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October 30, 2002 - The India Times reports Shania Twain has decided to go desi with 'Up'. "The whole record has been made differently. We travelled around a lot more, we used musical influences from all over the world. We used Indian musicians, and recorded in Mumbai," says Shania.

October 30, 2002 - The CFL's championship game will feature country and western music superstar Shania Twain performing two songs during a 20-minute halftime show on Nov. 24 at Commonwealth Stadium. "This is absolutely perfect for Canada's Grey Cup," said Grey Cup committee chair Bill Gardiner. "Shania Twain is a superstar in every corner of the globe. For Canadians she is a symbol of pride. Her involvement in the Grey Cup takes this legendary Canadian championship, already the number one event in the country, to an even higher level."

October 28, 2002 -  The Sunday Mail reports Shania Twain admits recording her new album was like taking the family on a cross-country caravan trek. "I didn't want to stay home, even though we have a huge studio I can record in. I just can't focus when I'm home," she said. "All I think about is, 'What am I going to cook for dinner, is it a good day to go hiking?' stuff like that."

October 23, 2002 - In the new issue of TV Guide, Shania Twain says she relishes the domestic life. At home near the Alps, her neighbors know her as Eileen, her given name.

October 20, 2002 - Glenn Gamboa of Newsday weighed in on the "Clash of the Titans" in the music industry's fourth quarter, which has plenty of heavyweights putting out new work. In the 'Country Class', Gamboa gives a split decision between Shania Twain and Faith Hill.

October 19, 2002 - Nicholas Fonseca of Entertainment Weekly weighs in on the new albums coming out from Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, and Shania Twain. EW gives Aguilera revival odds of 5-2, Shania Twain 1-1, Whitney Houston 10-1, Jennifer Lopez 3-1, and Mariah Carey 5-1. Read more.

October 7, 2002 - WireImage.com has photos of Shania Twain on the German TV program "Wetten Dass...?" in Kiel. Check out the pictures here.

October 5, 2002 - CP reports Friday morning, radio stations across Canada received the single 'I'm Gonna Getcha Good', from Twain's upcoming album. The album itself -- entitled 'Up' -- won't be released by Universal Music Canada until Nov. 19.

October 5, 2002 - Shania Twain's new video for 'I'm Gonna Getcha Good' can be viewed here.

October 1, 2002 - Launch.com reports Shania Twain's long-awaited video for her upcoming single, "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!" will make its world premiere on CMT's Most Wanted Live on October 4.

September 28, 2002 - Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun spoke with Shania Twain about living in Switzerland, her new baby, and her return to the music scene. Canoe.ca has since removed/relocated the article.

September 12, 2002 - HitsDailyDouble.com reports word from the Shania Twain camp is that her new album, slated for 11/19, will be a $19.98 two-CD set - one a Country mix, the other a Pop mix of the same songs. 

September 1, 2002 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports "Cheesy" is the word some music suits are using to describe Shania's new album 'Up!'... at the gal's own label, mind you.

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