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August 30, 2003 - Us Weekly reports Salma Hayek ordered $5,000 worht of Fu** Fame clothing for the 200 cast members and crew from her upcoming film 'That's Salma'. She wanted to wear the clothing herself, but a source said, "She wouldn't want to jeopardize her relationship. It's important to stay awaay from controversy." As for her alternate plan? "That's Salma," the source added. "She's got a very determined streak in her."

August 30, 2003 - Salma Hayek was on hand at the Spy Kids 3D photocall at the 60th Venice Film Festival in Italy on Wednesday (August 27). Check out pictures from GettyImages.

August 29, 2003 - Salma Hayek was on hand for the 60th Venice Film Festival-photocall for 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' on Wednesday (August 27). Check out pictures from RexFeatures and GettyImages.

August 28, 2003 - Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times reports after seeing Salma Hayek in New York Saturday, it's clear she is very happy to have hooked up with Josh Lucas. A source close to her said, "Salma is so lucky. Josh is not only better looking than Ed, he's a helluva nicer guy, too," clearly tweaking Norton's well-known moodiness.

August 27, 2003 - Salma Hayek is featured in the September 2003 issue of Stuff magazine as part of their Latina Lustapalooza segment. Salma says, "Listen, don't think I don't eat. I always eat. If I'm happy, I eat. Unhappy, I eat. If I'm nervous, I eat. Not nervous, I eat. I eat a lot."

August 18, 2003 - Us Weekly reports that a source close to Salma Hayek and Josh Lucas says "They are definitely boyfriend and girlfriend." The pair were spotted August 9 picking out a bottle of white at a store in Burbank. "They were very sweet together and took the time ot sign autographs for fans who approached them," a witness said.

August 15, 2003 - The Chicago Sun-Times reports that after being dumped by longtime beau Edward Norton, Salma Hayek has happily moved on--and to a guy with a sweeter disposition. Hayek and actor Josh Lucas are said to be cozily moving into high gear, but here's the kicker: Norton is said to be jealous--even though he's certainly been busy dating just about every hot model in New York since splitting with Hayek.

August 5, 2003 - The New York Post reports Ed Norton was seen holding hands with a brunette beauty named Nina as they left Babbo, where he'd told the waiters, "She's much prettier than Salma [Hayek], isn't she?"

August 1, 2003 - Star magazine reports that Salma Hayek was at a gallery opening on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles with some friends when an acquaintance came up to her and naively asked, "Where's Edward?" Silence was the response, and Salma's eyes welled up, and one of her friends discreetly told the big mouth, "It's over."

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