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conan o'brien interview
Tyra had an interesting interview on Conan O'Brien last night (5/5/00). The entire interview consisted of her dissecting her physical flaws. When asked what she likes in a man, she said soft but strong hands, and that's when her venting about her faults started. 
She said her hands are so rough and hard they look like they're of a 40 year olds. She then moved on to complain about her feet, saying they are really flat. Moving up to her ankles, she complained that they are really skinny compared to the rest of her body which is why on many of her photo layouts you don't see her beyond her calves. Her worst flaw she thinks is her forehead. Apparently friends and family have made nicknames for her to poke fun at her large forehead, calling her Light bulb (mum) and Tweety Bird (friend).

Tyra went on to talk about how she was looking for a dog, but she's having problems because her allergies don't mix well. She went on to talk about her filming for her upcoming movie, Coyote Ugly, in which she plays a bartender, which is a stretch for her because she's never drank alcohol. While other cast members had no problems with the terms, she thought when the word Brandy was spoken that the music star was coming on the set!

Tyra looked pretty hot wearing a burgundy colored snakeskin top with a sport coat over the top. She plugged the Victoria's Secret show at the end also.