Creative Specifications

size: 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels deep, 15k max. 
size: 728 pixels wide x 90 pixels deep, 20k max. 
size: 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels deep, 20k max. 
size: 120 pixels wide x 600 pixels deep, 20k max. 
size: 160 pixels wide x 600 pixels deep, 20k max. 
animation: continuous looping ok. Flash 3.0 is ok though the banner must default to a gif for non-enabled browsers. No strobing effects.
action: clicks through to a web site

size: 320 pixels wide x 240 pixels deep, 10k max., fills whole screen, centered on screen, background is a solid color 
animation: ok, but keep in mind the 10k max. and the 5 second length 
action: lasts 5 seconds, does not click through to anywhere 

Right Rails
All creative elements, logos, Java Apps, JavaScripts, etc. should be supplied by advertiser. Rail ads served through IFRAMES are acceptable but must be tested.
size: 120 pixels wide x 140 pixels deep max., 10k max. 
animation: none 
action: HTML form elements ok, no pulldown entry or text area can push rail width; limit all list words to 8 characters or less

- JavaScript + dHTML ok, must work on all browsers 3.0 and higher and must degrade gracefully on older browsers (can't appear broken)
- Streaming Flash 3.0 and Quicktime 3.0 and higher are ok though must be tel-targeted (begin when clicked) and must not auto-start. All rich media formats must be tested on our development servers for at least a week prior to start of run.
- Java Apps - ok but must be screened out for Netscape 4.x browsers 
All logos should be supplied by advertiser.
size: 6k max., matches section header background 
animation: none 
action: none 

For further information about or any questions you may have, please contact