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November 30, 2003 - Despite Shania Twain's level of superstardom, the people closest to Twain say she remains a nice, down-to-earth Canadian gal. "Talking to Shania is just as easy as talking to you," says Ron Sakamoto, president of Gold and Gold Productions, which has promoted all her Canadian concerts, including her stop at the Saddledome Thursday. "It's just like she's your next door neighbor."

November 27, 2003 - Shania Twain recalls being so terrified when first sang in front of an audience at the age of 16 she wet herself. "I went there, got up on stage, did some song and I peed my pants," she said. "I was wearing a skirt - that was a good thing because it didn't show. I had to go up there and sing like that. I was very clever about it. There was a little puddle on the floor but I knocked over my water glass so that anyone around me just thought it was water. I had to go out and brave it. I just had to do it."

November 11, 2003 - The New York Daily News reports Shania Twain and her even more reclusive husband, Robert (Mutt) Lange, took a villa on Mustique, the tony private Caribbean island with 85 mansions on it, some home to Mick Jagger, Tommy Hilfiger, and Maxim publisher Felix Dennis. Shania chose a secluded five-bedroom estate on which the living room floats atop an "infinity pool," where the water's edge appears to pour into the sea.

November 6, 2003 - Shania Twain tells "Extra" in a rare and candid interview that she is indeed a reluctant superstar. She says, "If I sit around and think about it, I get overwhelmed. If it weren't for my accountant, I wouldn't even know how much money I've got in the bank." Read more.

November 4, 2003 - Dolly Parton and Shania Twain appear together on Oprah tomorrow, along with Alison Krauss and Melissa Etheridge, who also sing on the new Parton tribute album, 'Just Because I'm A Woman'. And, apparently, the waterworks fly on the show. "Shania was so sweet -- she just got everybody crying," said Parton, 57, down the line from Tennessee recently in her familiar girlish trill. "She was talking about how (she loved) that song, Coat Of Many Colors, because when her mom and dad had died, I had been such an inspiration to her. It was the sweetest thing. She said something like, 'I wish my mother could be here today,' and when she said that everybody started crying. We just all boo-hooed, and I was fixing to go out and sing and I thought, 'Oh, you little sh**! You would make me cry." Read more.

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