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November 28, 2000 - Tyra Banks will be a guest on Friday's Chaunce Hayden show on eYada.com. While Chaunce says she's a live guest, he's lied several times in the past about this so likely she won't be in the studio as he's promising, but it'll be worth a listen in any event from 7-9 PM EST Friday.

November 25, 2000 - Tyra Banks is featured here in an autographed picture auction on ebay. The photo, item #506686792, is unbid at $18.99 and ends December 2nd.

November 17, 2000 - Tyra Banks won $125,000 in the Celebrity Who Wants to Be A Millionaire on ABC Thursday night. Tyra played for her own charity, the T-Zone. Tyra's mother was on hand and she used her brother for the phone a friend portion, who performed beautifully. Tyra talked about how she's lucky because she's 20 lbs heavier than most models and represents the fuller figured women. Tyra later helped out Vivica Fox when she was up next with Regis.

November 5, 2000 - Tyra Banks is pictured here arriving to the Los Angeles premiere of Men of Honor on November 1st in Beverly Hills. The film opens nationwide on the 10th.

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