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August 26, 2000 - We've added message boards to abstracts.net! It's still somewhat under construction but feel free to sign up and post here. Starting next month we'll have a $25 gift certificate at Amazon.com for post of the month!

August 26, 2000 - PioneerPlanet.com talking about an AOL chat with Jo Dee Messina takes a stab at Shania saying "While Shania Twain lounges around Europe -- enjoying what looks like an early retirement -- Nashville is scrambling to find the next big female pop-country crossover act."

August 26, 2000 - eBay has an autographed picture of Shania up for bid at a current price of $15.50.. The photo auction (item #414708231 ) ends today.

August 22, 2000 - Cindy Adams reports today Shania Twain's stepdad taught her the dangers of alcohol at 16 when he let her guzzle non-stop until she got sick to her stomach.

August 22, 2000 - The Star had a story about Shania attending her Timmins, Ontario high school reunion, where she's quoted as saying "Nothing really special happened to me at high school. I was just like everyone else." She was reportedly very friendly with all her former classmates and teachers and attended with her sister Carrie.

August 19, 2000 - eBay has an autographed picture of Shania up for bid at a reasonable opening price of $19.95.. The photo (item #411976658) ends August 21st. [this isn't a very good picture of Shania, imo]

August 12, 2000 - More details on Shania's visit to her Timmins High & Vocational School reunion in Canada, as she tells CTV "I came for the same reason everybody else came--I wanted to see old friends."

August 9, 2000 - eYada.com's Dan and Scott report that Shania Twain shocked classmates by attending her high school reunion recently.

August 9, 2000 - Shania's next album is due out soon as Wild And Wicked will feature12 tracks recorded before the she signed to Mercury/Universal.

August 5, 2000 - For this year's Canadian Country Music Awards, scheduled to take place on September 11 at Edmonton's Skyreach Centre, Shania Twain is nominated for the fan's choice award. Her single Rock This Country is nominated for single, video, and song of the year. Her CD--the international version of Come On Over--is up for honors as top-selling album, and she  is nominated for female artist of the year.

July 15, 2000 - Shania concert footage has popped up on the net, as here are two pictures of Twain from a unspecified live performance.

July 11, 2000 - An extensive story regarding allegations of another homewrecking affair by Shania Twain are in this week's Star magazine. Sherrie Higgins claims that while on a vacation with her mom, she decided to come home early only to find her live-in boyfriend having sex with Shania, what's worse is that her mother saw it too and punched the boyfriend while Shania was crimson with embarassment. A friend told the Star "She has said 'It has nothing to do with the reality as I know it.' This happened years before she was a star." She added of Twain "She used her good looks to get what she wanted to some extent, but a lot of girls do."

July 8, 2000 - Carmen Electra talking to Launch.com about her upcoming demo recording, and she's looking for an unusual Latin Shania Twain-like feel for one of her new tracks, saying "I'd like to go more in a direction of Shania Twain--not necessarily country, but more in that direction."

July 8, 2000 - eBay has an autographed picture of Shania up for bid at a reasonable opening price of $19.99.. The photo (item #373009915) ends July 9th.

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