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anonymous usenet posting
as found from alt.fan.tupac.dead.dead.dead, misspellings and all:

Hello, I just found the site I was doing a little reminising myself. It is sure nice to see that Tupac still has a strong fan base.I am writting this not out of cruelty to the fans but to set the record straight the truth must be told and the fans need to quit being misled.I am a recording  Engineer here in Los Angeles.I am not revealing my identity for reasons that are not going to be disscussed.Either you will listen to what I have to say or you will brush me off either way I dont care.It is up to you.The songs you are all trying to find the hidden messages in and waiting for the ressurection of pac  were all staged, the work of some very exellent Recording Engineers and they dont need to be named its not their fault,If you want to blame and point your fingers at anyone look towards Suge and another person who will remain nameless in the whole arrangement of the capitolization of the death of Mr.Shakur.I could show you how every trick was done in studio.You always make more money when you are dead or at least someone will make the money for you....Just ask Suge what he thinks about that.The death of Mr. Shakur was planned but some people were a little too careless with the plot and with the actual carrying out of Mr. Shakurs murder. those who were careless are gone.Look at the string of murders that have happened for the past few years after the murder of Mr.Shakur occured.There were 4 related murders people who were all there the day Tupac was murdered. The blood trail spreads from New York to Los Angeles.The white cadillac you all know that was never found,still missing.The gunman hired by Suge to commit the murder on Mr.shakur,DEAD murdered in a vacant lot in Compton California execution style.Then there was a man a key witness in the shooting who was going to blow the whole thing wide open,  murdered in new jersey before he could testify against Suge and another unamed man. Who I will identify now as Orlando Anderson the man hired to do the killing of Tupac.The autopsy photos that every one said," there are none." of  Mr.Shakur well, yes there are and with the media in a frenzy for the first photos of Mr. Shakur dead they(the pictures) and the body were kept well out of view .The family has all rights to the deceased in Nevada, Afeni Shakur dosent  have to show or prove anything to anyone when it comes to the death of her son.If you are interested in the autopsy photos,which a few were smuggled out or purposely let out to be seen I am not sure which but there is a book called the biography of Tupac Shakur it is a small soft cover book.One autopsy photo that is shown is of Mr. Shakur on the autopsy table and a mortician has removed the tattoos on his body for religous reasoning that Mr. Shakur had, with a large laceration around his head for the removal and weighing of the brain.Like i said before you can either listen to what i have to say and digest it as a reality or you can brush it off either way dosent matter to me. The idea of keeping tupac alive by people was the biggest marketing fraud ever they targeted the fans and misled everyone so when people are buying the albums that are coming out most of the people still think they are supporting their favorite rap icon in actuallity they are just being suckered into the exploition.......