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archived news headlines

February 25, 2001 - Ricky Martin sang at Room21 in Mexico City Tuesday where he played a private show for the media and special guests.

February 25, 2001 - Ricky Martin will be on the Rosie O'Donnell show on Friday.

February 25, 2001 - A rare London magazine featuring Ricky on the cover is bidding on ebay. The mag, item #1411413507, is unbid at $2.99 and ends Monday.

February 22, 2001 - More details on Ricky's movie deal from The New York Daily News as they report Ricky will star as a Che-like rebel bent on toppling Dominican strongman Rafael Trujillo, who was assassinated in 1961. Ricky will also perform the film's title song.

February 22, 2001 - The New York Post is also profiling the Ricky movie, for more details click here.

February 21, 2001 - Access Hollywood reports Ricky Martin is in advanced negotiations to star in a movie called The Assassination. His first leading role and he would star opposite Ed Harris.

February 16, 2001 - Ricky Martin was 2000's 15th biggest earning pop act raking in $33.2 million in U.S. album sales and $37.2 million in tour revenues.

February 16, 2001 - Ricky and Christina were interviewed on Access Hollywood Thursday to talk about their new hairstyles and the upcoming Grammys and how they thought they'd fair. We have a transcript on the message boards.

February 15, 2001 - More details on Ricky's haunted new pad from the former owner who tells the Miami Herald he called an excorcist three times to try to get the ghost to behave but it didn't work. 

February 15, 2001 - Thanks Linda. Here's a report from The Mirror on Ricky Martin's UK appearance at ITV's An Audience With Ricky Martin special. Read more.

February 14, 2001 - Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera sang Nobody Wants To Be Lonely last night, both sporting new hairstyles.

February 14, 2001 - Worldpop reports Ricky Martin is buying a new home on Miami Beach's North Bay. The 8,500 square foot, $6.5 million waterfront home is said to be haunted.

February 14, 2001 - MTVAsia.com reports Ricky Martin admits how he deals with paparazzi, "There have been incidents with photographers and people chasing me, and I just stop and talk to them. I don't create a fuss around me."

February 11, 2001 - Ricky Martin attended the award ceremony at Berlin's "Schauspielhaus" theatre Tuesday. Ricky his holding the "Golden Camera" received from Barbara Becker, Boris Becker's ex-wife. Ricky was sporting a shorter hairdoo.

February 10, 2001 - Megastar reports a crazed German Ricky Martin fan actually swam in a bath full of crap for a chance to meet Ricky. They also report on Ricky's new doo'. Read more.

February 10, 2001 - The Sun reports Ricky Martin is planning on buying a home in London as he reveals, "I'm a big fan of the place."

February 9, 2001 - Ricky Martin, Liz Taylor, and President Clinton were parodied on a Name That Sound skit on the Tonight Show Thursday. Ricky lost out to Bill Clinton, but Livin la Vida Loca was played by the band extensively. For a transcript, click here.

February 7, 2001 - Thanks Linda. The St. Petersburg Times ran a story last Saturday on the motivations for the Air Force to host the Ricky Martin Super Bowl concert. Check it out here.

February 4, 2001 - Entertainment Weekly gave the Ricky Martin-Christina Aguilera duet Nobody Wants to Be Lonely a C+ grade saying, "...this track from Martin's stalled Sound Loaded is transformed from a sullen romantic proposition to a full-scale power duet. Either way, it's little more than efficient hackwork from cowriter-producer Desmond Child."

February 4, 2001 - Entertainment Weekly surveyed Grammy voters for an indication of who'd win Best Male Pop Performance, and voters suggest Sting will win and comment on Ricky Martin saying, "It's not Ricky; I don't think enough people repect his vocal chops."

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