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September 30, 2000 - Pamela will be all over the airwaves this week, most likely to promote VIP. On Monday, she'll be on with Jay Leno, on Thursday she'll visit Regis, and then Friday she wraps up with David Letterman.

September 30, 2000 - John Paul DeJoria, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of John Paul Mitchell Systems, will appear on an episode of VIP in an episode which will have a focus upon the environment. He said of the oppotunity, "I am thrilled to be taping this special episode of 'V.I.P.' with Pamela Anderson, a 'working mom' who is so gracious to use her program's worldwide visibility to bring attention to an issue that should be of importance to everyone -- protecting the oceans." The episode will air in November.

September 30, 2000 - The Star caught Pamela without makeup again, this time showing her picking up some lunch in Malibu.

September 26, 2000 - More comments on Pamela's impending marriage to Marcus, as she says, "Will there be wedding bells? You betcha! I'm so happy!"

September 26, 2000 - Entertaindom.com reports Tommy Lee is happy with small-breasted girlfriend Kimberly Ann Pressler. His current breast philosophy? "When it comes to size, I'm definitely no longer a big boobs guy. I think everything should be in just the right proportion and in scale with the rest of your body. When you've got a beautiful lady who ain't too tall, then small really is beautiful."

September 25, 2000 - Star reports that Pamela Anderson has helped fiance Marcus Schenkenberg join the Mil High Club, as Pam chartered a private jet to assist them in a 90 minute sex session midair.

September 25, 2000 - Marcus and Pamela are pictured here at a recent appearance at LA's Viper Room for a PETA benefit.

September 24, 2000 - The Post reports that Pamela is going to visit the Friars Club with boyfriend Marcus Schenkenberg Monday when he and LeRoy Neiman host a show for botanical artist Brenda Kravitz.

September 23, 2000 - Pamela Anderson was a big winner at this year's First Annual Ruler's Edge Awards Thursday, taking awards for Most Influential Netizen, Most Sites, and Entertainer of the Decade.

September 23, 2000 - Pamela Anderson is on the cover of this month's Urban Male Magazine, a Canadian based magazine similar to Maxim.

September 20, 2000 - The FBI is now investigating the disappearance of Tommy Lee and Pamela's sex tape that resulted in $50 million worldwide in revenues, according to Ellen K on Dees Sleaze. We want to know what you think of the sex tape. Have you seen it? Looking back, did it shock you? Did it change your opinion of Pamela? Sound off on our message boards!

September 19, 2000 - Wondering who Tommy Lee's with after getting dumped by Pamela? The Star reports he's seeing 1999 Miss USA Kimberly Ann Pressler, who observer's told the tabloid "looks young enough to be his daughter." They also reveal that Tommy's Methods of Mayhem band isn't doing well but Motley Crue bandmate Nikki Sixx refuses to let Tommy return to the group. To see what Kimberly looks like, check out this site.

September 16, 2000 - Pamela and the rest of the VIP cast will attend The Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention tomorrow at Shrine Auditorium.

September 12, 2000 - The Enquirer reports that in addition to no male masseur, Marcus is now ordering Pamela she can no longer go out weekly with her girlfriends. Though she's upset, she's complying.

September 7, 2000 - entertaindom.com reports that Pamela Anderson is considering implants.. in the hair! Turns out she has a bald patch up there, admitting "I had a nasty wig injury once. I was wearing a brunette one on the show, and they put the pin that holds it on right into my head. When they took the wig off, a whole coin-sized lump of skin fell out of my scalp. It's never grown back, so I have a small bald patch. I may have to get plugs."

September 3, 2000 - The Star reports Pamela and Marcus attended the Cirque du Soleil "O" water and trapeze show in Las Vegas at the Bellagio. No biggie, except for Pamela endangered the performers by flashing cameras at them even though security had warned her twice to put the camera away.

September 2, 2000 - Gameinformer.com reports that Pamela Anderson's VIP based video game was canceled for UK release but is still on for US distribution.

September 2, 2000 - eBay has a great picture of Pamela autographed and up for bids. The 8x10 photo (item #423423278) has a current bid of $20.49 and ends September 8th.

September 1, 2000 -  In an interview with Metal-Sludge.com, porn star Jenna Jameson rated Pamela Anderson a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a hottie. She also rated Pam's ex Tommy an 8 in the sack. Finally, when asked a word association with Pamela, Jenna replied "emergency meatloaf".

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