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October 29, 2000 - Rebecca Romijn is featured in a catsuit showing off plenty in an autographed picture being auctioned on ebay. The photo, item #481539052, is unbid at $20 and ends November 3rd.

October 25, 2000 - Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is nominated in this year's Maxim Awards for 'Chick You'd Most Happily Let Beat You Up' and 'Tastiest Supporting Supermodel' for her role in X-Men. You can vote at maximonline.com.

October 21, 2000 - Rebecca Romijn is featured in an autographed picture being auctioned on eBay. The photo (item #472421633) is unbid at $14.99 and ends October 27th.

October 16, 2000 - John Stamos was on Entertainment Tonight for a weekend special on his former sitcom Full House. He was talking about how Rebecca is working and making money and he's not, saying "I call her my little cash cow." John also revealed that he likely would have still been with Paula Abdul if it weren't for the business. Turns out like you might expect would happen now with Rebecca, John broke off his relationship with Paula over jealousy of her success.

October 15, 2000 - Rebecca Romijn's autographed pictures are up for bids on eBay. One photo has Rebecca in her X-Men outfit (#462013183) which is bid at $24.99 and ends October 17th. The other features a topless covered picture of Rebecca (item #462012142) which is bid at $14.99 and ends October 17th also.

October 12, 2000 - In an Abstracts.net poll asking if they thought Rebecca Romijn still smokes pot, 54% of you said yes, while 46% said no, with 289 total votes.

October 6, 2000 - Looks like Rebecca's hubby John is finally landing a gig, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who reveals Stamos will star in an hour-long romantic-comedy pilot about a pair of master thieves who fall for each other.

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