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June 29, 2001 - Sisqo moved 125,000 copies of Return of Dragon in the opening week to land at #7 in album sales according to Billboard. Read more.

June 24, 2001 - Sisqo revealed he had met Michael Jackson during his TRL appearance Thursday and said, "That was cool, man. When I first walked in, he was chillin' with his son, Prince. I reached out to shake his hand and I thought he'd be kinda cold and clammy. It was kinda rough, like he'd been lifting weights or something."

June 23, 2001 - eZuma.com has several photos of Sisqo's performance on the CBS 'The Early Show' in New York on Thursday. Check them out here.

June 22, 2001 - Sisqo was on TRL Thursday to perform Can I Live.

June 19, 2001 - WireImage.com has a few photos of Sisqo from the rehearsals of 1st Annual BET Awards in Las Vegas. Check them out here.

June 17, 2001 - Those who purchase Sisqo's new album Tuesday at K-Mart also receive a free 24x36 poster of Sisqo. The store is also selling the CD for under 12 bucks.

June 16, 2001 - Sisqo will be the musical guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, June 28th.

June 13, 2001 - Sisqo talked to Worldpop about the future of Dru Hill saying, "There's a new Dru Hill track on my album and they might just be going on tour with me if I can work it out." Sisqo also said he plans on starting his world tour in the UK.

June 13, 2001 - Sisqo was very frank about his previous album to MTV.com saying, "With the last album, I have to apologize to the fans. I called it Unleash the Dragon, however, I didn't exactly unleash the dragon. I held back, mainly because I felt an obligation to the Dru Hill fans to keep a sound alive that myself, Nokio, Jazz and Woody created. That's why the album was so ballad-heavy. Originally, I was upset with some of the critics that were trying to dismiss my album as only being "The Thong Song." But I realized the only reason they did that was because "The Thong Song" was truly the only song on my album that was Sisqó. Everything else on the album could easily fit on any Dru Hill album." Read more.

June 10, 2001 - Sisqo talked to Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith about the failed sitcom he was scheduled to do with Bob Newhart. Newhart said of Sisqo, "He's a very hard worker. I was really pulling for him." Read more.

June 2, 2001 - In an abstracts.net poll asking if you think Sisqo be taken seriously as an actor, 70.3% said yes while 29.7% said no, with 367 total votes.

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