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tonight show appearance 10/2/00
Pamela Anderson showed up to the Tonight Show bearing heavy cleavage in a Jennifer Lopez style dress as well as a new curly blonde hairstyle. 
Jay immediately started by questioning Pamela about fiancé Marcus Schenkenberg, and Pam says he's keeping busy on her show as well as an upcoming album he's working on. Jay showed a picture of him covering his groin and asked if he has large hands... Pam said "He has very large hands." When asked how she met Marcus, she explained, "He just somehow ended up in my hotel room." She said the tabloid rumors of him being the jealous type are "not true at all." She added of her new boyfriend "Marcus is good breeding stock." So does she plan on more breeding then? "I'd love to have another baby," she replied. Pamela revealed that an upcoming VIP episode will have Pamela playing a dual role fighting her 'evil' self. Later in the broadcast, when Chris Titus showed up, Pamela admitted she'd been turned down for a job at McDonalds, even though she knew the manager.