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July 5, 2000 - Eminem's former bodyguard Byron Williams was on eYada.com today and refused to comment on whether he thought Suge was responsible for Tupac's death, though he warned in this industry, you don't talk about those people you don't know. He did say Eminem was threatened by some members of Death Row at the Source Music Awards.

July 1, 2000 - Tupac Amaru Shakur One Nation conference, held Saturday at Fremont High School, featured an interview with the then 17 year old Tupac. He was quite articulate in the piece saying "To get us ready for today's world, it's not helping. ... There should be a class on scams, a class on police brutality, a class on why people are hungry," the boyish Shakur, clad in a black tank top, said. "Instead there's classes like ... gym. They should be teaching you to understand politicians' double-talk, not French and German. How can I go to Germany if I can't pay rent here?"

June 24, 2000 - At Busta Rhymes Anarchy CD release party, the rapper asked for a ten-second moment of silence for his late friends, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and Big Punisher.

June 24, 2000 - Dr. Dre and Snoop took time during their Up In Smoke Tour in Chula Vista to remember Notorious B.I.G., Roger Troutman and Tupac Shakur.

June 22, 2000 - Our poll asking "Do you think Tupac Shakur is still alive?" came in with a surprising 65.57% of you believing Tupac still lives, while 22.94% said no, and 11.49% said they weren't sure, with 2341 total votes.

June 17, 2000 - eBay has an unpublished photo of Tupac up for bids. The photo (item #356457377) has a pricy bid of $20 and ends June 22nd.

June 17, 2000 - Several rappers and actors will take part in an album celebrating Tupac's poetry in an album to be released later this year, including Mos Def and Danny Glover. 

March 20, 2000 - Last weekend on the Discovery Channel, there was an airing of Justice Files Dirty Money - Rapper Tupac Shakur is murdered; cases of fraud. Hopefully this will be re-aired, as we missed the show.

March 20, 2000 - A fascinating anonymous post occurred on the 16th on usenet, essentially it debunks all the background 'hidden messages' on the Tupac album as a marketing ploy and talks about the murders of witnesses involved. To see what this person wrote, click here.