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mtv fanatic highlights
Well Sarah got stuck with the Fanatic from hell and worked her way throught it brilliantly. 
The young girl interviewing her was constantly sobbing and asked very few insightful questions, but Sarah did nonetheless prove inspirational. Sarah gave the girl kleenex and later even got in a plug for Maybeline Waterproof Mascera, which she seemed to regret afterwards. Sarah admits it is difficult for her to make new friends and that one thing her and her three best friends share in common is a strong closeness with their mothers. She seemed to dislike her character in Cruel Intensions saying what goes around comes around and that she 'got what she deserved' in the end. When asked if she had plans for marriage, she said neither than nor kids were in her plans for at least the next two years, with her being almost 23 at the taping of the interview. Afterwards Sarah said the girl made her cry and called her "a special girl". But she was no tabloid journalist, for sure.. as there were no questions about either Freddie or David.