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November 22, 2001 - The Sun reports Shania Twain will be back next spring after taking 18 months off. 

November 21, 2001 - The outfit that Shania Twain wore to the 1998 Billboard Awards is being auctioned off on Bridesmade.com with proceeds to benefit the Twin Towers Fund. The auction, which ends November 24, has a high bid of $1000.

November 17, 2001 - Shania Twain is featured in this week's US Weekly which profiles celebs who went from 'Rags To Riches' as she recalled her childhood experience at lunch saying, "I would have no breakfast and nothing to eat at lunchtime. I would be at school, just sitting there, famished, when everyone was opening up their ham sandwiches. It was humiliating." Even now, Shania has a hard time with her wealth admitting, "I'm just not comfortable buying things I don't need."

November 12, 2001 - Shania Twain will release The Platinum Collection DVD, a collection of her videos on November 6th and The Specials DVD, which includes two prime time television appearances, on November 20th.

August 23, 2001 - The Enquirer reports after giving birth earlier this month, Shania is already working out to lose the 28 pounds she packed on during pregnancy. A friend revealed, "Shania is determined to get back into shape and go back to work." The friend also revealed a lonely Shania flew in friends from the US and Canada to her mansion in Switzerland.

August 22, 2001 - Country.com reports Shania Twain gave birth to a boy named Eja on August 12. Shania's publicist confirmed the birth but provided no additional details.

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