since removed, of Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson leaving the garage at their New York Hotel in a limo, apparently for a night out on the town, as Pam is displaying ample cleavage as well as her new engagement ring.

April 20, 2002 - Pamela Anderson spoke with Extra TV where she spoke about her upcoming animated action show 'Stripperella' where she'll play '0069'. Pam also showed off her engagement ring and said she and Bob (ie. Kid Rock) "are a very traditional couple." Check out the entire video interview here.

April 19, 2002 - Liz Smith of The New York Post reports Ahmet Ertegun, the bigwig at Atlantic Records, entertained newly engaged Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson at lunch this week. The record exec says Kid Rock is one of his favorite artists, while he believes his fiance is smarter than we think.

April 19, 2002 - Access Hollywood spoke with Pamela Anderson who was in New York announcing her new VIP syndication deal with TNN beginning in September. As well, Pam sported her huge engagement ring from fiance Kid Rock and said, "I'm still nervous wearing it." Pam also revealed plans to slow down a big and live part-time in the country near Detroit, "I'm just going to go work on the farm. I'm going to drive a tractor and plant a garden outside Detroit."

April 18, 2002 - Well ET's website has a story on their interview with Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth... but no mention of Yasmine's struggle with drug abuse and her recent arrest (they did later mention it on the TV show, but didn't question Yasmine about it - nor did they ask Pamela about her hepatitis C).

April 17, 2002 - Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday, "Today, Pamela Anderson announced she plans to marry again, this time to Kid Rock. She'll be Pamela Rock. Wasn't she on 'The Flintstones?' They're gonna write their own vows and direct their own wedding video. It'll be nice. It'll be nice. It's a small wedding. Eight-millimeter only."

April 17, 2002 - Yasmine Bleeth is scheduled to be on VIP with the show's star Pamela Anderson... so Yas will make her first TV appearance since her drug rehab and later arrest. Entertainment Tonight will speak to the former Baywatch pair on Wednesday. Looks like Yas lost quite a bit of weight, hopefully she's cleaned up.

April 17, 2002 - Syndicated radio host Rick Dees told listeners earlier today that the much hyped engagement between Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock is a publicity stunt. Rick even offered to walk down the street naked if they actually do end up getting married.

April 16, 2002 - With news of Pamela Anderson contracting hepatitis C, Newsweek is running a special feature on how millions of Americans have the disease and don't even know it.

April 16, 2002 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports the Kid Rock choice of which to propose to Pamela Anderson wasn't the classiest of locations. A spy told columnist Norm Clarke, "I would venture to guess if you or I were to drive the ladies in our lives out there to propose to them, we'd be dumped and walking back to Vegas." Read more.

April 15, 2002 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Kid Rock and now fiance Pamela Anderson were spotted on a motorcycle, heading toward Stateline, about 30 miles south of Las Vegas, just before the time the rocker proposed to Pamela somewhere in the Vegas desert. Kid Rock's pal Uncle Kracker wore an Elvis jumpsuit Thursday night and presented the ring before Kid Rock got on one knee to propose. Read more.

April 15, 2002 - Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update included the report: "Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock got engaged this week. He gave her a ring and she gave Kid Rock hepatitis."

April 13, 2002 - The Associated Press reports Pamela Anderson accepted Kid Rock's proposal last night in Las Vegas, according to her publicist Marleah Leslie, who said, "She's elated." No wedding date was set.

April 13, 2002 - The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Pamela Anderson was spotted catching some rays and a lot of attention at the Hard Rock Hotel pool on Thursday. Her boyfriend Kid Rock performed at the hotel Thursday night. Meanwhile, they also report on how U2's video for 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' helped transform Las Vegas into a town that bands like Kid Rock would perform at. Read more.

April 7, 2002 - Star magazine reports Pamela Anderson is telling friends she's afraid Kid Rock will leave her after her public admission of having the potentially deadly hepatitis C disease. A friend of Kid Rock's told the tabloid, "Kid feels that her decision to reveal that she has the disease affects him, too. And he's upset that Pam would make such a personal thing public knowledge without telling him." As for Kid Rock's comments to KTLA that "she never released that statement to me," Pamela said through her publicist, "He was caught off guard by the personal nature of the question. He was only trying to protect me and I love him for that."

April 7, 2002 - National Enquirer reports sources close to Tommy Lee are complaining that Pamela Anderson's recent claim of physical abuse and molestation against their children Brandon and Dylan was a coached attempt by Pamela to gain sole custody of the children. A friend blasted, "Pam is hell-bent on marrying rapper Kid Rock and taking her boys to Micigan. And the only way she can make that wish come true is by getting full custody of Brandon and Dylan." Meanwhile, Pamela's spokeswoman replied to the countercharge saying, "Pam did not coach any of the boys to make up anything about abuse by Tommy Lee. Pam sticks by all her statements."

April 4, 2002 - Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun Times spoke with Hole singer Courtney Love at length on a variety of issues, including her battles with the remaining members of Nirvana, the Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit defnition of selling out, and why Kid Rock's latest album isn't doing so well on the charts. On the later subject, Courtney said, "Why is 'Cocky' not doing well? That doesn't make any sense to me! Is it really that bad? Kid Rock can alienate an audience just by getting a little country on them? It's one of two things: It's either marketing money, or he's alienated the wiggers and they can only deal with black culture and they can't acclimate to redneck. Or maybe his chick [Pamela Anderson] is a bad luck charm. Naked, she's gotta be amazing--I mean, I'd go there. But the real problem is Atlantic is not putting marketing money into his record!"

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