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January 28, 2007 - Salma Hayek and Tyra Banks attended the 2007 Producers Guild Awards on January 20th at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California. Check out pictures from FilmMagic (arrivals / pressroom), DailyCeleb (arrivals / pressroom), CelebrityPhoto (arrivals / pressroom), RexFeatures, GettyImages (arrivals / pressroom), and WireImage.

January 28, 2007 - An unflattering photo of Tyra Banks on vacation in Sydney shows the supermodel's increasing curves. 'Access Hollywood' spoke with People magazine about their cover story with Tyra, where she discusses her ongoing weight gain. Video at accesshollywood.com has since been removed.

January 28, 2007 - Tyra Banks is publicly discussing her much-buzzed-about weight gain. "I get so much mail from young girls who say, 'I look up to you, you're not as skinny as everyone else, I think you're beautiful,'" she tells People magazine. "So when they say that my body is 'ugly' and 'disgusting,' what does that make those girls feel like?" Read more.

January 28, 2007 - Galina Espinoza, senior editor for People magazine, visited 'The Early Show' to talk with co-anchor Julie Chen about their cover story on Tyra Banks, who is fighting back over talk of her weight gain. "They have been mean, calling her ugly, fat, disgusting   all because she put on a little weight," Espinoza explained. "Tyra wasn't aware people were talking about her. She came back from Australia and saw pictures on the Internet and people were calling worried saying, 'You gained 40 pounds, we should talk about this.' She thought, 'What is all the fuss about?'" Read more.

January 13, 2007 - RTL Boulevard's Cover Story on January 1st was Tyra Banks, where she talked about judging 'America's Next Top Model', her initial run-in with the show's producer, comparisons to Oprah Winfrey, her confrontation with Naomi Campbell, and having time for a love life. Watch the feature here.

January 13, 2007 - "I think it's pretty clear she's assuming the mantle of the next Oprah," Vanity Fair's Contributing Editor Nancy Jo Sales said of Tyra Banks. Sales also told 'Extra' that Tyra admitted she's making herself in the image of Winfrey. "Tyra looks at Oprah as a mentor," Sales explained. Read more.

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