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September 23, 2000 - Tyra is in New York shooting for the film Empire, a "Wall Street meets the Drug World" drama, which films until October 11th.

September 23, 2000 - A autographed picture of Tyra is bidding on eBay. The picture (item #445201698) is bid at $20.50 and ends October 1st.

September 22, 2000 - Beck and Smith report Tyra Banks won't be entering the music biz any time soon, despite her spot on Kobe Bryant's debut single, K-O-B-E. Tyra reveals it "was not a career move. I was just like 'Kobe, I want to be on your album,' and he was like, 'Okay.'" Tyra says shes sticking to acting.

September 15, 2000 - Liz Smith reaffirms that Tyra will be on Felicity this fall playing a college student and the potential love interest of Noel (Scott Foley).

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